Five unusual World Facts

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Italy has a free, public wine fountain! Yes, as if you needed any more incentive to visit this Mediterranean country, in the beautiful region of Abruzzo on the shoreline of the Adriatic Sea, you can find a free wine fountain in the small town of Ortona. 

The concept was brought to life by Dora Sarchese Winery owner Nicola D’Auria and his architect Rocco Antonini with the idea of serving free flowing wine to those travelling the Camino di San Tommaso. Although the winery will not reveal the specific type of wine, reviews from travellers are positive. However, it’s not the first public wine fountain in Italy because Venice has a wine fountain in St Mark’s Square during its annual carnival.

Jet Lag

Jet lag is often the worst part of travelling. Science has proved that jet lag feels worse if you travel from west to east. Our internal clock has a natural cycle of sleep/wake modes that is slightly longer than 24 hours. Travelling from west to east makes the day shorter, while travelling from east to west makes the day longer, making it easier for the brain to adapt. 


The country with the most time zones is France, with 12. The reason for this is because France still administers overseas departments and territories placed far away across the world. Otherwise Russia and the USA cover 11 time zones.  

Fastest Roller Coaster

If you need excitement, adrenaline and a dopamine rush, you can get all that when a new roller coaster being built outside the Saudi Arabian capital of Riyadh opens. The ‘Falcon’s Flight’ roller coaster will travel about two and a half miles at speeds of up to 155 miles per hour at a record-breaking height of 525 feet and will set world records when it opens at Six Flags Qiddiya theme park in 2023. 

Space Hotel

Reserve your rooms now and get ready to go where no man has gone before! The Gateway Foundation has announced the opening of the world’s first space hotel, The Voyager Space Station, in 2027. The hotel will be constructed over 11,600 square meters of habitable space in the shape of a Ferris wheel. Its rotation should create artificial gravity. The gravitational power will be weaker and closer in strength to the one on the moon. Apart from the spectacular view and design, the lack of gravity will create a totally new experience, feeling and sense.

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