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As we move between seasons when the days get shorter and the night becomes longer, you may notice that less daylight hours can affect our sleeping patterns and have an influence on our sleep quality. Anything that upsets our 24-hour cycle, such as the clocks moving forwards or backwards, jet lag, shift work, or even just a very late night, can have a detrimental effect on our sleep patterns, leading to problems like insomnia. Keep Reading

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The Valerga Brothers release their ‘lifetime best’ album for Calpe House

Two years ago I found myself announcing an imminent album release from the Valerga Brothers when they were inducted to the Hall Of Fame Class of 2019. I had been privy to an advance copy so I was confident that the CD would have been well received. Covid delayed that album and forced into isolation, the brothers made good use of the extra time available and started to add songs to it with a view to making it a double album. Recordings went on until finally they had over thirty songs in the bag. That’s nearly a triple album’s worth! This is where we are two years later as Henry Valerga meets with me offering a bunch of new CD information handouts and the beaming smile of a man who has just done his musical best. Keep Reading

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Feed a Family

For the past seven years, Personal Trainer Jojo Ruby France has been raising money for local underprivileged children. “It became apparent that orphanages in La Linea, Manilva and Estepona were struggling and after a visit to one I realised that although they were well run and organised, they lacked the basics and there was no money to pay their bills,” Jojo explains. “I put together a Christmas appeal where I wanted to be able to give every child in one of these orphanages a Christmas card and it was so successful that not only did every child get a card with €20 in, they also got a Christmas sack.” Keep Reading

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Shopping Habits

We all understand that terrific feeling that accompanies leaving a store with a fabulous shade of lipstick or after ordering a phenomenal pair of boots online. It is called retail therapy for a reason. Keep Reading

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The sports story of 2021

PLANET Earth's struggle to shed the shackles of the deadly Covid-19 pandemic is at last showing signs of success and, as always, sport leads the way on the road back to normality. Come with me as we take a look at the highs and lows of this desperate year. Keep Reading

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Christmas – How it used to be

Christmas how it used to is how we all best like to remember our childhood Christmases. I have been invited to recall mine and duly wearing my rose tinted memory glasses I will set about stirring the nostalgia cake mix and we shall see what turns up. I have rewound back seventy years to 1951 and we are at number one Alameda House (Humphries) as the estate was named after the building contractors. That year had seen the tragedy of the ‘Bedenham’ explosion in April and Christmas couldn’t have come any sooner. Our old ‘block’ still neighbours the fire station and the sound of a happy gathering reaches my seven year old ears. The legendary seasonal ‘Comparsa’ (quite unmusical and random bunch of wandering carol singers) from the fire brigade off-duty watches were already in fine form and well ‘lubricated.’ They were ready to set out on their annual boozy sing song on Christmas Eve around the fires station perimeters. Keep Reading

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A dog is for life not just for Christmas

The Animals in Need Foundation (AINF) is a Gibraltar registered charity that has been operating since 2016, and has focused on helping the most mistreated, vulnerable, and ‘invisible’ of dogs. They have successfully rehomed over 2000 dogs during this time – the majority of which have lived in or have connections to Gibraltar. Most of these dogs have required substantial veterinary care and different degrees of rehabilitation. AINF is run by a small group of volunteers who give up their time day and night to work tirelessly for the charity. Keep Reading

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