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What goes on inside your body is as important as what is happening on the outside. Did you know that there are trillions of microorganisms living inside your gut? Scientists are still discovering exactly how our gut impacts our wider health and wellbeing, but we do know that friendly, or ‘good’, bacteria play a key role.

Bacteria are tiny living organisms – usually consisting of just one cell – that can be found just about anywhere, including our guts! Many strains of bacteria are ‘good’ and help our body perform certain tasks. However, some are harmful and can cause infections and illness.

A healthy gut is important because it allows you to receive vital nutrients from the foods you eat. We also need good quality gut health to thrive in all aspects of life, with on-going research showing that having a healthy gut may have an effect on immunity and sleep.

What we eat has a big impact on the health of our gut and our individual microbiome (the name for the collection of bacteria and microorganisms that live inside our bodies) can affect our metabolism, digestion and weight. Eat a microbiome diet full of foods that help to support levels of good bacteria in your gut. A healthy gut diet plan is rich in whole foods and nutrients – basically, foods that help your digestive system work at its best – and less processed and harder-to-digest foods. 

Fruit and Vegetables

Getting your 5 a day is essential for a healthy, balanced microbiome. Aim to fill your plate with a variety of fresh fruit and veg like broccoli, spinach, carrots, blueberries, apples and strawberries.

Herbs and spices

Flavour your food with aromatic spices like ginger and turmeric. Research suggests that adding herbs and spices to your food could positively affect the gut microbiota composition

What are the symptoms of poor gut health? 

Bloating, Heartburn, Indigestion, Diarrhoea and Constipation, Stomach pain, Acid reflux, Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Fullness and Heaviness, Gastroesophageal reflux disease and Gastritis and Regurgitation.

There are some more serious conditions which would be diagnosed by a doctor. These include: Ulcerative colitis -a long-term health condition where the colon and rectum are inflamed – and as a result little ulcers develop on the lining of the colon; Crohn’s disease – a type of inflammatory bowel disease; and Coeliac disease – a disease caused by bad reactions to gluten. 

For good gut health, try probiotic supplements. They can help fill in the gaps in your diet, support your good gut bacteria and even strengthen your gut lining. Holland & Barrett’s Probio 50+ is a new combination of probiotics, vitamins, minerals, ginkgo biloba, curcumin & omega 3 fish oil specifically formulated for those over 50 wishing to retain youthful health & vitality. It is specially formulated to help maintain healthy brain & cardiovascular function, support collagen formation for the normal formation of blood vessels, cartilage, teeth, bones, gums and skin & reduce tiredness & fatigue.


You may have never heard of Ashwagandha, but this ancient medicinal herb is a small evergreen shrub that originates from parts of India, the Middle East and Africa. 

As well as being an ancient herb, it’s also known for being an adaptogen – containing a mix of amino acids, herbs and vitamins that can help the body manage stress.

Try Dr Dunner PhytoVitality Ashwagandha, Basil & Biotin Capsules from Holland & Barrett, a mix of beautifully balanced botanicals that are rich in phytochemicals and nutrients blended with Biotin, which contributes to normal psychological function and the normal functioning of the nervous system. Alternatively, opt for USN’s Ashwagandha which uses a patented Ashwagandha extract to ensure high quality and concentration. This helps improve the body’s resistance to stress and helps maintain mental balance whilst supporting the onset of sleep, and it also supports learning, memory and recall.

Glow from the Inside Out. 

More and more studies are linking good skin to a healthy gut, so not only will you feel good inside but you will look good on the outside. If your hair, skin and nails are looking and feeling healthy then the chances are that the rest of you is too! 


Biotin, also known as Vitamin B7, is found in natural food sources like pulses, nuts and fish and also in a wide variety of foods, including liver, egg yolks and yeast. Biotin supports the maintenance of normal skin, hair, and mucus membranes, amongst many other body functions. We need Biotin for processing the nutrients from our food, energy release, healthy hair, skin and mucous membranes and normal nervous system and mental health. Biotin is a water-soluble nutrient, so we can’t store it in our body, but the bacteria that live in our guts can produce a small amount. Boost your Biotin levels with Solgar Biotin Capsules available from Holland & Barrett. 

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