Our Most Loyal Supporters Lynx F.C.’s CEO Jonathan Costa reflects on sponsorship at the club.

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Sponsorship is a crucial source of income as much for clubs as for leagues, federations and even players. Getting the right supporters takes time and effort. Sure, you can send out a cookie-cutter sponsorship proposal to a large number of companies, promise them “exposure” in exchange for sponsoring you and hope for the best, but at Lynx F.C., we make sure we understand a sponsor’s objectives for being involved, beyond branding. We help build relationships with our sponsor’s clientele and expand their network, we become ambassadors for them. Sponsorship will continue to develop in the coming years, as new technologies contribute to the progressive professionalisation of the sector, allowing for increasingly profitable investments. 

Grupo Casais has been an integral part of Lynx F.C.’s success for over the past three years and a loyal force behind the reigning Futsal champions. This season we were thrilled to also secure “Resolve Salvage & Fire” as the main sponsors of the Senior Football Team along with GBZ Media and Gibraltar Insight.  

These partnerships have been visible in our 2019/2020 campaign with the Football team sitting in fourth place – short of third which qualifies for a UEFA competition. Clubs qualifying for Europe are reaping the benefits financially and this expands their opportunities, both in terms of assets that can be sponsored and the activation of sponsorship rights. 

Developing a sponsor partnership can be beneficial for any team in the national league, especially for those not qualifying for the UEFA Competition. It has helped Lynx F.C. finance travel costs, equipment, grow the youth infrastructure and shoulder other investments. At the same time, our sponsors have benefited from increased exposure and a positive marketing opportunity. However, finding a sponsor with whom there is a genuine synergy and to whom you are able to deliver exactly what they are seeking can be challenging. We understand that it only takes one mistake to lose a deal. Knowing what to look out for is half the battle, as are persistence and resilience. 

Seeking sponsorship is time-intensive especially with volunteers at the club, and takes a lot of hard work. For that reason, it’s usually not a thing that someone can do on the side. This is why the Lynx Committee has worked tirelessly as a team placing time, energy and belief to make it work. Pulling together increased our chances for success and we are extremely proud to have gone the extra mile for our sponsors, who are the backbone of our Club. We wouldn’t be writing this article to start with if it wasn’t for the support from the Gibraltar Insight team, who give us this page each month, in addition to cash sponsorship. 

Finding a sponsor is not just about a financial transaction, but creating a real opportunity with measured deliverables and forging long-term relationships that are mutually beneficial. We’ve never been afraid to ask, we may be told no, but as long as we’re determined and don’t give up at the first hurdle, we’ll be sure to succeed. We will forever be grateful for all those that believed in us and help Lynx F.C. continue to grow. 

Please get in touch for more information about sponsorship: lynxfc.com 

You can learn more about our main sponsors here: 
Grupo Casais: www.casais.pt/en/ 
Resolve: Salvage & Fire: www.resolvemarine.com 

For further information, please contact the club on lynxfc@mail.com or 200 69695.



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