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ARIES (Mar 21 – Apr 20)

Things around you may seem to be chaotic this month, Aries, but be assured that it is all part of a greater plan for you. Be patient and ride the storm. It truly will pass and better things revealed. 

TAURUS Apr 21 – May 21) 

Matters of a spiritual nature will dominate your thoughts this month. Taurus. Keep this light and cultivate a joyful heart. Spiritual growth can be challenging but remember that beings of light carry no weight.

GEMINI (May 22 – Jun 22) 

You are called upon to assert your independence this month, Gemini. Independence is the foundation of your strength and success. However, do remember that affection and play go hand in hand with true independence and help you to remain in your authentic self. 

CANCER (Jun 23 – Jul 22)

Your heart may be a little tender this month, Cancer, but remember that love that you have shared is eternal, regardless of the situation. If you have recently experienced grief, loneliness, loss or betrayal then be patient with yourself. Don’t rush. Be tender with yourself.

LEO (Jul 23 – Aug 23) 

If the road gets bumpy, Leo, then just love yourself! Love yourself, love others and love every situation whatever the outward circumstances may look like. Do not succumb to the urge to defend yourself. You are one with the Divine and that is enough. 

VIRGO (Aug 24 – Sep 23)

You will be challenged to trust your inner wisdom this month, Virgo. This will not come easy but as you persevere you will be more than thrilled when you surrender all your worries to the Universe and allow yourself to access the bank of wisdom that has been waiting for you. 

LIBRA (Sep 24 – Oct 23) 

Take every opportunity to rekindle your childlike awe and enthusiasm for life, Libra. It may have been ailing recently and floundering in a sea of discontent and even cynicism. This does not sit well with you so just let it go and remind yourself to trust the Universe and be grateful for all the little things in your life. 

SCORPIO (Oct 24 – Nov 22) 

March is a great time for you to get started on new projects and create new conditions for yourself. Scorpio. If you’ve been feeling dark, heavy or depressed then get your creative juices flowing and it will just disappear.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23 – Dec 21) 

ou need to take some quiet time this month, Sagittarius.  Time just for you, to recharge your batteries and remind yourself just how worthwhile and valuable you are. Silence is golden and silence allows the space for wise decisions to be made.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22 – Jan 20) 

You will be called to take a risk this month, Capricorn, and honour the guidance of your heart. Overcome the temptation to procrastinate as this will not make your dreams go away. And neither will it make them happen.

AQUARIUS (Jan 21 – Feb 19) 

Don’t play it safe this month, Aquarius but take fast and bold action. Commit to acknowledging yourself fully and others will be encouraged to do the same. This will help boost your confidence and there will be no stopping you. 

PISCES (Feb 20 – Mar 20) 

This month finds you preoccupied with going back to nature, Pisces, and seeking more fulfillment from the natural bounty that we are surrounded by. Treat yourself to a couple of good books and watch some documentaries to acquire more information and to get started!


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We hear the term ‘boundaries’ being bandied around a lot these days and therefore it is in danger of becoming mediocritised’ along with so many other good words.  When good words are mediocritised, eg. love, trauma, narcissism and so on, they are in danger of losing their sacredness and become trivialised. 

So, what are boundaries and why do we need them?  What is their function?  What is their purpose?

The function of boundaries is to set limits in order to prevent other people from overstepping or engaging with us in a way that we are not comfortable with. The purpose of setting (and respecting) boundaries can be critical to succeeding at work, in friendships, and especially in relationships. It can also often be helpful to set boundaries with family. This is often the most difficult due to the emotional enmeshment which is part of the family network.

While some may view setting boundaries as an unfair imposition upon others, healthy boundaries allow each person to preserve and maintain their own needs, space, and health—ultimately allowing for more successful relationships. 

There are many different types of boundaries, ranging from personal to emotional to psychological. Carving out certain days of the week to spend time with your significant other is an example of setting boundaries. Similarly, turning off your phone and other electronic devices for the sake of having personal time is another way of taking care of yourself. Boundaries can also involve topics of conversation, physical comfort level, types of communication, and more. Healthy boundaries can vary by individual and by relationship, and they will be different for different people. This is very important to be aware.   

In essence, setting healthy boundaries allows people to take care of themselves and more clearly identify their needs while also respecting others.

It is also possible however, and not uncommon for people to set unhealthy boundaries.  People with healthy boundaries tend to be secure and centred individuals with a solid sense of who they are.  Their boundaries are clear but can be flexible as they have an inner awareness of what they can ‘afford’ in terms of their physical, mental, emotional or spiritual bank account. If the account has a healthy balance and is topped up regularly then flexibility with respect is the norm.  However, an individual who lacks that inner security and strong sense of self is more likely to have rigid boundaries and a short fuse if those boundaries are in any way threatened or perceived to be.

How do we recognise and set boundaries? Well, to a large extent we have inbuilt boundaries in terms of our innate sense of danger and a common sense approach to knowing what is good for us, even if we don’t always uphold those boundaries.  We take risks and that’s ok.  But, to go deeper we start with our values and create our boundaries around our values.  Without being clear in this way it is all too easy to have boundaries violated without realising that Is what is happening.  We may just feel hurt and devastated when our partner, boss or parent goes off on one … flies into a rage and leaves us feeling awful.  Even abused. Or when you realise that a friend has been offloading on you without heeding your advice (that they’ve asked for) or a work colleague offloading their work on to you.

So, you would rerun such an instance and identify your feelings arising from it. Thus, you will very quickly identify the boundary that has been disrespected. Raising your own level of awareness is usually all it takes, though it may take a few tries and more than a little work till it resonates clearly with you.  You will clarify it in your mind, write it in your journal, even record it on your phone but the beauty is that once you have the clarity embedded it will take care of itself.  Either the violator will simply cease to do so because they have energetically got the message or they will move on out of your life. 

For purposes of clarity, we can think of a healthy boundary as a fence.  It is strong but flexible, it fences off the area to be protected but people can stand and chat comfortably, leaning on it or even be invited to come in through the gate and visit. The sense of self resides within and is confident of its place in the world. An unhealthy boundary, on the other hand, is like pillars of solid rock surrounding a space. Rigid and inflexible it is erected to protect the space in which the person does not feel safe. The sense of safety is given to the pillars of rock along with the instructions to be as hostile as possible to preserve a sense of safety. The space within is therefore a place of fear and confusion, rather than a place of self-love and safety.

Remember, that we are all different and therefore we all have different values and different boundaries.  More than that, we need to be clear on our boundaries, initially with ourselves so we recognise right away, if they are being trespassed upon and we can nip things in the bud.  If we are not clear with ourselves, how can anyone else know and think of how many relationships could be saved if only people were clear on their boundaries!

Happy boundary setting and please feel free to contact me directly if you would like some more individual help with doing so.

Kate Mchardy  MA(Hons)  PGCE MSPH. Spiritual coach, teacher and healer.

The University of Light Group


katemch@gmail.com  •  +44 7712889534


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Dubbed Rock N Roll’s biggest failure, John Otway and The Big Band are a show you won’t want to miss if they ever come to town again. I was pleasantly surprised to see that many of his fans flew over for the occasion and more so that Dr Otway knew them all by name as he mingled and with them all prior and during the gig itself.

Dubbed Rock N Roll’s biggest failure, John Otway and The Big Band are a show you won’t want to miss if they ever come to town again. I was pleasantly surprised to see that many of his fans flew over for the occasion and more so that Dr Otway knew them all by name as he mingled and with them all prior and during the gig itself.

Opening up the night’s music was local band Thrifty Malone. Thrifty Malone, now a four piece band, are always entertaining and their setlist, a blend of originals and well known covers, are always delivered and executed with perfection. They kicked off their set by going back to 1972 with a J. J. Cale classic in Call Me The Breeze. Their rendition of this one is sublime as are all their covers truthfully. They are really flying at the moment and with a lot of originals on their plate which are available on digital music platforms, Thrifty Malone just don’t disappoint and I expect more things to come from them in 2023. The fact that they got to open up for the occasion was a remarkable experience that they won’t soon forget, especially for a celebration of this magnitude. The band were always welcomed with open arms by the travelling Otway fans who gave them a huge round of applause at the end of their set. Thrifty Malone were able to present Otway with something special as well. The lads were able to find a copy of the set list from The Old Grey Whistle Test to celebrate the Big Band’s 30th Anniversary and also 45 years since Otway and Barrett appeared on the show with a lovely dedication from the legendary Whispering Bob Harris.

Speaking to Insight prior to the gig; Otway said: “It is great to be in Gibraltar. We did a little scouting a few months ago in order to bring the Band over for the 30th anniversary, ideally somewhere in the Mediterranean and Gibraltar fit the bill. There is a great atmosphere and everyone has been incredibly welcoming. I was also able to quiz him as to how many of his fans had flocked over for the event and it is here that he highlighted how many of them do it but had never been to Gibraltar before. Just before we finished our interview, Otway emphasised and highlighted how instrumental Thrifty Malone have been throughout, especially to set everything up prior to the gig itself.

It was now time for Otway to take centre stage and as someone who was familiar with his work, it was a huge thrill to see him live (At last). His setlist was composed of many of his hits, in between stories. His band deserve a lot of commendations for what true professionals they are and how well they sound as a whole. I was absolutely floored with them, something that a fellow Otway noticed from a far as I grinned throughout, I might add.. In an age where rock n roll isn’t unfortunately followed as much except for the hardcore fanatic, Otway blew Gibraltar away and it is a gig I won’t soon forget. The rest of the band are composed by Seymour Fluids, Murray Torkildsen and Adam Batterbee. One thing or one of the many things rather to take rather is the energy that they all possess but it wouldn’t be fair if I wrote this without mentioning how courteous they all were. I actually felt it even before I met them for some reason and I felt honoured to be there. One of my personal highlights was to see them perform We Rock which was streamed via Facebook Live. Otway has adopted it and appointed it to be Gibraltar´ś national anthem! His cover of the Tom Jones classic Delilah is also a vision and of course Really Free.

I sincerely hope that this isn’t the last of Otway on the Rock, I think a venue like Ince’s Hall would be perfect for someone of his magnitude and he can definitely sell it out in a heartbeat.

I would like to sincerely thank Otway and his Management, especially John Skews for not only accrediting me for the event and for being a true professional throughout.

According to locals the best restaurants in Gibraltar

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With Gibraltar  being such a small place, one of the most common ways to spend your weekends here is eating out and going for drinks. Whenever I’m travelling to a new city, I find myself searching across social media channels for the best places to eat. Which is why I wanted to find out what restaurants the people in Gibraltar would rate the best, to help tourists but also for locals to discover some new places. Over 400 people took part in this survey, and these were the results!

For Breakfast

My Wines

Coming in first place for breakfast is My Wines. This was actually my vote too as I love the variety. Whether you’re looking for something sweet or savoury, or having breakfast with your family there’s something for everyone. I recommend the pancakes, bacon eggs benedict or a simple mollete with tomato. If you visit around autumn/winter, they also have pumpkin spiced lattes on the menu. I need to go for breakfast soon to try their latest edition to the menu, the ‘breakfast hunger killer’. This combines their famous lemon chicken fingers in a warm mollete with melted cheese. 

Hustle n’ flow

In second place we have Hustle n’ Flow, which is a very convenient 2 minute walk from my house. This place combines nutritious food with an instagram worthy aesthetic. Here you can find a variety of smoothies, acai bowls, classic toasts and a few lunch options such as wraps and burgers. My recommendations here would have to be the french toast , the blue eyed girl bowl and the ‘honey we’re all nuts!’ toast. Whilst you’re here, finish off with one of their super shot elixirs! 


In third place we have Aquaterra, which hadn’t been on my radar until this. This place is usually known for their meats and cool cocktails, but they also have a very cheap and cheerful breakfast menu. It also looks like it’s packed every Saturday morning so you’re best off booking a table in advance! I had their Andaluz breakfast which included bread with tomato and olive oil, topped with jamon serrano. You also get a tea or coffee included for a total of £3.90! 

For Tapas

 La Tapilla Sixtina 

In first place for tapas we have La Tapilla Sixtina, located in Chatham Counterguard. This is probably the closest you’ll get in Gibraltar to a typical Spanish tapas menu, and the prices are reasonable. Here you’ll find a variety of montaditos, tostadas, croquettes, meats and more. My staples when eating here are the huevos rotos, the pork with truffle oil, the carrillada (pork cheek) stew, and the prawns pil pil. To wash it all down, have a tinto de verano with liquor 43!

Vault 13

In second place, we have Vault 13, an asian-mediterranean fusion tapas restaurant. I’ve never had a bad meal here, and I’ve pretty much tried 90% of the menu. My favourites are the asian prawns, the octopus with potatoes, the pork belly, the mini chicken brioche sliders and all of the bao buns! 

My Wines

Making another appearance on the list, in third place for tapas is My Wines. I always like coming here in a big group because there are a lot of things on the menu that I enjoy. I recommend booking a table on their terrace in the warmer months too. My recommendations here are the goat’s cheese salad, the jalapeno wontons, lemon chicken fingers, puchero croquettes, and the duck nachos (a lot of my friends are 50/50 on these nachos, but I love the oriental spin on them!) My favourite wine here is Anahi, if you’re looking for something semi-sweet to pair your food with. 

For a date night

Little Bay 

In first place for date night or a meal out, is the Indian restaurant Little Bay. This place is always full so expect to wait a while for your food, but it is delicious. The go to order for my boyfriend and I when we go is the chilli cheese naan, the pomegranate aloo tikki chana masala, the anardana jhinga which is a prawn dish, and the chicken murgh makhani. For dessert, the pistachio kulfi is lovely. I also recommend checking out their signature cocktail menu!  

4 Stagioni 

This is my favourite Italian restaurant in Gibraltar, mostly because of their very cheesy garlic bread calzone and the pumpkin ravioli. 4 Stagioni is located a bit further away from town but the fact you have to make more of an effort to get there almost makes it feel like an even better spot for a special occasion. If you’re more into pizza than pasta, then I recommend the tropical pizza which comes with ham, pineapple and mango chutney! Our favourite wine to have here is Satinela. 

 Vault 13 

Also making a second appearance is Vault 13, so I thought I’d save some of my other favourite menu items for this section of the article. The whipped feta with honey, the hummus and the beetroot & goat’s cheese mousse are all great plates to start with! 


If after you’ve checked out one of these restaurants you fancy going for a few drinks, then these are the best cocktail spots according to locals. In first place we have Las Iguanas, which probably has one of the largest cocktail menus in Gibraltar. My go to here is the Pornstar Martini or the Guava Colada. In second place is Little Bay, and my favourites here are the Masala Mule and the Ancient Routes. In third place we have Bruno’s, which is famously known for their 24 hours 241 cocktail special. I usually have a Singapore Sling or a Pornstar Martini here, or an Aperol Spritz when the sun is out! 

Police Insight

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From studying an English Literature degree in York to becoming a Sergeant in the Royal Gibraltar Police, Stewart Finegan explains how he found himself policing on the Rock.

It was at a family wedding in London back in March 2006 where Stewart first met his Gibraltarian wife.

The pair hit it off and less than a year later he had quit his job as a precision engineer in Tameside, Greater Manchester, to follow her back to the Rock at the age of 27.

“I didn’t even own a passport at the time; I had to get one to start visiting. Despite the fact that I am not built for hot weather, I loved Gibraltar. Pretty much from the first time I came here, I thought this is where I’m going to settle down,” said the 43-year-old dad of three.

Born in Mossley, on the western edge of Saddleworth Moor, Stewart started a degree in English Literature at the University of York, but left the course early after deciding it wasn’t for him. From there he started work labouring on various building sites, before settling in a precision engineering job at a company in his home town.

So how did Stewart end up working for the Royal Gibraltar Police?

He explained: “I thought, I’m settling down now and I’d better do something that I can be proud of. In my previous job I wasn’t getting an enormous amount of satisfaction and I was just plodding along and existing.”

In 2007, you could only join the RGP if you were local, or a British citizen who had lived on the Rock for at least three years. So, Stewart waited three years before applying.

In October 2010 Stewart started his Training School and Passed Out in March 2011, before joining Green Shift (now Response Team 2) as a Recruit Police Officer.

He said: “I enjoyed the training school but hated shift at first. I found it quite overwhelming for the first few months, but I had a good shift and I started to find my feet and get a bit more settled and comfortable with the role.

“I wasn’t quite a church mouse when I started, but I wasn’t as vocal as I am now. When you start, you don’t know anything, even if you think you do. So I kept my eyes and ears open and my mouth shut unless I had something to say. There’s nothing worse than somebody joining the shift who thinks they know it all.”

During his near 13-year-career, Stewart worked in the Response Teams, Community Policing and the Criminal Investigation Department, after which he was promoted to Sergeant in 2016.

As a Sergeant, he returned to Response Team, then later Drug Squad and CID, before taking up his current role in as Sergeant for Recruitment, Training and Performance.

Asked whether he had any career highlights, he said: “One of the best appraisals I received was from a Sergeant in Neighbourhood Policing; ‘Despite the officer’s strong northern accent, he is nevertheless an effective communicator.’ It’s the best backhanded compliment I’ve ever received. Glorious.

“I don’t think my accent’s that bad; it’s not impenetrable. It’s just very distinct. I think most people automatically know who it is when I ring them up, without me having to say.”

He went on to talk about enjoying his time as a detective in CID “immensely.”

“It was an extraordinarily busy period and we dealt with some very unpleasant matters, especially the murder-suicide at Boschetti’s Steps, but we had a great team and everyone was motivated.

One of his highlights in CID was participating in an interview in which a suspect admitted to 14 separate burglaries. The suspect’s lawyer was also sitting in the interview.

“We got dragged up to see the Superintendent afterwards, who said he couldn’t be happier with us because we were getting results.”

And when asked what was the best thing about being a police officer, he said: “For me, having a sense of purpose. Doing the roles that I’ve done has made me proud. I’m proud to wear the uniform.”

And the worst thing about being a police officer?

He explained: “The stress that it puts on family life. When I started in CID my son was five. Whilst I’ve tried to avoid missing out on birthdays like so many officers have in the past, there’s been plenty of occasions where I’ve missed out on being there for my lad and my missus at home. She’s had to pick up a lot of slack over the years and I’m eternally grateful to her.

“In my first month in CID, I didn’t leave the office earlier than about 7 – 8pm. There was one day when I when I didn’t exactly leave on time, but I went to leave at 5pm. I was asked where I was going. I had to explain that I hadn’t seen my lad for three weeks — by the time I would come home he was always in bed.

“I think there was a much greater expectation in years gone by to put the job before family and just deal with all the accompanying problems that that causes; divorces, this that and the other. But thankfully we’ve moved away from that now in the RGP.”

When he’s not busy with the Recruit school, Stewart spends his spare time “reading, watching the same films over and over again and listening to music that nobody else likes.”

He continued: “I’m a fan of horror films. I tend to watch the same half dozen John Carpenter films over and over.

“I like a good spooky yarn. Something atmospheric. I’m a little squeamish when it comes to modern horror films. I don’t like blood and gore for the sake of it. I’ve had plenty of that in the job, thank you very much.”

Stewart was asked if he would recommend a career in the police to those thinking of joining the RGP in the next recruitment drive.

“I would, but think long and hard about it. It’s can be a taxing job, mentally and physically. Not everyone can do it and there’s no shame in the fact that not everyone can do it. It’s not a job for everybody. But saying that, anyone can do it if they put in the required effort, regardless of their background. If you have the right character, then it’s certainly a worthwhile career.”

Cold water therapy

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You may have noticed an increase in social media posts showing people plunging into cold water. Yes, believe it or not, there are some people who actually enjoy immersing their bodies (in water that’s less than 15°C) into an ice bath, taking a freezing cold shower or having an outdoor swim. 

Cold water therapy was one of the top new wellness trend of 2022, and although it has often been used by athletes to treat muscle soreness and promote faster recovery, its popularity rose when Dutch fitness influencer, Wim “The Iceman” Hof started promoting extreme ice swimming (in water that’s no more than 5°C), more than a decade ago. The ‘Wim Hof’ method combines cold therapy, breathing techniques and mind exercises with the aim to get your body and mind into the best possible condition.

So what are the benefits of cold water therapy?

According to a study by the British Journal of Sports Medicine, cold showers have many physiological effects on the body. These include: increased heart rate, higher blood pressure and an elevated respiratory rate. 

Numerous studies have shown that cold water immersion can help reduce muscle pain and stiffness after exercise by reducing swelling and inflammation, improve risk factors for cardiovascular disease, such as blood pressure and cholesterol levels, as well as boosting immune systems and easing bouts of depression. It can also help ease the pain associated with arthritis, not only as a natural long-term remedy, but it can also offer instant pain relief. 

Mental Health Swims, a non-profit charity, organizes cold-water swimming throughout the UK with more than 150 swim locations.  Open water swimming is getting more popular and in a case study published by the BMJ, a weekly peer-reviewed medical trade journal, it supports the use of cold water swimming as a depression treatment. Another study by the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health found that people had a lower risk of developing upper respiratory tract infections if they used cold therapy.

At a time when energy costs are rising, cold water baths and showers are a cost cutting and effective way to save money. Rather than resorting to medication to boost your mood, cold water therapy can be undertaken in your own home, with no side effects. Start slowly and gradually build up your exposure.

But beware! Cold water therapy can be a shock to the system, even for people who use it regularly, so it is best to start by having a few cold showers in the days leading up to your first full immersion. If you have never tried cold water therapy before, begin by having a shower in warm water, then turn it on to cold and stand under the water for one minute, increasing to two minutes the next time you shower and eventually try having a cold shower without starting with the warm water. 

Remember to proceed with caution and maybe check with your GP or doctor first if you suffer with a heart condition or any other serious medical illness, such as diabetes.

Gibsams a vital community service

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Since becoming CEO of GibSams in September last year, Brenda Cuby has been busy overseeing and implementing new initiatives for the charity that continues to offer support and help people with mental health issues and those with suicidal thoughts. 

“At the end of last year, twenty-three local businesses were recognised in a ceremony that took place at the Garrison Library as part of the ‘Wellbeing at Work Awards’ scheme that was initiated four years ago by GibSams’ founder Marielou Guerrero as part of the ‘Suicide Prevention Awareness Month Worldwide’ programme,” Brenda explains, adding that they will continue growing the awards each year.  The scheme was started with the purpose to publicly recognise and reward companies, regardless of the size of their businesses, which have successfully implemented positive changes for the benefit of their employees.

“This year we have launched our Wellbeing Leader Training programme, a one-day course that will raise awareness of wellbeing and mental health in the workplace,” she says. “A Wellbeing Leader will be taught ways to spot those experiencing mental health issues and signpost support for someone who may be having a bad day at work and who doesn’t want to go to HR.” From there, Brenda tells me that this will lead to the launch of GibSams’ first Wellbeing at Work Conference that will take place on 11th May. “Going into the workplace is a developing part of our community outreach, which is an integral part of the ethos of the GibSams organisation,” she states. 

As part of their Education Outreach services GibSams, in conjunction with the Department of Education, held the ‘Now and Beyond’ Schools Festival last November – a one day event featuring online and in-person sessions accessible to pupils, parents and carers. Brenda says that they brought in the ‘Now and Beyond’ Team from the UK to hold workshops surrounding digital wellbeing and the use of social media. 

For those in the community who may otherwise have been alone on Christmas Day, GibSams held an ‘alternative’ Christmas lunch at the Thi Vietnamese restaurant where over sixty people were treated to a warm welcome and some great Vietnamese food.  Brenda says that it gave them the opportunity to be in the company of others and engage in conversation.  “We also ran an advertising video campaign on GBC focusing about not being alone at Christmas and how it is good to talk, because human interaction is of vital importance to our mental wellbeing.”

“This year we have also started monthly community coffee mornings at different venues,” Brenda states. “We buy coffee and breakfast and people from the community come along to talk to us to find out more about what we do, how they can get involved and how they can support us.”

Brenda explains that they have also just completed their first intake of new volunteers for this year. “Our ambition is to open the listening service up for extra hours.”

A new initiative for GibSams is their Seafarer service. “Seafarers are particularly vulnerable to mental health issues because they spend so much time at sea,” Brenda says. “Our parent organisation Befrienders set up a service for seafarers last year, and we have been asked to pilot a WhatsApp service for seafarers passing through the Strait of Gibraltar and in local waters.”

Fundraising and donations are, of course, a crucial factor for GibSams, enabling them to provide their continuing services to the local community. “A fun run is being held on 18th March starting in Casemates Square, raising funds for the team of ten local runners that are heading off to the London Landmarks half-marathon in April,” Brenda says, adding that on the 6th May they will be holding the Darkness into Light Walk as the official charity partner for Pieta. “This will be just one of the two hundred official walks for Darkness into Light in 2023 across 10 countries spanning 4 continents.”

Asked if she thinks that GibSams has made a difference in Gibraltar, Brenda replies “definitely”. “When we set up five years ago, we said that if we help one person then it was all worth it – but knowing that on average we get a call a day means that we have helped  a lot of people over that period of time.”  

“Our mission is to reduce the number of suicides in Gibraltar – we always say reduce rather than eradicate because you can never do that – but we also want people to call us if they are anxious, stressed, worried, or lonely and we want to get them at the low level grade of feeling not well rather than wait to get into the stage where they are feeling suicidal or they feel they have no other option.”

Brenda stresses that there is no shame in contacting GibSams. “People are now talking openly about how they are feeling, where previously nobody talked about it and nobody would admit they had a family member that had a mental health illness.”

“We want to let people know that they can call GibSams with no fear or judgement, without thinking that somebody is going to tell you what to do – and that hopefully will give you the comfort and the confidence to pick-up that phone or to chat online with us about your feelings.”

“GibSams is always looking for more volunteers, for people to fundraise and to raise awareness of the work that we do,” Brenda clarifies. “At the moment we have about eighty volunteers in total giving up their time.” If you feel that you can become a listening volunteer and commit to doing one listening shift a week, or would like to help in other ways, please get in touch with GibSams.   

More information can be found on the GibSams website: www.gibsams.gi

Darkness into Light then til now

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In 2009, in the Phoenix Park in Dublin, 400 people set off on the inaugural Darkness Into Light 5km walk to raise funds for Pieta, a suicide prevention charity in Ireland. From small beginnings, the movement has continued to grow, and now there are over 200,000 participants in Darkness Into Light each year. Over 32 venues now take part, in 15 countries over 4 continents!

Each year the walk provides an opportunity for people to connect with their local community and to bring hope to people who have been impacted by suicide. Our team of dedicated volunteers, return year on year to make the event a success and to help us all continue to raise awareness and hope in the global fight against suicide and self-harm.

Since Darkness Into Light began, supporters have helped raise almost €29 million, which has enabled Suicide Prevention Charities keep their doors and 24/7 helplines open for people in crisis, free of charge.

In 2012, the first international event took place in London, and since then international partner charities, from Seoul to Spain and New Zealand to the Netherlands, have benefited from an investment of over €3.5 million in local mental health support services. EFPG initially brought the walk into Gibraltar back in 2020, and since then we have continued to build support, thanks to everyone that has taken part in the last two years, we are incredibly proud to be able to confirm that Gibraltar is now a recognized country for the event and money raised will go to our partner Charity Gibsams, as we part in the global act of solidarity for people affected by suicide and self-harm..

This year we have invited the whole community to help us celebrate this achievement. From sports centers to schools, there is something that everyone can do to help raise awareness and potentially save a life. We are especially grateful to the children of Loreto Convent who painted pebbles with messages of hope as part of Mental Health Awareness week. These pebbles will then be distributed around Gibraltar the day before the walk, to sprinkle a little joy all over our community and brighten someone’s day. A reminder that a little bit of love can go a very long way.

There are lots of ways that you can raise awareness, from creating bunting, arranging a cake sale, taking on a steward position on the day, or simply placing candles in your windows the night before the walk. We are also looking for corporate sponsors to help with providing refreshments at the halfway points. If you would like to get involved, please contact Scarlett at EFPG and she will be happy to help you get started.

The walk itself will be taking place on Saturday the 6th of May. We will be meeting in Casemates at 5.30am and then splitting into groups to embark on one of the two routes we have created for this year’s event. The first one will take walkers up the nature reserve and med steps coming then looping back down past the sky walk to finish back in Casemates. The second one will head off along Irish town, dropping into the Commonwealth park and then heading straight along to Europa point to watch the sunrise before looping back passing Loreto school and the Alameda botanical gardens, along Main Street and finishing at Casemates. This second route was created so that everyone can take part, furry friends included, in what we hope will be our best year yet.

We will all meet up at the end of the walk at the Little Rock Cafe in Casemates, where participants can enjoy a well deserved breakfast sponsored by EFPG.

Online registrations for the event are due to open in March, however we are encouraging all those who wish to take part to like and follow the Darkness Into Light Gibraltar social media pages, so they can keep up to date with all of our progress as we prepare to create another global sunrise moment and join together to be the light against the dark.

Big excited hugs from the Darkness Into Light Gibraltar Team 

Spring into Wellness

in Health & Beauty

As we head into spring, leaving behind those colder, shorter days, some of us may feel as if we are still in hibernation, and just as we spring clean our homes now is a great time to spring clean our mind, body and soul. Spring is the season when temperatures start to rise and the flowers start to bloom, so get rid of those cobwebs in your mind and take some time out for self-care. 

Maybe you are suffering with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a condition that can be associated with a decreased activity of serotonin, a brain chemical responsible for the regulation of mood and considered a ‘happy hormone’. Scientists are yet to understand the true cause of SAD, but research has raised several possibilities, and a lack of sunlight exposure is directly associated with Vitamin D synthesis within our bodies, and this plays an important role in serotonin levels in our bodies.


If you want to brush off those winter blues, there are many things that you can do to get you back to your old self, and one of those is exercise. 

Research has shown that exercise works wonders in alleviating the symptoms of depression due to the release of endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine, all hormones that are associated with mood regulation. Regular exercise also has the potential to improve your sleep and give your self-esteem a little boost, helping you combat those winter blues in more ways than one. Every little bit counts, so whether it’s a 15-minute walk outside, an indoor treadmill, or something more demanding, you’re on the way to finding a routine that works!

Joints, Bones & Muscles

With longer days and lighter evenings ahead, we can make the most of the new season by being more active outdoors again. Whether you’re running a marathon or simply going for a walk. Look after your joints with Jointace Collagen, developed by Vitabiotics nutritional experts and available from Holland & Barrett Gibraltar. These tablets provide a unique combinations of trace minerals, vitamins and nutrients, ideal for those with an active life, in sport or in later life.

Spring Clean your Gut 

70% of the immune system is located in the gut, so a balanced gut is the key to optimal wellness. The gut, also known as the gastrointestinal tract, is a long tube that starts at the mouth and ends at the back passage. One of the best ways to support a healthy internal balance is by adding more probiotics and prebiotics to our daily diet. Holland & Barrett Mega Potency Acidophilus Capsules combine approximately 3 billion bacterial cultures per capsule, providing an additional source of the micro-organisms that are naturally found throughout the digestive system. These mega potency rapid release capsules support gut health.

Recent research suggests there is strong a link between the brain and the gut – otherwise known as the “the gut-brain axis” – and when your mind is out of balance, everything can get just that little bit more challenging. H&B Tribiotic, is one of Holland & Barrett’s most advanced Biotic Gut Health range. Holland & Barrett Tribiotic Mind Balance is a pre-, pro- and post-complex which contains a clinically studied blend of 6 specially tailored bacteria strains, with added Ashwagandha, a natural herbal supplement which may support mental relaxation and contributes to general wellbeing, and Vitamin B12, which contributes to normal psychological function.

Eat Well, Feel Well 

A diet rich in nutrients can help boost your mood and energy levels, maintain your weight and keep you from giving in to those tempting sugar cravings. Include plenty of protein, fresh fruit and vegetables – especially those rich in vitamin D, such as oily fish, egg yolks and red meat. Vitamin D supplements such as Holland & Barrett Vitamin D3 100UG are a good option if you aren’t getting enough vitamin D in your diet and provide immune support, as well as bone and muscle support.

Healing Honey

Spring is the ideal season to adopt new habits, and swapping sugar for Manuka Honey, known for its healing properties and its ability to fight bacteria and, potentially, viruses too, is no hardship. Often described as a ‘superfood’, Manuka honey is up there with the best because of its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. A spoonful of Manuka honey, whether straight from the spoon or stirred into your morning cuppa, can benefit your well-being. Manuka Pharm’s 100% genuine New Zealand Multifloral Manuka Honey from Holland & Barrett offers wide ranging benefits in every mouthful, thanks to an MGO (methylglyoxal, the naturally occurring compound that makes Manuka honey so unique) of 70. Manuka honey is produced only in New Zealand, where keepers set up hives in wild areas filled with Manuka bushes. 

Social Interaction

It’s extremely important to keep the good times going and live like it’s a different season. Spending time with your friends can help relieve stress, give you a sense of belonging and improve your well-being. Meet them for a coffee, movie or lunch, talk to them on the phone or do something together online, if you need to strike that balance between alone time and social interaction. Bring that fun – and sense of normalcy – back to remind you how great life can be.

Advisory Information:

Food supplements must not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking any medications or are under medical supervision, please consult a doctor or healthcare professional and always read the label before use.

Advances in treatment and early diagnosis would prevent many deaths from lung cancer.

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Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer mortality in the world, accounting for 28% of deaths from cancer each year, higher than breast cancer or prostate cancer.

It is a silent disease, usually not producing symptoms in the initial stages, as the lungs have no capacity to produce pain. In 70% of cases it is diagnosed after the appearance of more serious symptoms, when the cancer is already advanced and has spread to other areas of the body, when it is too late to give curative treatment.

It has therefore been essential to develop adequate early-detection programmes in diseases such as lung cancer. 

Early detection

At HC Marbellawe recommend screening for theearly detection of lung cancerin smokers or former smokers over the age of 55 and in patients who have had some type of lung disease or who have a family history.  

During this check-up the respiratory physician may recommend a low-dose CT scan. This type of scan allows the dose of radiation to be adapted to the patient’s anatomical requirements, meaning the dose is significantly reduced.

Depending on the CT results, your doctor may consider performing a PET-CTscan which will provide anatomical and metabolic information. The most advanced PET-CT systems enable the detection of pulmonary micronodules, preventing up to 45% of lung biopsies.

Technological advances in the field of diagnostic imaging increasingly allow the detection of lung tumours at an early stage, all of which has a positive impact on patient survival.

In addition to advances in the diagnosis of the disease, there havealso been developments in its treatment. There is an increasing tendency to more precise and personalised treatment with the aim of targetin only the tumour, reducing the side effects as much as possible.

At HC Cancer Center the choice of treatment is taken by a tumour committee. The committee brings together different specialists who analyse the results of the diagnostic investigations and assess different parameters such as the stage of the disease and the patient’s age and health status.

The most advanced radiotherapy for lung cancer

Radiotherapy is one of the pillars in the treatment of this condition. When the tumour presents at an early stage, and is localised, curative treatment may be proposed.

The radiotherapy of choice is usually SBRT (Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy), a type of radiotherapy which requires very precise technology capable of delivering high doses of radiation to the tumour area, shortening treatment times and increasing the effectiveness of treatment.

Development of new therapies. Precision medicine

Just as all people are not the same, neither are all tumours. They cannot therefore be treated in the same way.  To ascertain the most effective treatment for each type of tumour, we need to discover its genetic alteration. This then enables us to administer an effective drug for that specific type of abnormality, reducing both toxicity and side effects.

HC Cancer Center provides the facilities required for the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer. Request an appointment to consult a specialist.

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