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The Mario Finlayson National Art Gallery has reopened its doors after a recent renovation with new artworks now on show. During lockdown, the team at Gibraltar Cultural Services, on behalf of the Ministry of Culture,  refurbished the rooms, redecorated, and curated a new exhibition.

The first phase involved the completion of the Gustavo Bacarisas Room and the entrance area which features works by Mario Finlayson. The Quote Room is now a free-flowing space so visitors can move seamlessly between the rooms of the City Hall on the ground floor and explore works by Gibraltar’s best-known artists at their leisure.

Works of Elio Cruz have been included in the Gallery and will also feature as part of this new offering. The latest display showcases paintings which were already part of the Government’s collection, alongside several newly acquired pieces which are debuting in this exhibit.

Phase Two of the Gallery’s refurbishment will see the completion of the rooms featuring paintings and drawings by Leni Mifsud, Rudesindo Mannia and Jacobo Azagury, with similar renovations and changes taking place there too.

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