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15 years ago it all started. With belief, passion and hard work the small team  (GIBFIT) stuck together and never parted. It was the start of something special that would inspire, motivate and give hope to others.  We collaborated with all local charity events, organised the very first Health & Fitness Events in Gibraltar, collaborated with local schools participating in their annual Health & Fitness Awareness Day.

GIBFIT developed even further after Janine’s collaboration with  TV Spanish top fitness insructors ,Jessica and Jose Exposito with their own successful fitness programmes Batuka and XT29. During all these years Janine also started to work with other programmes such us Kangoo Jumps, Batuka, Zumba, TRX, Gymstick, Step Aerodance, Aerodance, Functional Training, Personal Training, Piloxing and other programmes providing Healthy and Educational Fitness Classes to the local community

Janine took a further step in her Fitness career by becoming an official Piloxing Master Trainer for Gibraltar and Spain  with the Global well-knowm  Piloxing Academny based in LA, travelling abroad certifying pupils. She also started to travel and represent Gibraltar at International Fitness Conventions becoming an International Fitness Presenter.

As a result of all the experiences she established a close link and connection with a very exclusive Network of International Fitness Professionals across the world and for the past 6 years has worked in collaboration with  Top Insternatioanl Fitness Presenters, Fernando Miranda (IdeasFitness Spain), Marijia Andrijasevic (Croatia, Adidas Ambassador) and Panos Balatsinos (Base Training Head Office, Greece) in a variety of Fitness and Education Events, sharing a common interest, passion and belief in Fitness and Health related exercise. Three years ago she was offered  the opportunity to open  her own gym, The Base Training Club, in Gibraltar. A unique place with character and personality focusing on the fundamentals of fitness training and health related exercise delivered by a team of passionate professionals offering a caring and personal service within a family atmosphere. Members common phrase is,  at the Base they genuinely care about you. Offering a very affordable and accessible product providing two forms of membership, 1. attendance/daily live stream access/Online Website access, 2. daily live stream access/Online Website access. The Base Training Club has worked hard this past year during these hard times to adapt following new rules and still provide its members and the community with an opportunity to continue maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. They collaborated with GBC and other entities in the recording of the Fitness Zone programme during lockdown which helped our community in maintaining a healthy mind and body. All their online recordings where also made accessible to school students.

Our Philosophy

That The Most Vauable Possesion You Have Is Your Body, Health And Well-Being. That Educating And Empowering Others Is A Life Long Experience Which Is Our Duty To Provide.

Of The Importance Of Moral Values, Respect, Acceptance And Understanding Others.
Of Understanding Why You Do What You Do…
Of Enjoyment, Fun And Social Interaction.
Of A Non-Prejudgemental Training Environment.
Of A Healthy, Clean And Sustainable Approach Towards Training.


The Base Training Club will provide you with all the challenges necessary to help you improve and develop yourself, adapt / change progressively your lifestyle in a Holistic approach. The professional and friendly environment will enable you to experience structured and organised training sessions/programmes always led by qualified instructors that will ensure a natural, safe and healthy progression of all your Fitness components/indicators.

You will be able to access our on-line pre workout/class booking system which will allow you to plan your weekly training schedule based on your individual needs.


We believe you don’t need any fancy equipment to get in shape.

Group fitness classes can be a magic bullet for those who struggle with sticking to an exercise plan. It is painfully easy to loose your motivation when you don’t have a team to hold you to your goals.


The Base Training Club offers a variety of unique accredited fitness programs and a totally different philosophy with regards to fitness training to benefit your body and mind. Our classes are designed to provide workouts based on the latest fitness trends and research. 

  • Improved cardio-respiratory health
  • Reduced body fat
  • Increased muscular endurance
  • Increased metabolic rate
  • Increased bone density
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Increased flexibility
  • Reduced stress
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Improved mind/body connection

 Our group fitness classes are also an effective way to reach health goals because they take the stress out of figuring out what to do in the gym. Plenty of people who want to get in shape don’t because they are intimidated at the idea of going into a gym and lifting weights or confused about what they should be doing.

Experience a wide variety of class formats at The Base Training Club to stay motivated as you pursue your fitness goals. Our elite instructors provide modifications and progressions for all fitness levels so our classes are suitable for everyone!


We also specialize in Personal Training or Small Group Training were we focus more on the individual needs and provide you with detailed analysis of your physical condition and training requirements to reach you personal goals.

T:  00350 200 46990
M:  00350 54012385

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