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It has been said that a great idea is valueless unless it is accompanied by a physical action. How very true. The greatest idea under the sun will come to nothing unless steps are taken to bring it to fruition.

Ideas begin in the mind.  Every single thing you see around you started off as an idea, an image in someone’s mind. The image was then concentrated upon, revised and developed until it began to grow into something tangible.  Followed by more focus and more imagination and the use of the magical quality of visualisation.

Our minds are more powerful than we can ever begin to imagine.  What the imagination can conceive the mind can achieve.  It really is as straightforward as that …. Our invisible power is so great, so powerful that it will bring into manifestation whatever we ask it to. 

So, be careful what you ask for!  And be careful what you think!  If you wish to achieve excellent health then direct your thoughts to dwell on all aspects of good health … for yourself and for others.  If you desire financial abundance and security, then direct your thoughts to dwell only on aspects of abundance. Use your will to keep your thoughts in line with your desire, and act outwardly in accordance with those thoughts. We get what we focus on so, at all times, train your mind to focus only on what you desire and not on what you want to break free from.  

You are a child of The Universe and so you must believe in yourself as being a physical instrument through which The Universe brings things into being. When you have acquired the self-mastery to conquer all negative thought forms and actions then you will be fully calm, confident and in control of your own life and your own destiny. 

Key to all this is recognising ego and placing it to one side.   Ego works only for the self and while having a healthy ego is essential to living a balanced life, so, too, is it essential to be aware of working towards the greatest good for all. There is absolutely no merit or long-term satisfaction to be gained in acquiring certain things or positions in life at the expense of anyone else.  So, ask yourself daily what the purpose might be of your being here on this earth? And how can you work with that purpose for the greater good of all. 

Once you have found satisfying answers to these questions, then it your duty to work towards fulfilling them. If you have a tendency to accord blame or responsibility to others or to circumstances, when things do not go as you would like them to, then stop yourself in your tracks and rearrange that line of thought, When you have taken responsibility for your own actions and your own results you will experience an inner sense of freedom and a sense of your own power, greater than you would have thought possible. Once you acknowledge this power, this invisible power, then you can begin to truly take your place in the world and create the life you were born to live. 

Always remember that The Universe is willing to provide everything you can possibly need.  There is no limit, no end to what The Universe will provide but it is up to you to decide how and what to ask for and to accept with love and gratitude. 

Reading, studying and learning are an intrinsic part of development, improvement and growing. Set aside some time every day to read and to learn.  It does not have to be a great long period of time but it does have to be consistent. And remember that for every five minutes that you spend reading you must spend fifteen in the use of and application of what you have been learning. 

Allowing your thoughts to dwell upon a mental picture allows, in turn, your creative spirit to strengthen and grow in stature.  Visualising your desire brings your objective mind into balance and enables you to consciously direct the flow of spirit to a specific purpose and to carefully guide your thoughts in the direction that you are manifesting.

Always bear in mind that you are dealing with an amazing potential energy which, by the action of your mind, your invisible power, can be differentiated into whatever manifestation you will. Never underestimate the power of your will. 

Remember, also, that when you are visualising correctly there is no strenuous effort to hold your thoughts in place. It is a gentle process and is a simple engagement of mind and will with the natural flow of The Universe.  Your are a child of The Universe and when you align your energetic body with the Universal energy then your Invisible Power relaxes into its natural state and you work together to create your pictured desire in all its glory and for the highest good of all concerned. 

Kate Mchardy MA(Hons) PGCE MSPH Spiritual coach, teacher and / Tel: +44 7712889534. Facebook: The University of Light Group / Readings at The University of Light (@tarotangelspiritreadings). 

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