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2 Platoon, I Company from the Royal Gibraltar Regiment (RG) was sent on a deployment to Kenya on Exercise ASKARI STORM towards the end of 2022.

Whilst on deployment, 2 Platoon were directed to work with 1RIFLES in a Battle Group context. They were integrated into C Company and were given the call sign 9 Platoon. Right from the start, 9 Platoon were just another member of a much larger team and meshed seamlessly with the rest of C Company and 1RIFLES.

9 Platoon, C Company, consisted of an RG platoon with 3 attached Riflemen from 5RIFLES. The Light Role infantry element of the 1RIFLES Battle Group consisted of 3 Companies including C Company.

Here the light role element spearheaded large scale manoeuvres and the RG learned about the battle rhythm and tactics employed with this level of workforce. It was a great opportunity to see the logistical, vehicle recovery and medical chains being tested throughout the exercise in real time.

Royal Gibraltar Regiment, I Company, Captain Thomas said, “One of the highlights that was voiced from 9 Platoon was the final action on CALFEX which was a live, black, Company assault on steep and difficult features in the region of Archers Post which is a settlement in Kenya’s Samburu County.

The live mortars and machine guns firing, whilst the reconnaissance guided the Companies into position before an arduous assault will be a memorable moment for all those involved.”

“It was an ideal platform to learn about bush tactics and practice some hard soldiering,” he continued, “It also provided an opportunity to show off the skills the RG continue to develop in Gibraltar.

From pre-deployment training, all the way through to the end of Ex ASKARI STORM, the RG were welcomed with open arms by 1RIFLES which made the actual training more enjoyable.”

Royal Gibraltar Regiment B Company’s Private (Pte) Bouhaltit has been presented with the Best Reserve Solider of the year for 2022.

The assessment is made over the calendar year to capture key training such as Exercise Jebel Tarik, Exercise Calpe Keys, Ceremonial Duties and Mandatory Annual Training Tests.

During 2022, Pte Bouhaltit had shown an enormous amount of commitment to the platoon and company and at one point was the only Annual Combat Marksmanship Test qualified soldier.

Battalion Second in Command, Major John Pitto MBE, said, “The last time a soldier was awarded the title of Best Soldier was 4 years ago. The platoon Sergeant and I were therefore very keen to bring this back as it provides an opportunity to recognise individuals from the platoon for their hard work and effort over the year of training.

Pte Bouhaltit puts the Company and training before his other commitments, including his 5 other jobs, but more noticeably, he always gives 100% effort in any training that is undertaken.”

Lt Cdr Adam Colman recently paid a courtesy call on The Governor as he relinquished his two-year command of the Royal Navy Gibraltar Squadron..

He leaves Gibraltar to attend the Intermediate Staff Course at Shrivenham before a short period on board HMS DEFENDER (Type 45 Destroyer) before starting the Principle Warfare Officers Course at HMS COLLINGWOOD in June.

Good luck from everyone at Insight.

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