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First line of defence

In football, the danger of injury or health issues is not just confined to match day. Problems could occur at training too. Which is why we committed to having First Response Unit, not only at matches, but also every training session. This doesn’t only apply to the adults, we also have them present at youth training sessions and matches. Having first responders present certainly brings peace of mind to the parents and guardians, and recently, were present at the Gibraltar Football Association summer camp.

The team of around 25 have a multitude of important equipment at their disposal; trauma bags, first aid bags, stretchers and crucially, a defibrillator. While it is hoped the latter is never needed, it is an incredibly important piece of life saving kit to have present at any level of football. It’s importance being seen recently in the Euro 2020 championship with Christian Eriksen in Denmark’s opening fixture against Finland. Everyone should have access to these facilities regardless of what level they play at. 

Committee member and first aider for First Response Unit Deidre Copello said “I feel very satisfied with the responsibility, but above all I feel that the players themselves feel more protected with the fact that there is first aid service”. And for sure, every player does feel safe in the knowledge that such professional help is at hand. While such cases may be rare, it is better to have provision in place than not at all.

It goes without saying that we are proud to have First Response Unit working alongside us, safeguarding the health and fitness of all members of the Lynx family.

In this issue we would also like to recognise the efforts of committee member Kathy Noble, wife of our president , Jack Noble. You know what they say, behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes…. hang on that’s not right is it, although it maybe true in this case…. winky face emoji. We love you really Jack. But in all seriousness, Kathy has been an incredible asset to the club over the years, helping out behind the scenes and always supporting the club in whatever way possible. Kathy has always been there to help Jack and the club, and without her, the club would be a lesser place, and for that, we thank her! 

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