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Whether you have journeyed widely or stayed closer to home, there are probably plenty of foods from around the world that you have tried, because travelling and trying the local cuisine goes hand-in-hand.

However, there are probably plenty of foods that you haven’t yet tasted which should be added to your bucket list, or in the case of the last two, maybe not!

Rendang, Indonesia

Beef Rendang, often called the world’s most delicious dish, is Indonesian beef curry cooked in spiced coconut milk until all the liquid evaporates leaving the meat tasting rich and delicious. 

Ramen, Japan

Ramen is a Japanese dish made of wheat noodles and served in the broth along with vegetables and meat. Ramen comes in several flavours, from tangy to spicy, depending on the flavour of the broth. 

Tom Yam Goong, Thailand

A type of spicy and sour Thai soup bursting with flavour, Tom Yam Goong is prepared with shrimp along with herbs and spices including lemongrass, lime, kaffir leaves, galangal, and red chilli peppers. 

Pho, Vietnam

A simple yet an incredible dish, Pho (pronounced as ‘fuh’) is a Vietnamese dish made of rice noodles and meat (usually beef or chicken) served in broth and topped with herbs. 

Kimchi, Korea

Kimchi is a staple Korean side dish prepared from fermented vegetables such as Korean radishes, and cabbage and topped with several seasonings, including garlic, chilli powder, scallions, and ginger. 

Dosa, India

Dosa is a delicate rice and lentil crepe made with a naturally fermented batter that is most commonly served as ‘Mysore Masala Dosa’, filled with coconut chutney and potatoes that are cooked with onion, turmeric, and spices.

Century eggs, China

In China, eggs are covered in clay, ash and salt and lie for several months to get the right taste. After a while, the yolk turns completely green. The smell of sulphur and ammonia is strong and pungent!

Soup made from ant eggs, Laos

In Laos you can order a soup called Gaeng Kai Mot Daeng made from ants, ant eggs and an embryo. This sour soup tastes a bit like shrimp!

Deep-fried Tarantula, Cambodia

Deep fried tarantulas known ‘a-ping’ spiders are served all over Cambodia. It is said that they taste a bit like crunchy fried pork or crab. It is said that fried tarantula first became popular during the food shortages under the Khmer Rouge regime.

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