Remember to take out Travel Insurance when going into Spain

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A word of warning! If you are thinking of travelling into Spain then you should be aware that you need to have appropriate travel insurance.

Back in February this year, the Gibraltar Health Authority (GHA) reminded Gibraltar residents that they should have appropriate travel insurance with medical cover for every trip into Spain. “The GHA takes this opportunity to remind patients that on 31 December 2020, as a result of the UK and Gibraltar’s departure from the European Union, reciprocal healthcare arrangements with the EU came to an end.”

A Press Release issued by the Government in June 2022 stated that: “Gibraltar residents insured under Gibraltar’s Group Practice Medical Scheme (the Scheme which provides free access to Gibraltar Health Authority services and which covers the vast majority of residents of Gibraltar) will, after 30 June 2022, no longer be able to access free emergency healthcare in Spain during a temporary stay in Spain.”

This means that anyone requiring medical attention, whether that is in the case of an emergency or an accident, will incur considerable costs in order to access Spanish or EU healthcare, irrespective of the duration of the trip, even if it is just for a few hours. So if you are planning to go over for a shopping excursion or just out for a meal, it is worth remembering that you will need medical cover. The same applies for Gibraltarians travelling elsewhere in the European Union.

The Health Authority issued the
advice following enquiries from
patients who were unsure about their health entitlements outside of Gibraltar.  

A statement from the GHA said that the consequence of not having this insurance would mean that people would themselves need to pay for any access to Spanish or EU healthcare – even if that access to healthcare is required in the event of an emergency or accident. 

“Where medical attention is required the costs incurred may be considerable so you should ensure you have adequate insurance cover or alternatively the means to pay. Neither the GHA nor HMGoG can make itself responsible for any claims arising from a failure to insure against these risks.”

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