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Honesty | Radical

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“When you tell a lie, you steal someone’s right to the truth”
Khaled Hosseini, The Kite Runner

Have you said ‘yes’ recently when you really wanted to say ‘no’?  Agreed to do something that just felt wrong because you didn’t want to let someone down? I know that I have and the repercussions came home to roost and I found myself saying, “I knew I shouldn’t have gone ahead with that!”

Honesty implies a refusal to lie, steal or deceive in any way. Honour suggests an anxious regard for the standard of one’s profession, calling or position. Integrity implies trustworthiness and incorruptibility to a degree that one is incapable of being false to a trust, responsibility or promise. 

“I can only tell the truth that is my truth at the moment. We don’t have to agree with each other about how things are. We just have to listen to each other and get how things are for each other, now.”  Dr Brad Blanton.

Radical honesty requires mental deep cleaning. And just like cleaning your house, the result is well worth the process. 

Fundamentally, we all wish to be known and accepted for who we are. Sadly, most people don’t know who they are so seek recognition and validation elsewhere. When we don’t find it within, we seek it from without. In other words, when we don’t find it inside ourselves, we seek it from outside of ourselves … which means we are ‘without’.  Without what? Without authenticity.  Honesty is truth and truth is authenticity. 

The main components to honesty are. Transparency, Authenticity and Vulnerability. 

Transparency leads to trust because it serves as a window into the inner workings of another person. The window to the soul. 

Without transparency, we are left in the dark to make up the truth about what is happening or what the other person is thinking.  And, we can be sure to get that wrong! 

The quickest way to build trust is through transparency.

With transparency, problems are exposed and solved faster and people are more easily and honestly connected because they are operating with the same information, allowing the relationship to deepen and develop more quickly which brings greater closeness. 

Authenticity is about remaining true to what we believe in. It is about being approachable and showing up consistently in all circumstances. We have many different ‘selves’ and we evolve in every new role so we must ask what is our core self and how can we remain true to it?  Is it possible to always align what we feel with what we say and do?

As relationships grow and change, we may find ourselves facing a forced change of values.  Therefore, we have to closely examine our core values and decide if we are willing to change what they stand for (given that we are clear about that in the first place).  Remaining authentic requires conscious effort, especially as relationships grow and challenge us. 

Vulnerability is about sharing our fears and setbacks, particularly when we are facing difficulties. Not to gain sympathy, but to open up to greater connection and relatability and to feel safe in doing so. 

If we want to enjoy strong emotional connection and experience mutual caring and respect, then vulnerability is essential.

When we choose honesty, it starts with ourselves. It starts with going within which is no easy task.  We are so conditioned into lying to ourselves that it takes commitment and almost obsessive introspection to get to the truth of our daily little lies. Our daily little inauthenticites.  How many times today have I
not spoken up?  How many times have I said yes (to be polite and not hurt another’s feelings) when my truth was no? This simple, recurring act brings a lie into the situation and creates an atmosphere of dishonesty. It often seems so much easier to just tell a (little white) lie and say ok but how many times do we do it in a day and then all these little lies join up and become pervasive of our energy. Without being harsh on others, it is essential that we learn to ‘just say no’.  

We live in a world ruled by dishonesty. We are bombarded and brainwashed by dishonest rulers who have only their own interests at heart. The world we live in would be a much better place if people just said no instead of yes, every day.

Our very sense of self is being gaslit by a plague of narcissism and our sense of reality is being challenged every day. I believe that it is essential, for our survival as a species, that we delve deep inside ourselves and find our authenticity and sense of self-worth.  

As we know, we are spiritual beings living in material bodies and we must hold to this truth.  Dark energies have always been sneaking around but we are being manipulated by them now more than ever and we must reclaim our spiritual strength if we want to live from our hearts. We can do this by starting out with a simple ‘no’. No thankyou, I do not want another coffee.  No thankyou, I do not want a slice of cream cake. No thankyou, I do not want to go out tonight.  Or just ‘no thankyou, I don’t want to .. (fill in the blank)..  as it just doesn’t feel right’.  

Be gentle with yourself as you would with a child. Encourage yourself to be honest in the little ways and acknowledge yourself generously when you do so.  That way it will grow. Your quality of life and those around you, will grow positively and the ripple effect will spread further than you can possibly imagine!  Speak your truth – it matters! 

Kate Mchardy  MA(Hons)  PGCE MSPH. 

Spiritual coach, teacher and healer.

The University of Light Group • +44 7712889534

Adopt don’t Shop

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Please consider adopting one of these babies. They have been waiting a long time for a forever home.

Armed Forces

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Jacob VS The Rock

Young Jacob Newson, known as ‘Jacob the Pilot’ because of his love of aviation and ambition to become a RAF pilot, who raises thousands of pounds for the RAF Benevolent Fund (RAFBF), recently visited Gibraltar to complete the Mediterranean Steps (locally known as the Med Steps) that ascend the 426-metre Rock of Gibraltar.

Also taking part were personnel from RAF Gibraltar and No. 2 Gibraltar Air Cadet Squadron. On August 21, 2023, the group started their hike at MOD Gibraltar’s headquarters at HM Dockyard.

Even though this is one of the smaller peaks Jacob has conquered, the conditions were particularly poor, with low visibility and 100% humidity. So far, he has raised over £1,300 for the RAFBF on this challenge.

The Med Steps were built by the British military to allow access to various defensive positions around the southern part of the Rock. The route finishes adjacent to the summit of the Rock of Gibraltar at O’Hara’s Battery.

All personnel taking part from the RAF are stationed at RAF Gibraltar and have volunteered their time for this good cause. Flt Lt Nurse was one of the participants and said, “Walking with Jacob and the Air Cadets on such a steep route was made easier due to their unwavering enthusiasm. When you consider some of the steps were as tall as Jacob, it would have been easy for him to be put off by the route, but he took it all in his stride.”a

If you would also like to sponsor Jacob for this challenge, please visit his Just Giving page.

Top Student

Private Dominic Salmon, a Class 3 Chef in the Junior Ranks Mess, recently completed his introductory training as a chef and received the Best Student award. A 14-week course called “Chef Class 3” included an eight-week kitchen component where he acquired a variety of technical skills like butchery, pastry, vegetables, sauces, and seafood.

Week 4 was test week, during which the chefs demonstrated their knowledge of the material and produced meals to a high standard.

A soldier can be deployed to any unit worldwide to advance in their career when the field phase is finished, upon successful completion of their first training as a Class 3 Chef. They have a Production Apprenticeship to complete within a 2-year timeframe. With several credentials available along the way, from fundamental cooking skills to management degrees, Pte Salmon’s new position as a chef inside the Army presents avenues for him to advance his career.

In addition to career advancement opportunities, Pte Salmon’s new position also offers him the chance to develop valuable leadership skills. As he progresses through his training and apprenticeship, he will have the opportunity to take on supervisory roles and lead a team of fellow soldiers in the kitchen. This will not only enhance his culinary expertise but also prepare him for future leadership positions within the military.

Congratulations, Pte Salmon!


In mid-August, Wing Commander Nel Doherty handed over command of RAF Gibraltar to Wing Commander Tom Harvey. The ceremony took place outside of RAF Gibraltar’s Station Headquarters with Station and MoD Gibraltar personnel present.

After serving 4 years as Station Commander at the airbase in the British Overseas Territory, Wing Commander Doherty returns to the UK to Standing Joint Command, Aldershot.

During her time in Gibraltar she ensured the critical COVID-19 vaccine flights, has overseen the change of use of Winston Churchill Avenue, supported the West Africa Airbridge and seen the commencement of Programme MARSHALL and the installation of a new air traffic control radar on top of the Rock of Gibraltar.

An air traffic controller, Wing Commander Tom Harvey has arrived from the Ministry of Defence,where he was responsible for UK military activity in Latin America and the Caribbean, including support to 10 of the 14 UK Overseas Territories.

Wing Commander Harvey said, “I am hugely excited to take command of the Unit and lead the Station in continuing to deliver its critical output in support of Gibraltar. I wish to thank Wing Commander Doherty for her unstinting effort over the last 4 years, thanks to her leadership the station is well placed to continue its vital work.”

Gibraltar National Day

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Sunday 10th September 2023

Community Insight

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Gibraltar Cultural Services on behalf of the Ministry of Culture has been delighted with the response and feedback to its summer programme.

It’s featured a variety of workshops, street art tours and storytelling sessions. The programme aims to promote the arts and provide creative opportunities for young people, has offered activities to individuals and hosted groups from the GSLA’s Stay and Play programme, Mindspace and GBC’s Summer Camp mini media crew.

World Suicide Prevention

September is Suicide Prevention Month when countries worldwide raise awareness of suicide
prevention and mental health. 

Since 2018, Gibraltar’s community has rallied
behind GibSams each September to support the charity’s outreach events throughout the month, spread awareness of GibSams listening services and get the community talking about their mental health.

GibSams’ theme for their awareness campaign this year is ‘Break the Silence’. They hope to highlight the importance of opening up and sharing thoughts, feelings and struggles with others.

Call GibSams for a free, confidential, non-judgemental chat on 116 123 or live chat online at


The Chief Minister Fabian Picardo met with the Nautilus Project’s Youth Leaders. The 12 Youth Leaders are working with the Nautilus Project throughout the summer. The Chief Minister reiterated his support for the programme and thanked the team for their work on environmental awareness and conservation.

European Mobility Week

The Ministry of Transport will join the Ayuntamiento de La Linea in celebration of European Mobility Week, from 16-22 September 2023.

For the first time, Gibraltarian cyclists will join the bicycle ‘march’ En bici por La Linea, which follows a 16 kilometre route across the city. The activity aims to promote good neighbourly relations, raise awareness of sustainable transport across both sides of the frontier, and promote healthy lifestyle changes for citizens of both cities.

Participation is free. For more information and to register head to:

The Minister for Transport, the Hon Paul Balban, said, “I’m pleased that Gibraltarian cyclists will for the first time be participating in this important event, which promotes sustainable transport across both Gibraltar and La Linea.”

Business Insight

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A Royal Return

In a move that’s taken both aviation experts and members of the public by surprise, Monarch Airlines has announced that it is rebooting

The popular carrier ran into financial difficulty in 2017, leaving many passengers and holidaymakers stranded across Europe.

A firm favourite in Gibraltar, the airline served the Rock for many years, even gracing the side of the Rotunda building facing runway with a large advertisement.

Monarch was established in Luton in 1968 and latterly became a mainstay for travellers going to and from the Rock.

A spokesperson for the company said, “On the 18th of August we completed the critical first step in our mission to relaunch a much-loved name in UK travel when Monarch Airlines and Monarch Holidays were passed into new ownership.

“We’re now building a brand new Monarch and can’t wait to share more with the travelling public in the very near future.”

Keep an eye on to find out more.

UK Reaffirms Commitment

The Chief Minister Fabian Picardo and the Deputy Chief Minister Dr Joseph Garcia met with UK Minister for the Armed Forces James Heappey MP.

The importance of Gibraltar to the UK military was reaffirmed during the meeting and the Chief Minister stressed the commitment of the Government and the people of Gibraltar to the armed forces. In total, the MOD is investing approximately £50m in capital expenditure on the Rock.

Other things that were discussed included the recent disruption at Gibraltar Airport. Also, Treaty negotiations with the EU were raised and the Minister was briefed on the plans for a No Negotiated Outcome.

The Chief Minister, the Hon Fabian Picardo KC, said, “James Heappey is a good friend of Gibraltar who will always be welcome here. The visit reflects the positive state of relations between the Gibraltar and UK Governments, and with the Ministry of Defence in particular.”


Both HMGoG and GFSC have been considering a new approach to licence applications by firms to operate in Gibraltar.

The aim has been to streamline the process into clear stages and front-load areas of importance. As a result of this work, a new methodology for these applications has been devised.

A consultation has been launched to garner opinions on this sector-specific approach which consists of a three or four-staged process.

Highlighting on the work of the authorisations review, GFSC CEO, Kerry Blight said, “Our obligation in providing speed to market alongside the highest international standards remains a priority and has been at the forefront of this work.”

The Minister for Financial Services Albert Isola MP added, “I am absolutely delighted with this work and commend Kerry and his team for this excellent and detailed review which will mark a significant change in our approach to firms applying to the GFSC. Speed to market is critical to our Jurisdiction, especially so when we are working to maintain the highest international standards and committing to faster response times. This is exactly what the industry needs at this moment in time.”

The deadline for the consultation is the 30th September 2023. The GFSC has committed to consider all responses and publish its conclusions shortly after.

Horoscope July 2023

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ARIES (Mar 21 – Apr 20)

Life is not always black and white, as we know, Aries, and even though you’d prefer it was, right now you are being challenged to navigate they grey!  With a little patience and tenacity, you’ll get there.  

TAURUS Apr 21 – May 21) 

If things get on top of you this month, Taurus, then the best approach is to listen to music that uplifts you and makes you smile.  Whether that is smiling along to old memories or laughing along with the absurdities of life… smiling is the best medicine right now! 

GEMINI (May 22 – Jun 22) 

As your energy vibrations shift, in keeping with the vibrations of the planet, you find that you are becoming more sensitive, Gemini.  This can mean that you are experiencing highs and lows in both your energy and your emotions.  Be assured that happiness awaits you as long as you go with the flow.

CANCER (Jun 23 – Jul 22)

You are most likely feeling that you are going through some kind of test or initiation, Cancer, and you are. We all are as we learn to trust ourselves in this uncertain and ever-changing world. Being a sensitive soul and a natural empath, you feel it more than most. Don’t worry, your soul knows the truth and is confidently marching its path.

LEO (Jul 23 – Aug 23) 

Your guidance this month, Leo, comes from the Universal energy of Trust. Trust yourself to be vulnerable, trust you soul, your intuition and your inner power. These things cannot be destroyed and it is safe for you to walk alone at times, as you grow. 

VIRGO (Aug 24 – Sep 23)

You are being called upon to speak your truth this month, Virgo.  Honour yourself and dare to be different.  Most people are afraid to do so and, at this time, many around you are needing encouragement and someone to look to express their confidence.  Be that person!

LIBRA (Sep 24 – Oct 23) 

You may find yourself seeking time alone this month, Libra. You may even feel the need to withdraw from those around you. This is absolutely what you need to do, so go ahead and do it. You need this time to access your inner wisdom and can only do this by removing the distractions that steal your time.

SCORPIO (Oct 24 – Nov 22) 

This month is the perfect time for you to appraise your spiritual practice, Scorpio.  You may find that you want to change direction or develop a certain path that you have so far just dipped your toes in.  Listen to your inner guidance, we are all being called on our individual paths right and will come together, in strength, at the correct time.  

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23 – Dec 21) 

If you are feeling tired Sagittarius, it is because you have been giving away your energy on levels that you are not even aware of. Because you are strong and sensitive, those less so have been drawing on you, emotionally and physically and your compassionate heart has allowed it. Gently reestablish your boundaries.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22 – Jan 20) 

Be prepared to step up and support a vulnerable cause this month, Capricorn. This will most likely, take the form of some kind of health issue which speaks to you either personally or through another individual. Either way, your qualities of leadership and courage will be needed and appreciated.  

AQUARIUS (Jan 21 – Feb 19) 

Your feelings of frustration can be transformed into feelings of peace and harmony, Aquarius, when you breathe yourself back onto your true path of leading the way by planting seeds of peace and harmony. People are desperate for seeds of hope, at this time, and your spiritual leadership qualities are essential to their journey.

PISCES (Feb 20 – Mar 20) 

It seems that the ebb and flow of the earth energies are sweeping you up in their vibrations, Pisces. This is not surprising as your emotional body is so sensitive. Ask the Universe (and particularly Mother Mary) to hold you and bathe you in love. Then sit quietly to receive it. This will help you to rebalance. 

Adopt don’t Shop

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Please consider adopting one of these babies. They have been waiting a long time for a forever home.

Music World Festival

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On Tuesday 13th of June BrightMed celebrated the re-birth of the Gibraltar World Music Festival with this year’s edition called ‘Kúshame!’. 

‘Kúshame!’ is a word from our local and popular dialect called ‘Yanito’. Yanito is spoken by the people of the region of Gibraltar. It simply means ‘Listen to me’, what better statement by a Festival.  BrightMed has created bridges between Business and Culture around the World for the last 9 years.

The BrightMed Festival would not exist without our sponsors: Kusuma Trust, EMID Gibraltar, Hyperion, Our Town, Hassans, BFA, Gamma Architects, McNab Holdings, Parody Tours and Imperial Group amongst others who have supported these events.

GWMF arranged concerts at St Michael’s cave and explored the universality of music with Al’Fado, Liraz and Anna RF.

Al’Fado is a new musical program constructed mostly of music originating from the Iberian Peninsula. This music goes back to the Jewish/Hebrew communities living in the region in medieval times and it’s sang in an ancient dialect of Spanish mixed with Portuguese and Hebrew called Ladino. Al’Fado is half Israeli and half Portuguese. The group features singer Gal Tamir, Avishay Back on bass guitar, João Roque on guitars and Diogo Melo de Carvalho on percussion. The group is based in the rich and varied music scene of Lisbon, the multicultural capital of Portugal.

Singer, songwriter and actress Liraz has wowed crowds with her performances of stage, sound, and screen. In this groundbreaking musical project Liraz sought to combine modern sounds and beats with the ethnic flavour from her persian roots. The mixture of beats with Iranian influences of the 1970’s translates into Liraz’s desire to integrate her family’s history with her own. This inspiration is what fueled her interest to work with the acclaimed beats producer Rejoicer (Raw Tapes). Liraz blends her Iranian heritage with Los Angeles driven beats to create a truly rich mix of Middle Eastern spice and clean-cut beats.

Anna RF is an Electro Reggae band who creates music that combines the beauty of different cultures and brings people together in a joyful celebration of unity. The group’s sound is a mix between east & west, their vision stands for blending ancient and modern instruments with a live-electronic touch.

Police Insight

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PC Karl Moody has been recognised for his extended and devoted work by the Venerable Order of St John with a recent service at the Cathedral of St Mary the Crowned.

In UK and in a number of Commonwealth countries, the medal is awarded particularly in St John Ambulance. It is awarded after 10 years of service with the bar being added after an additional five years – 15 years in total.

Karl has been an RGP officer for the last 10 years and, before that, he served in the Royal Gibraltar Regiment.

“When I was with the Regiment, I used some of my spare time driving Patient Transfer ambulances, taking patients to and from hospitals in Spain,” he said.

“Then I became a First Aid Instructor which is very useful in my work with the RGP where I also provide First Aid Training.”

Well done to Karl from everyone at


Project Servator is used to deter, detect and disrupt a wide range of criminal activity while providing a reassuring presence for members of Our Community and visitors to Gibraltar. Project Servator deployments are unpredictable and highly visible. They involve new tactics and cutting edge training for Police Officers that are designed to deter, detect and disrupt a range of criminal activity, from Pick-Pocketing and Theft to Hostile Reconnaissance in pursuit of terrorism activity.

They involve uniformed and plain clothed Officers together with other specially-trained Officers. They are supported by other resources, such as Police dogs and any existing CCTV network.

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