Parenting and Social Media – Good or Bad?


Social Media is now a big part of our lives, whether we like it or not.

Nearly everyone is on one form or another. It is a great resource that has many benefits for when it comes to parenting. You can seek help and advice from parents all around the world, you can share the highs and the lows of parenting, and you can keep in touch with friends and family a long way away. However, have you ever stopped to consider the impact of sharing information about your children can have on their ‘digital footprint’ in the future and how they might feel about what has been shared about them without their consent. 

This is called Sharenting. Now until recently, I had never heard of this term before, but it was first coined by Steven Leckhart, a writer in the Wall Street Journal in 2012. It can be defined as; “the habitual use of social media to share news, images, etc of one’s children.” Now, there are many benefits of social media for you as a parent but there can be some negative impact from this on your children.

Posts on social media sites can put children privacy and safety at risk. A supposed harmless picture of your child at their local dance club could give your child’s location away. What a parent think is cute now like a picture of your child on the potty, may be very distressing for your child as they grow.

As parents we post about our children from before they are even born. We create a digital dossier of their lives which will stay with them for ever and at no point do their consent to this, and this already created ‘life’ could very likely be affecting their ability to develop their own story and sense of self as their grow as teens and young adults. For example, a child could be bullied for a picture or video their parent has shared, that they think is funny but might be fuel for a bully.

As a parent of now teenagers, I have recently reflected on what impact my social media has on my children. I am always telling them that once something is on the internet it is always there, however, I have never thought about what impact my posts about them will have on them and their future. Although I can’t change the past, I will definitely be thinking more careful about what I post in the future.

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