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A woodwind quintet from the Band of the Royal Gibraltar Regiment recently travelled to Ankara in Turkey, where they spent three days playing music in a variety of locations.

During their visit, the quintet were given a tour of the British Embassy, a visit to the Turkish Army Military School of Music and a visit to a British Embassy school. Included in their trip to the British Embassy School in Ankara, the quintet hosted a workshop which focused on teamwork and listening skills through games and activities, culminating in a joint play through some of the band’s music.

The musicians were delighted to be able to meet a traditional Turkish band where they learnt about traditional instruments such as a bağlama (a guitar-like instrument with a long handle and played with a plectrum) and a kanun (a string instrument like a piano played by resting on the lap and plucked using a metal plectrum).

A member of the quintet, Corporal Panter-Richardson, who is originally from Turkey said: “I enjoyed returning to Turkey to represent the Regiment and translate for my colleagues. It was fun to show the quintet some of the famous sites and let them experience the wonderful Turkish hospitality and taste the famous Turkish cuisine. It was a momentous occasion for me to visit Turkey and it was a highlight of my musical career.”

On the final engagement, the band performed at the British Embassy, in the presence of the Ambassador, the Turkish Chief of Defence Staff and various other high profile guests.

Upon completion of the trip, all members of the quintet were each presented with a coin from the British Embassy, Ankara for their dedication, commitment, and performances.

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