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Psychic Medium Mark Whatley

My spiritual journey started at a young age; any over many years, spirituality has guided me and helped me with decisions in my life.

The 61 tarot cards I use, are my own personally designed cards and they came about when I had visions of hieroglyphics. Not knowing what they meant, I bought a book on learning basic Egyptian writing and began to understand their pictures and writings. But all this was being guided by spirit and I had to trust what was being said and shown to me.  I had a similar experience with the 33 Native American rune stones; the pictures came through as visions and  I portrayed them onto stones. The card and stones are unique and they do work. 

In time I designed the 12 spiritual cards, these give a simple message and guides the person on their spiritual path.  

I do a spiritual and psychic reading by using the a photo of the person’s palm. I don’t read the lines or indents but the energy that comes from the palm itself. A photo of the face can be used but this can give much away of how the person can be portrayed. By using the hand (palm) only, the identity is taken away. The same as I don’t require their date of birth. 

Unlike the majority of so called online psychic readings; they rely on your date of birth, the circumstances you’re asking about and so forth and generally charge by the minute. By giving them your birth date and basic information about yourself, they can simply check your traits, characteristics and aliments by your age and birth sign. There is a lot to say about the zodiac but everyone is unique and the zodiac only shows the common traits of a person, which anyone can find out or read about. 

I also pick up on aura colours and chakra alignment. The colours around the person is like an energy shield, glowing around the body. Chakras are energy points within the body and helps balance out the mind. 

But each chakra dependant on the other. For example; if you have a weak foundation or base, you will fall. From a firm foundation you can strengthen the next chakra and so forth. The purpose of the chakras to to keep them in line. And some days you just need to nudge them in place because It is a constant adjustment. 

If you would like a genuine spiritual and psychic reading then visit my website at: www.

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