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With confusion around and daily life in a state of flux it is essential to have strong boundaries in place in order to feel secure and indeed in charge of your own life.

What are boundaries? Basically, boundaries are the invisible area where your space stops and another person’s space begins. Boundaries are essential on four levels – Physically, Intellectually, Emotionally and Spiritually.  

On a physical level you must be aware of people who literally step too close. We call it invading space.  Now, at this time in history, we are all aware that our personal contact with others is being severely limited and so it may seem that this area may not be so important.  But nothing could be further from the truth. While we are in the situation of keeping physical distance from others there are those who are cooped up in too close proximity and those who are seriously isolated. 

While going through the transition, the frequencies of the planet are going through turbulent times whilst ascending to a much higher level. So, we are in a period, an era, where our levels of awareness are becoming much more acute on every level. Intuition, reading between the lines, hearing the unspoken and seeing the unseen and connecting deeply on a sixth sense level are now becoming the norm. While this is exciting it can also be confusing as there are no clear guidelines on how to move with the transition in a comfortable way.  One minute you have amazing clarity and the next minute that clarity is challenged by a family member, friend or co worker. Just when you think you have a solid boundary – it collapses.

Healthy boundaries come from the soul and the ego is profoundly threatened by the soul. Ego resides in the 3rd dimension and will struggle bitterly to remain there while the soul is moving upwards into the 5th dimension and beyond. 

Once you understand this, the dynamics themselves don’t change, but the way you handle them does. Your wounded ego is afraid. It doesn’t want to lose you or be left behind and so your soul needs to step forward and allow ego to relax and settle back into its healthy role of protecting you on your forward journey. So, talk to your soul. How do you do this?

Mentally and spiritually, it is essential at this time to have very clear boundaries regarding what you want to discuss or even think about. Our senses are being bombarded with information and opinions on all sides and you owe it yourself to protect your mind and your emotions from overstimulation.  Cut back on what you listen to and what you read. Spend less time online and on social media.  Avoid being drawn into discussions that get heated or where you feel uncomfortable. Just exit.  

People will often step too close emotionally as well. Even good friends and family whose intentions are coming from love can be oblivious to our times of fragility and it is up to us to have a clear message that we are not up for sharing our feelings at this time. You can simply say thankyou for caring but that you are feeling OK just not ready to share and then change the subject. Sometimes we allow our emotional space to be encroached upon because we know that the person is only showing us that they care but it is OK for you to be clear, gentle but clear, and they will understand. And let them know that you are grateful for their loving gesture. In fact, they will probably be grateful to you for this because so often when we want people to know that we care but we don’t want to intrude, it is a mark of respect to let them know that you are not ready to share.

This is a wonderful time to develop your spiritual awareness. As I’ve said I believe we are going through a period of immense transition, raising our own vibration and the vibration of the planet. And so, it is an awesome time to be alive. Not easy but awesome.  We are spiritual beings inhabiting physical bodies and these two energies are now being brought into balance. So, take the opportunity to tune in with your higher energies.  It is not difficult… in fact it takes more energy to block them out, especially now when the energy is vibrating higher and higher every day. Have you experienced any unusual physical sensations of giddiness or toppling over? Maybe ringing or buzzing in your ears? Some people are reporting feelings of nausea, brain fog, headaches. And more. Now think about it…. We never question that we experience similar sensations when we are on a flight or what is known as ‘sea legs’ when have been on a boat. But we know that these, while unpleasant, are due to the change in movement, the change in the way your body reacts to a different vibration. And it is similar with this planetary change.

Spend time in stillness, develop a meditation or yoga practice and surround yourself with like minded people. Drink lots of water, preferably slightly warmed with fresh lemon squeezed in. Eat lots of fruit, veg and other light, easily digested foods. 

These practices will help you to overcome fear and to navigate this period safely and confidently. All will be well. See you on the other side. Much love. 

Kate Mchardy MA(Hons) PGCE MSPH Spiritual coach, teacher and healer. / Tel: +44 7712889534. Facebook: The University of Light Group / Readings at The University of Light (@tarotangelspiritreadings). 

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