The importance of Play Groups and the “New Normal”


One of the things that Lockdown has shown, in our opinion, is the importance of Playgroups. 

Playgroups not only provide vital social interaction for babies and toddlers but they also provide much needed social time for their parents / carers. New babies who were born at the start or during lockdown have missed out on meeting other babies, toddlers have spent months not being able to run around with their friends. Activities that we provide at PACS such as sensory play, story time, cooking, arts and crafts and of course song time give children learning opportunities and support their social development which in turn can ease the transition to school. And of course a cup of tea and a chat for their parent / carer can provide knowledge sharing and learning opportunities and create life long friends. 

As September approaches, faster than we think, what will the new normal look like at PACS? On top of what we normally do, we will ensure that all of our toys, play mats and all other items that are used throughout the session will be disinfected at the end of each session. All Government guidelines will of course be adhered too. However, in amongst the hand sanitiser and disinfectant wipes, we will of course provide a happy and safe environment for you and your children. We can’t wait to get back!    

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