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During the Summer months, daily trips to the beach and swimming pool are firm favourites. But those with babies and toddlers will know that without the usual playgroups, baby clubs etc summer can be long! We’re hoping that by the time you read this article, PACS will be close to returning for the new term. However, if you need some days out of the sun before we are back, there is plenty you can do at home to keep your little one entertained.

Fun at home

Sensory boxes  / trays are a firm favourite at Playgroup and quite simple to do. One of our most popular trays has been “down at the farm.” All you need is some farm animals from your toy box, some Weetabix or Shredded Wheat for the hay bales and some chocolate cheerios for mud. Hours of fun can be had and your child can eat too! Another favourite is looking for toys in spaghetti! Buy some food colouring and dye some spaghetti and then hide some toys within it. Messy play but not a messy home.

Games are always fun and burn off energy. At Cooking Club we always play “Helen said”…how about “Mummy said” just like “Simon said!” Always produces lots of giggles. “What’s the Time Mr Wolf” is always fun too and they can practice their number skills!  

Grab a book and role play! We’re Going on a Bear Hunt is a brilliant book for this activity. If you are feeling creative, you could make some paper grass, use the cherios from your farm for mud and a fan to create wind! 

Toys always need a clean, we at PACS know that. Grab a bowl of soapy water and some toys and let them scrub away to their hearts content. Water play and the toys get a clean! We’ve found that the children love to wash their babies so it can be like giving them a bath.

Arts & Crafts are often two words that feel a parent with dread. But it can be fun and the warm weather makes it easier to do outside in a shady area so less mess at home! Painting doesn’t always have to include brushes. Try finger painting or sponges to make different shapes. Don’t throw out your recycling, keep it for junk modelling. Toddlers love boxes!

And of course the age old favourite, Cooking! Pizza faces are fun to make. Buy some pre made pizza bases to make it easier. Give the children a selection of toppings such as tomatoes, sweetcorn, peppers etc and let them create a masterpiece for their lunch.

Of course there are some activities outside you can do without too much sun. A picnic in Commonwealth Park, a trip to Alameda Gardens with a visit to the Zoo whilst there and an afternoon at the library are always fun things to do.

Whilst you’ve been busy making fun at home, we’ve been busy planning next term. We can’t wait to see you all! x  

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