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Valentine’s Day is often claimed to be the most romantic day of the year, but how did the 14th of February come to be celebrated as a day of romance? It goes way back 270 AD when, according to legend, Saint Valentine of Rome was beheaded

Interestingly, there was not just one Saint Valentine but three who lived during the 3rd century AD, but the patron saint of lovers is most likely to be Saint Valentine of Rome who was allegedly jailed by Roman Emperor Claudius II for his deceit and unwillingness to obey the emperor’s orders to stop performing Christian marriages and aiding persecuted Christians. 

With Valentine’s Day now being synonymous with love and relationships, it makes it the perfect day to propose to a loved one and there will be no forgetting the memorable date. So how should you go about creating that magical proposal? 

There was a trend a couple of decades ago for dropping an engagement ring in a glass of bubbles or popping it in some sort of food over a romantic dinner! Beware… this could lead to a disastrous mishap, a broken tooth, a choking incident or maybe even a trip to A&E if the ring is swallowed!

How about a beach proposal? What could be more romantic than being beside a beautiful ocean, feeling the soft sand between your toes, maybe at sunset with not many other people around you? Take your partner for a romantic stroll and just happen upon the proposal that you had written in the sand earlier (during low tide of course), or lead them to where you have spelt out your request with sea shells. 

Water has traditionally said to be a lucky setting to ask the question. Whether that’s sitting by a lake, river or the ocean, in a yacht, boat or canoe, being on or near water is the one of the most perfect private and intimate places for a proposal. Just hold tight to that engagement ring as there was an infamous marriage proposal in a romantic lakeside setting that went horribly wrong when the groom-to-be dropped the ring through decking and into the water.

Nothing says ‘I love you’ louder than a ‘will you marry me’ banner flying behind a light aircraft high in the sky for all to see. This is the ultimate way to deliver your romantic message, although it may be a bit costly. Aerial letter banners can be customised with your own special proposal and can be flown in certain areas. Arrange a date and take your partner for a day at the beach or another suitable venue, and once you spot the plane, ask them if they can read what it says on the banner.

For something that little bit extraordinary, proposing at the top of a mountain during sunrise will certainly create that unforgettable memory. One of the most beautiful places in Gibraltar is at the top of the Rock. Take the cable car or, if you are both feeling fit, climb the Mediterranean Steps for the perfect proposal location. Another spectacular venue is Gibraltar’s Skywalk which offers breath-taking views spanning three countries and two continents. 

Lighthouses are beacons of hope, so proposing to your loved one by a lighthouse could be symbolic of your hopes for the future. Gibraltar’s Trinity Lighthouse at Europa Point is situated on the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula, at the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea. With views of North Africa across the Strait of Gibraltar on a clear day, it could be the perfect setting for a proposal – but try to arrange for someone to be around to photograph the surprise event for posterity. 

One of the most beautiful places to pop the question is somewhere surrounded by nature amid beautiful greenery and stunning flowers in a calming environment. The Alameda Botanic Gardens lie at the foot of the Rock of Gibraltar and are an oasis of tranquillity in a busy city. Once your proposal has, hopefully, been accepted, the Gardens are also the perfect location for an intimate dream wedding ceremony. The Italian style garden, known as ‘the Dell’, is a spectacular spot in which to tie the knot.

Incurable romantics would love the incredible experience of a fairy tale proposal in a castle. There are beautiful castles in Europe that could offer the ideal setting. Think about organising a private dinner just for two where you would be surrounded by roses, candles and serenaded by musicians. 

If you’re feeling brave, ask your loved one to marry you over an aeroplane’s loudspeaker system, maybe channelling your inner Adam Sandler when his character Robbie enlisted Billy Idol and some flight attendants for an in-flight song and proposal to Julia (Drew Barrymore) in the film ‘The Wedding Singer’.

If flying high isn’t for you, getting engaged at the top of a Ferris wheel is definitely something different. Ask the operator for a private cabin and if they can stop the wheel at the very top, then drop down on one knee in the expectation that you will hear the word ‘yes’. Most large cities have skyscrapers with observation decks from which you can see the whole area or rooftop restaurants and bars which would be impressive places in which to get engaged. 

Whether you’re popping the question on Valentine’s Day or any other day of the year, at home or in some other magical place, in a private setting or a public place, no matter where you choose to propose – it’s what comes from your heart and the words that you use that will make it unforgettable. 

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