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I stood by the side of this mountain and felt
protected by its might

I was completely humbled, a prisoner to our
measure of time

What’s a lifetime compared to the aeons that this Rock our sentinel has been basking in the light

What ties me to this mountain securely is my birthright, not the mortar and lime

Used to be that we were cave dwellers perched high on the edge of the sea

Who imagined then what would come to be

That joined to this pillar of Hercules our
neighbour would lay claim to our world  

So I stand by the side of this mountain
with my flag ready to unfurl

As the sun rules the day and the moon rules
the night sky

We should be masters of the territory where
the bones of our ancestors lie

Ours is a cry of freedom why will they not let us be

Whosoever has designs on this mountain of
mine will have to contend with me

I stand by the side of this mountain and
try to dispel my fear

As we continue to fight for our freedom 
small fish in such a big sea

Armed only with reason, the fear of treason and words of the arguments that we hold so dear

We continue to ponder on our future plight as we swim against the current of political might

So I stand by the side of this mountain
and struggle to hold back a tear

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