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Mothering Sunday this year will be held on the 14th March and, for the second year running, Mother’s Day will be a very different affair to those of old with some families unable to get-together and spend quality time with their mothers. For those whose Mum is in hospital or a care home, this day will be even harder. There will be no visits, lunches or afternoon teas, so what can you do to make sure you celebrate their day in a special way?

Thinking out of the box is the answer. Come up with some creative ideas about how to make sure your loved one knows that she is still in your thoughts, no matter where you are and taking lockdown restrictions in your areas into account. Here are some unique ways to show your love for the mothers in our lives.

Say Hello

If you are allowed out and live in the same area, a socially distanced visit to chat through the window and to speak with them on your mobiles whilst looking at each other is a nice thing to do. Get the grandkids to make some colourful Mother’s Day signs and hold them in the air. 

Breakfast in Bed

For families who are living together, making breakfast and allowing Mum to have a relaxing morning and enjoy her breakfast in bed is a lovely gesture to show how much you care. This is something that the kids can get involved with, but keep it simple so that they feel they have contributed to this special treat.

Household Chores

Working mothers are not only having to deal with the pressures of working from home but also with home schooling and keeping on top of the household chores, although this is of course not just the domain of the females in the house. However, one way to show how much you appreciate your multi-tasker is to take charge of the cleaning, mopping and cooking for the day. 

Virtual Party

Organise a virtual party. Plan it with your siblings and extended family members and as well as expressing sentiments of love through poems and anecdotes, play some games and raise a toast to the family matriarch. 

Video Collage

Make a video collage of family photographs and videos and accompany it with your Mum’s favourite song. This will be something that she can keep and cherish and is something that can be easily sent online. 

Share a Meal

If we can’t get out to enjoy dining in a restaurant, we can still share a meal with our mothers. If you are living together, order their favourite food from a local takeaway. Alternatively, order a meal to be delivered to their home and set up a video call so that you can eat as though you are together. 

Home Spa

A visit to your favourite spa is probably no longer possible, so if Mum is in your bubble spoil her by creating the ultimate spa experience in your bedroom and bathroom. How about buying a plush robe and some spa slippers to really get in the mood and pretend that you are checking into a luxurious spa? 

Run a soothing bath, light a scented candle and create the perfect relaxing spa playlist to accompany the pampering session. Start off by unwinding with a calming cup of herbal tea, or even a glass of bubbly. Confiscate the mobile phones and give other family members instructions that you shouldn’t be disturbed. Let Mum relax with a long, hot soak in the bath to which you have added some Epsom salts (great for soothing sore muscles), some bubble bath and a few drops of your favourite essential oils. Add a suction pillow for her to rest her head on, or roll up a small towel to put under her neck. Ensure she is comfortable and let her rest and relax. If you have applied a face mask, let it sit for 10 minutes, or however long the instructions recommend, then wash it off with a flannel.  After about 15 minutes, tell Mum to put on some exfoliating gloves and to give her skin a good scrub with either a shop bought product or one made at home to ensure her skin feels smooth and supple. Have a soft fluffy towel on standby so that she can wrap herself up before applying moisturiser or body oil to help replenish her skin.  

If you can’t see your Mum, how about sending or dropping off a package full of indulgent spa treats such as moisturisers, bath oils, facial products and conditioning treatments with a list of instructions about how to spend her special spa day. 

Afternoon Tea

Indulge your Mum with the best afternoon tea ever! If you aren’t able to order one to be delivered, have a go at making a feast as good as any you would find in a high end hotel, with delicious cakes and pastries, maybe some scones, jams and cream and perfectly cut finger sandwiches. Don’t forget to add in a pot of her favourite tea (maybe with an added shot of her preferred tipple) and either a cocktail or a bottle of fizz. 

Set the scene with some personalised decorations and a few extra special touches such as treasured photographs of the family. Hang some bunting and lay the table with a pretty tablecloth and napkins, and decorate it with some fresh flowers and an assortment of beautiful chinaware. 

Happy Mother’s Day!

Give your Mum a Mother’s Day that she will never forget. Honour and celebrate everything our mothers do and give thanks to all the amazing women whether they are step-mothers, foster mothers, god mothers, birth mothers or someone who has been an influential woman in your life. 

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