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Are You Sun Safe?

Even one severe sunburn in childhood or adolescence more than doubles your chances of developing the deadliest form of skin cancer, Melanoma, later in life. If you have lots of moles or freckles, your risk of getting skin cancer is higher than average, so take extra care. It is important to check your moles on a regular… Keep Reading

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Dean will be diving deeper this summer

“There is no fear – quite the opposite. There is an element of letting go and you can become euphoric. The first thing you do is totally relax on the surface and slow down your metabolism and as you dive, you empty your mind so that you are no longer in the moment, then as… Keep Reading

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2023 Best Destinations

There is no denying that travel is back in 2023, thanks to an understandable demand for those well deserved holidays that were put on hold during the pandemic.  Keep Reading

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On July 7th 1940 a Sunderland attached to 202 Squadron while carrying out reconnaissance off the North African Coast, was a attacked by three French fighters, she shot down two and returned to Gibraltar riddled with bullet holes and a wounded gunner, this was the first encounter with the enemy aircraft and the first casualty. On September 14th a London flying boat were shot down by a French fighter over Casablanca, and in October while on an anti U Boat patrol an aircraft of 202 Squadron co-operated with surface craft destroying two Italian submarines, the Durbo and Gondar. Keep Reading

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