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The Jesse Tree

On Friday 2nd June the Ivy American Sports Bar & Grill played host to a gig that many in attendance will no doubt remember for many years to come. Organised by the Musicians Association of Gibraltar it was time for Jesse Mclaren aka The Jesse Tree to come back home and perform like only he knows how. Keep Reading

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Being around local music as much as I have for a long time allows me the opportunity and privilege to make friends in it, especially the musicians. My interviewee is no different and it is safe to say that from the first moment we met, we instantly gelled and became friends. Now living in the UK but forever flying the Gibraltar flag is Daniel May. Daniel was an accomplished musician in the Gibraltar Music Scene and is now a part of UK based band called Debts. Daniel with his new band will be performing on the Rock in September at an event at The Arena hosted and organised by FutureSoundz. I sat down with Daniel to get to know him a little more as well as to talk shop, if you will. Keep Reading

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