Thursdays are sensory storytime


As a team, we’ve always strived to find new ideas for sessions to ensure all pre school children in our community have the opportunity to experience different activities… 

Our Monday session, Totally Toddlers provides structured play with a craft, Fridays at Diddy Discoverers provides active play with slides and climbing fun. Our Bumps & Babies session is aimed more at Mum’s and carers as the baby stage can be (is!) hard, so tea and a friendly ear is much needed. Then of course we run Cooking Club on a Wednesday and Friday.

This club is very popular and gives the children a chance to discover new foods and gain some independence. Both of our playgroups offer a story time which is always well received by the children. Seeing how engaged they were when we are reading got us thinking that a dedicated story time would work well.

Thanks to our friends at the Gibraltar Methodist Church, we were able to start our new Sensory Story time session in the Summer Term on a Thursday lunchtime. Asking Toddlers / Pre School Children to sit down for an hour isn’t an achievable task which is why we decided to offer something different.

Each week we have a different theme with a table set up to accompany the stories that we are reading. We don’t expect the children to sit still for the whole hour. They are encouraged to play, interact, touch and talk about the story. In fact, many of them like to tell us a story!

Using sensory play makes the book come alive! Why not join us on a Thursday from 1-2pm to see for yourself!

Whats on @ PACS

Totally Toddlers – Mondays 10.00-12.00pm

Traffic light gluing and sticking, painting muddy puddles, finger painting AND bubble painting is the order of the day in November! For our story we will be reading “Peppa’s Car Ride” and “Tickle Me.” Lots of mess! Lots of Fun!

Come join us at Mid Harbours Family Centre

Bumps & Babies – Wednesdays 9.30am – 12pm

Our regular social catch up for parents to be and babies is held at The Living Room Café, Methodist Church.

The home from home atmosphere makes this a relaxed session, where parents can meet up with their young babies to enjoy a cup of tea, make friends and chat about the highs and the lows of parenting.

Diddy Discoverers – Fridays 9.45 -11.45am

This month at Diddy Discoverers, as well as having our climbing frames, tents, tunnels and slides, our sensory table will have some construction fun, an autumn theme and we’ll be measuring things with socks!

Come join us for our action-packed session at The
Methodist Church.

Sensory Story Time – Thursdays 1.00 – 2.00pm

Come and join us for some interactive Story Time fun! Different themes every week!

Craft Club – Wednesday & Friday 12.30 – 2.15pm
on the 3rd & 5th November

Craft Club will be heading into Autumn with an autumn themed craft using pine cones and leaves. Come join us for some crafty fun! 

*This session must be booked in advance. Details below.. 

Cooking Club – Wednesday & Friday 12.30 – 2.15 pm (excluding 3rd & 5th)

Cooking Club will be making Stuffed Jacket Potato Skins, Pizza and Banoffee Pies!

The children will have the opportunity to make a mess and taste new foods!

Come to this yummy and creative session at The Methodist Church

*This session is PACS only session that must be pre-booked via email

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