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University Royal Navy Unit Visit

Twenty Five officer cadets and staff from Birmingham, Wales, Bristol and Devon University Royal Navy Units (URNU) recently visited Gibraltar for a weeklong programme. 

The cadets, who are all university students, participate in a placement at the URNU for approximately 3 years where they are given the opportunity to gain Royal Navy insights such as navigation and leadership skills.

During the visit, the cadets were involved in helping clean, paint and conduct laborious tasks at O’Hara’s and Princess Anne’s Battery, alongside the Gibraltar Heritage Trust. That evening, they attended an event with the Gibraltar Heritage Trust and Commander British Forces Gibraltar, Commodore (Cdre) Tom Guy.

When the cadets weren’t helping at the Batteries, they attempted the challenging Mediterranean Steps, toured St Michaels Cave, Great North Road tunnels, Great Siege Tunnels, Alameda Botanical Gardens, the Trafalgar Cemetery and HMS Trent.

During their time in the Trafalgar Cemetery, the cadets discussed and learned about the history of the Battle of Trafalgar and Gibraltar’s part in bringing Admiral Lord Nelson ashore. That afternoon, the Units visited His Majesty’s Naval Base, for an insightful question and answer session with Cdre Guy where they were given an update on the Royal Navy’s role in Gibraltar.

Coxswain of the URNU, Warrant Officer Class 1 Grover said, “It’s not often you get this kind of access to a 1 Star officer, so the cadets relished it. Especially twice in one week.”

Promotion Within The RG

The Royal Gibraltar Regiment is delighted to announce that Private (Pte) Brosco recently returned to Gibraltar after having passed the Potential Junior Non-Commissioned Officers (PJNCO) course at the Infantry Training Centre in Catterick.

The course brings together private reservist soldiers from Infantry Regiments across the UK, putting them through their paces in their first promotion-ready course as part of their career within the British Army.

The course, which is run over 19 days, focuses primarily on infantry fieldcraft, tactics and physical endurance in inclement weather conditions.

Pte Brosco’s skills and training were put to the test over a four night period when he was tasked with completing two field exercises.

Additionally, whilst starting his Army Leadership and Development Programme, Pte Brosco was tested on both day and night navigation. All of the training provided critical infantry development towards becoming a Lance Corporal on his return to the Regiment.

Westside Pupils Visit GDP Dog Section

Five Westside School pupils visited the Gibraltar Defence Police Dog Section as part of a study programme.

During their visit, the students were able to have a look around the kennels and the free run training area where they met various police dogs and got an insight into life as a dog handler.

The Gibraltar Defence Police have recently received three new police dogs, all German Shepherds, who will come into service once they have finished their training.

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Ten Gibraltar Defence Police Coxswains recently complete their RYA Coastal Skipper/Yacht Master offshore theory course with the local RYA teaching centre Allabroad Sailing Academy.

The qualifications the officers received are recognised by the UK Maritime and Coastguard agency as the UK’s National Standard and their use is required by the Defence Maritime Regulator.

The demanding course covered advanced skills in offshore and coastal navigation by day and night, pilotage and meteorology. The successful candidates will be continuing their professional development and undertake further RYA Training and additional Police Specific Training later on in the year.

Major Pitto Receives MBE

The Royal Gibraltar Regiment is delighted to announce that Major Pitto received his MBE from Her Royal Highness, the Princess Royal, at Windsor Castle.

Major Pitto returned to the Royal Gibraltar Regiment in July last year after spending two years in British Forces Gibraltar as the Operations and Plans officer. He was awarded an MBE for his services as the primary lead in developing plans and supporting efforts against the COVID 19 pandemic, as well as leading with contingency planning within the military environment, and being a force driver in executing charitable events.

He most notably played a huge part in organising the successful first ever Armed Forces Day on the Rock in 2020 which saw Her Majesty’s Naval Base filled by thousands of members of the general public.

After receiving his MBE, Battalion Second in Command, Major Pitto said, “Yesterday was a proud and special day. I never expected to have been recognised for such a prestigious honour, I’m truly humbled.

To receive the honour from Her Royal Highness, the Princess Royal, was also very special as she is a big supporter of Gibraltar.

I once again want to thank my family for their patience in supporting me over the years.”

Many congratulations to Major Pitto from everyone at Insight.

RG Return From The Gambia

For the past two months, eight members of the Royal Gibraltar Regiment (RG), accompanied by a Royal Marine Medic, spent five weeks in The Gambia, West Africa, where they provided a “Train the Trainer” (AKA T3) package to 61 Officers & Soldiers of the Gambian Armed Forces (GAF).

The RG’s Short-Term Training Team (STTT) spent five weeks based at the British High Commission in Serrekunda, about 10 kilometres from Gambia’s capital, Banjul.

The RG have historically conducted training in The Gambia on several occasions over the past 19 years, the last time being in 2021. The recent deployments have seen the RG focus on developing the GAF’s ability to train their own soldiers and office

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As part of the “People Who Help Us” initiative, the Gibraltar Defence Police visited St Anne’s Upper Primary School.

The visit was attended by approximately 60 school children and their teachers from Year 3 who are currently learning about the Police.

Police Constable (PC) Johnson addressed the children and explained the importance of the GDP Dog Section before PC Ward and PC Dean escorted their police dogs PD Oskar and PD Koki into the school playground. After asking the children what they thought each dog’s role was, the officers demonstrated how PD Oskar conducts his duties.

PD Oskar, a male Belgian Malinois who joined the GDP in December 2020, is a general purpose police dog. His breed is chosen for stamina, agility and their ability to maintain focus.

PD Koki is a specially trained explosive detection dog who joined the GDP in 2022. His role is to detect and indicate the presence of explosives for which he has been trained by searching all types of areas such as buildings, vehicles and outside terrain.

Once the demonstration was over, the children had the opportunity to line up and interact with the police dogs.

Exercise Green Barbarian

The Royal Gibraltar Regiment (RG) recently took part in Exercise Green Barbarian, going back to Infantry basics, which is conducted to prepare the RG for their upcoming Exercise Jebel Tarik.

The aim of the Exercise was to enhance and develop basic Infantry field craft skills as well as develop understanding of section and platoon level operations, shape platoon cohesion and develop basic leadership skills.

During the exercise, the platoons conducted Section Attacks, Individual and Pairs Firing Manoeuvres as well as a platoon ambush.

Soldiers attended morning presentations and conducted afternoon practice sessions. One evening, B Company were joined by I Company for their evening platoon ambush. The aim of the night time drill was to practice the possibility of a platoon ambush to defeat the enemy. I Company used information gathered by B Company, resulting in the enemy being defeated.

Royal Gibraltar Regiment’s Training Sergeant (Sgt), Sgt Field, said, “Exercise Green Barbarian was the first joint training package of the year. It involved both Rifle Companies operating in a confined space. The troops did well, and it has set conditions for more arduous and testing training later in the year.”


In January, ten members of the Royal Gibraltar Regiment Band began Exercise Tiger Island with a long journey to the Falkland Islands, where they would join forces with the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment Band (PWRR) to deliver musical support on behalf of 3 PWRR whilst their battalion were deployed.

With a population of approximately 3,500 in the whole of the Falkland Islands, it was no surprise that Mount Pleasant Primary School had only 24 students! The children were introduced to the instruments in the band and joined the band in marching around the school hall. The PWRR band prepared an entertaining and interactive performance of the ‘Music Man’ consisting of costumes such as bagpiper, pilot and footballer which entertained their 3- 10 year old audience! Friday evening saw the band performing at Mount Pleasant theatre.

Adjoined to the complex’s bar, the theatre that usually sits silent, was brought to life by the band, accompanied by the Military Wives Choir who sung Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” and Gary Barlow’s “Sing”, originally sung by a Military Wives Choir to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. It was attended by their family members and serving military personnel.

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2 Platoon, I Company from the Royal Gibraltar Regiment (RG) was sent on a deployment to Kenya on Exercise ASKARI STORM towards the end of 2022.

Whilst on deployment, 2 Platoon were directed to work with 1RIFLES in a Battle Group context. They were integrated into C Company and were given the call sign 9 Platoon. Right from the start, 9 Platoon were just another member of a much larger team and meshed seamlessly with the rest of C Company and 1RIFLES.

9 Platoon, C Company, consisted of an RG platoon with 3 attached Riflemen from 5RIFLES. The Light Role infantry element of the 1RIFLES Battle Group consisted of 3 Companies including C Company.

Here the light role element spearheaded large scale manoeuvres and the RG learned about the battle rhythm and tactics employed with this level of workforce. It was a great opportunity to see the logistical, vehicle recovery and medical chains being tested throughout the exercise in real time.

Royal Gibraltar Regiment, I Company, Captain Thomas said, “One of the highlights that was voiced from 9 Platoon was the final action on CALFEX which was a live, black, Company assault on steep and difficult features in the region of Archers Post which is a settlement in Kenya’s Samburu County.

The live mortars and machine guns firing, whilst the reconnaissance guided the Companies into position before an arduous assault will be a memorable moment for all those involved.”

“It was an ideal platform to learn about bush tactics and practice some hard soldiering,” he continued, “It also provided an opportunity to show off the skills the RG continue to develop in Gibraltar.

From pre-deployment training, all the way through to the end of Ex ASKARI STORM, the RG were welcomed with open arms by 1RIFLES which made the actual training more enjoyable.”

Royal Gibraltar Regiment B Company’s Private (Pte) Bouhaltit has been presented with the Best Reserve Solider of the year for 2022.

The assessment is made over the calendar year to capture key training such as Exercise Jebel Tarik, Exercise Calpe Keys, Ceremonial Duties and Mandatory Annual Training Tests.

During 2022, Pte Bouhaltit had shown an enormous amount of commitment to the platoon and company and at one point was the only Annual Combat Marksmanship Test qualified soldier.

Battalion Second in Command, Major John Pitto MBE, said, “The last time a soldier was awarded the title of Best Soldier was 4 years ago. The platoon Sergeant and I were therefore very keen to bring this back as it provides an opportunity to recognise individuals from the platoon for their hard work and effort over the year of training.

Pte Bouhaltit puts the Company and training before his other commitments, including his 5 other jobs, but more noticeably, he always gives 100% effort in any training that is undertaken.”

Lt Cdr Adam Colman recently paid a courtesy call on The Governor as he relinquished his two-year command of the Royal Navy Gibraltar Squadron..

He leaves Gibraltar to attend the Intermediate Staff Course at Shrivenham before a short period on board HMS DEFENDER (Type 45 Destroyer) before starting the Principle Warfare Officers Course at HMS COLLINGWOOD in June.

Good luck from everyone at Insight.

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Sir Joe Bossano laid a wreath during the Remembrance Sunday ceremony at the Cenotaph in London, on behalf of His Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar and the People of Gibraltar.


A local man is celebrating after becoming the first member of the Royal Gibraltar Regiment to be nominated for the Sportsman of the Year Award, held in Sandhurst.

Warrant Officer Class 2 (WO2), Ethaniel Jeffries-Mor, travelled to the UK for the two day ceremony, where he was presented with his Runner Up Sportsman of the Year Award by Major General Zac Stenning OBE, Commandant of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

WO2 Jeffries-Mor, 44, became aware that he had been nominated for the award when he began receiving numerous messages from the Regiment’s Chain of Command, and members of the British Army Judo and Infantry Judo congratulating him on his nomination.

He said, “It took a few minutes before I realised what had happened. My family were over the moon when I told them, as they are the ones who support me day in day out especially my partner and kids, Noah and Chloe.”

Having competed since he was 16 years old, WO2 Jeffries-Mor said, “After so many years of hard work and dedication, selfless commitment, even leaving my family behind in order to pursue what I love and represent not only my Regiment but also Gibraltar, it couldn’t have felt better to have been nominated.

“I really couldn’t have done this without the continuous support of the Royal Gibraltar Regiment.”

WO2 Jeffries-Mor picked up an injury on his last training camp at the Judo School of Excellence in Walsall, resulting in a fracture to his right foot. Despite this, he remains active in order to prepare for his next competition, the Army Championships in January 23.

On Monday 14 November 2022, The Headquarters Company, Thomson’s Battery, fired a 21-Royal Gun Salute to celebrate the 74th Birthday of His Majesty King Charles III.

The ceremony was attended by the Inspecting Officer, His Excellency the Governor of Gibraltar, Sir David Steel KBE DL who was formally received and hosted by the Regiment’s Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel (Lt Col) Moore.

To mark the special occasion, the first round of the Royal Gun Salute was fired at 1200 under the watchful eye of the Battery Commander (BC) Major Garcia-White.

Members of the public gathered to watch the salute, which lasted just over three minutes as officers and veterans from the Royal Gibraltar Regiment stood to attention.

Major Garcia-White marched towards His Excellency, saluted, and reported that the Gun Salute was complete and that all guns were empty. The gun crews were then given a short address by His Excellency before he was invited to sign the Inspecting Officers’ book.

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Passing out Parade

The Royal Gibraltar Regiment is delighted to announce that five new recruits have passed out from Infantry Training Centre Catterick.

Family and friends gathered to watch Private Elder, Private Rowarth, Private Paredes Almonte, Private Maxwell and Private Posso march out in their passing out parade after spending six months in ITC Catterick.

The Gibraltar Defence Police is pleased to announce another officer has recently qualified as an Emergency Response Driving Instructor.

PC McOuat is only the second Gibraltar Defence Police officer to undertake the course which trains the driver to drive under response conditions with the blue lights and sirens on during an emergency.

PC McOuat took part in the Emergency Response Driver Training (ERDT) course at the HM Customs Training Wing. After successfully completing the training, he decided to undertake the instructor’s course.

Four Gibraltar Defence Police Officers were invited to an award presentation held by Gibraltar Hearing Issues and Tinnitus Association (GHITA) and The Hon Samantha Sacramento MP.

The officers took part in a British Sign Language (BSL) Course which started at the beginning of the year and ended in June. The online course, taught by a UK based instructor and assisted by a local instructor, was held via Zoom every Monday and Wednesday over a five month period.

Gibraltar Defence Police Chief Rob Allen said, “Carrying out our duties as police officers, communication is a key skill. For those members of the community with speech or hearing impairment, sign language is vitally important.

“The officers involved in this learning gave up their own free time to take part in this course to improve their ability to communicate, demonstrating their willingness to go above and beyond their usual duties for the benefit of the police service and wider community.”

Battle of Trafalgar Ceremony

Members of British Forces Gibraltar gathered in the Trafalgar Cemetery to commemorate the Battle of Trafalgar today, Friday 21 October 2022.

The service was attended by Commander British Forces, Commodore Tom Guy, His Excellency the Governor, Vice Admiral Sir David Steel, and the Chief Minister, Fabian Picardo, who each laid a wreath at the Admiral Lord Nelson Statue before the service commenced.

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Commanding Officer RG Handover

After serving for three years, The Royal Gibraltar Regiment gave a big send off to Lieutenant Colonel (Lt Col) Simon Dyson as he left his position as the Commanding Officer (CO) of the Royal Gibraltar Regiment.

The Battalion formed up on the Devils Tower Camp Parade Square and stood to attention as Commander British Forces, Commodore Tom Guy commended Lt Col Simon Dyson on his achievements over the past three years as CO.

Lt Col Dyson handed over the position of CO to his successor Lt Col Matt Moore.

Lt Col Simon Dyson said, “This week I have handed over to Lt Col Matt Moore, there are some bittersweet feelings about leaving, however I have had a great time here for the last three years.

“What they have delivered, the skill and dedication that the Royal Gibraltar Regiment have shown in the Public Duties both in the UK and here in Gibraltar was fantastic and I will always look on it with fond memories.”

Lt Col Matt Moore has been appointed as the CO of the Royal Gibraltar Regiment and will remain in post until March 2025.


British Forces Gibraltar was delighted to host the Indian Navy Ship (INS) Tarangini.

INS Tarangini, the first Sail Training Ship of the Indian Navy, deployed from Kochi as part of Lokayan 22.

The ship, whose name comes from the Hindi word ‘Tarang’ meaning waves, is a three-masted steel barque, designed by Colin Mudie and built at Goa Shipyard Limited, Goa, India in November 1997.

Tarangini, which has a permanent crew of six officers and 30 sailors, is a near sister to STS Lord Nelson with the same hull and rig though with a different layout and deck works.

The ship carried out Flag Hoisting as part of ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav – the 76th Anniversary year of India’s Independence’ at London during the 76th Independence Day on 15 Aug 22.

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Officers from the Gibraltar Defence Police were awarded their Platinum Jubilee Medals in a recent ceremony held at the Force Headquarters in HMNB.

Officers who have served a minimum of 5 years in the emergency services are entitled to the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Medal.

Youth Outreach

Members of The Royal Gibraltar Regiment’s recruitment team invited The Youth Service to Devil’s Tower Camp to participate in the Royal Gibraltar Regiment Youth Outreach Programme.

Twenty children between the ages of 10 and 17 spent the day learning about the history of the Royal Gibraltar Regiment and what its responsibilities are today.

GDP Passing Out Parade

In a brief ceremony at the Gibraltar Defence Police (GDP) Headquarters in Her Majesty’s Naval Base, GDP’s Chief of Police Rob Allen presented new recruits with their certificates for completion of their initial training, and for the latest recruits their first warrant cards.

Speaking to the new recruits in the presence of family members, the Chief of Police first welcomed Commodore Tom Guy RN, who has recently taken over as Commander British Forces Gibraltar.

Turning to the recruits, Chief of Police, Rob Allen said: “You have achieved an early milestone in your careers, having completed your initial training. You have a unique status as police officers, and you should use your significant legal powers with integrity and humility at all times.

“As police officers, sworn under Gibraltar Law, first and foremost you are here to keep people safe – that is your principal objective.

“The MOD maintains a police force to work with other law enforcement agencies locally to provide the necessary safety and security for the MOD and Her Majesty’s armed forces to carry out their mission in Gibraltar.”

Addressing the recruits following the presentation of their certificates, Commodore Tom Guy said that he was delighted to be in Gibraltar and highlighted the importance of the GDP to British Forces Gibraltar.

The police officers involved were: PC Daubney, PC Prescott, PC Celecia, PC Lombard, PC Avellano, PC Mauro, PC Galliano, PC Gaivizo, PC Benyoussef, PC Stokes.


Warrant Officer Class 1 Patrick Canepa has been promoted to Captain after completing three years as the Royal Gibraltar Regiment’s Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM).

During his three years as RSM, he helped steer the Regiment through the COVID-19 Pandemic, administrated the Battalion and planned and executed ceremonial events such as the Royal Gun Salutes and Ceremony of the Keys.

Royal Gibraltar Regiment’s Capt Canepa said, “Becoming RSM has been the pinnacle of my career. I joined the Regiment 22 years ago and never expected to become RSM. To finish of my time as RSM, I had the privilege of planning and executing Public Duties outside the Royal Palaces.

“I was also present as the Regiment received their New Colours at Windsor Castle and was involved with the recent Royal Visit here in Gibraltar.

“I now look forward to my new role as the Planning Officer.”

Warrant Officer Class 1 Dan Henderson has also been appointed as the new RSM. Henderson enlisted in the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers in 1999. 

RSM Henderson added, “It is a great honour and a huge privilege to be appointed RSM of the Royal Gibraltar Regiment.”

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SWO Handover

Warrant Officer Class 1 (WO1) Brian “Taff” Morris has taken over as the Senior Warrant Officer (SWO) of HQBF Gibraltar as the most senior non-commissioned rank in the Command.

Taff, who joins from Navy Command Headquarters, has taken over from WO1 Mac McKenna, following a handover outside the HQBF Gibraltar Tower.

As the SWO, Taff will act as the conduit between the non-commissioned ratings and ranks of all three services based in Gibraltar as well as conducting important ceremonial roles as the Parade Commander of the Battle of Trafalgar ceremony; he will attend public and private events alongside CBF.

Outgoing SWO, Mac McKenna said, “The past two years serving as the SWO have been demanding but extremely rewarding in many ways. It has been an absolute privilege to be part of and work alongside some fantastic people

“Serving as SWO in Gibraltar has been one of my career highlights and I leave with some fond memories of occasions such as the Armed Forces Day in 2021 and most recently, the Royal Visit and Her Majesty the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.”

Mac leaves Gibraltar to start a new chapter in his Royal Naval career. He joins the Britannia Royal Naval Collage in July to undertake his officer training as part of the Warrant Officer Commissioning Programme.

Speaking of his new role, Taff added, “I am both excited and honoured to be returning to Gibraltar in the position of SWO and look forward to supporting Commander British Force’s Command plan.

“I am looking forward to further progressing the work that has been ongoing throughout Mac’s tenure and look forward to meeting people and their families from across the Command”

Farewell To CBFG

At the start of the month, Commodore Steve Dainton bid farewell to The Tower and Her Majesty’s Naval Base after two years as Commander British Forces Gibraltar.

Commodore Dainton arrived in Gibraltar in 2020, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. He will now head back to the United Kingdom and take up his promotion to Rear Admiral. He left The Tower aboard patrol boat HMS Cutlass with his wife, Caroline, waved off by staff.

During his time in Gibraltar, Commodore Dainton was instrumental in the implementation and development of plans in support of the Integrated Review, he has led British Forces Gibraltar during the COVID-19 pandemic, supporting resilience plans to help protect Gibraltar against the virus, as well as being committed to contingency plans surrounding ongoing EU exit negotiations. 

He was also the instigator for the First Armed Forces Day here in Gibraltar, in 2021, Commodore Dainton oversaw the arrival of HMS Cutlass and HMS Dagger and has championed the development of the Royal Gibraltar Regiment’s new maritime capability.

Commodore Steve Dainton commented, “I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and I am very sad to leave. I was very fortunate when I found out that I was coming to Gibraltar. I have been coming back to Gibraltar since I was 18, so it has become my second home.

“I have had the privilege of working with some fantastic people whilst being here.” 

Everyone at Insight wishes you all the very best!

Jubilee Medals

British Forces Gibraltar personnel were recently awarded their Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Medal in a recent ceremony held in the Tower Courtyard, in the Naval Base, and on the parade square in Devil’s Tower Camp.

To mark The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, a special commemorative medal has awarded to all serving frontline members of the police, fire, emergency services, prison services and the Armed Forces. 

The Platinum Jubilee Medal is just one part of the year-long Platinum Jubilee celebrations that will take place throughout the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth and across the world in 2022, as The Queen becomes the first British Monarch to celebrate this incredible milestone.

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RFA Lyme Bay

Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) Lyme Bay paid HM Naval Base a recent visit for a scheduled logistics visit.

RFA Lyme Bay is a Bay-class landing ship dock of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary. She can deliver a significant fighting force anywhere in the world.

As a Bay-class landing ship, RFA Lyme Bay’s purpose is to deliver troops, vehicles, stores and ammunition on Fleet operations across the globe. This enormous ship helps the Royal Navy maintain the ongoing waves of an amphibious assault.

From combat operations and international exercises to humanitarian aid missions, RFA Lyme Bay and her crew help make sure the Fleet is prepared for anything.


A 42 Royal Gun Salute was fired by the Thomson’s Battery, Headquarter Company of the Royal Gibraltar Regiment to celebrate The Anniversary of Her Majesty The Queen’s Coronation.

After being formally received by Major John Pitto, Commander British Forces, Commodore Steve Dainton was escorted towards the inspection line through Grand Battery House.

On completion of the inspection Major Pitto escorted Cdre Dainton to a central position to the rear of the troops where he viewed the salute.

Members of the public gathered to watch the salute as officers stood to attention.

On completion of the salute, Cdre Dainton signed the Inspecting Officers’ book and was accompanied into Grand Battery House by Major Pitto.


Fourteen Gibraltar Defence Police officers are celebrating after receiving their 18-year Long Service Medals at the Force’s headquarters.

Chief of Police Rob Allen handed the medals to the officers during the special ceremony in the Training Wing.

It followed the GDP’s largest ever intake in 2004, when the fourteen officers signed up to join the Force.

The GDP officers who received the awards were:

PC Tania Rodriguez, PC Reginald Azzopardi, PC Darren Robba, PC Michael Gaetto, PC Daniel Hemmi, PC Lee Casciaro, PC Christian Fernandez, PC Jonathan Perez, PC Mario Johnson, PC Christian Jefferies, PSgt Prisan Fa, PSgt Martin Hosken, PSgt Ryan Casciaro and Chief Inspector Mahesh Chellaram.

Infantry Hockey

Two sergeants from the Royal Gibraltar Regiment travelled to the UK to take part in an Infantry hockey tournament.

Colour Sgt Malcolm Head and Sgt Ivan Massetti joined the Infantry Hockey Team, made up of players are from all branches of the Infantry, for the three day competition at Aldershot Hockey Ground.

The annual competition saw 9 teams from the Corps of the Army battle it out against each other — with the Infantry team coming 4th in the competition.

The Infantry won their first game 6-1 against the Royal Logistic Corps (RLC) and their second game against the Adjutant General’s Corps (AGC) 4-3.

On the second day, the Royal Artillery were unable to field a team so pulled out of the competition, pushing the Infantry straight into the semi-finals against tournament favourites, the Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers on day three.

A spokesman added: “Unfortunately, the Infantry lost 3-0. The infantry then played penalty flicks against the RLC to determine 3rd and 4th place, which again saw the Infantry lose.” 

In the end, the Royal Corps of Signals won the tournament.

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