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On the Road

The XCeed is all-new, and is partially based on the Ceed 5-door hatch platform. However, it only shares the front doors - every other panel is new, and different. It stands 42mm taller than the hatch, has more muscular lines, black plastic wheel-arch mouldings, and black trim to make it look more like a rugged SUV/Off-roader. Keep Reading

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Gill Welland: Director At Diamond Occasion

My first Job was as working as a freelance Illustrator in Camden Town. It was when London was buzzing with new creative designers and bands breaking out. The band, Soul II Soul used to practice over the road from my studio and designer Vivien Westwood used to cycle round with her dog in the basket. They were great times Keep Reading

Mum on the Rock
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The Important Role of Grandparents

Not all children have living grandparents, but if yours are lucky enough to have grandparents who want to play an active part in their grandchildren’s lives, then count your blessings. Whether they live nearby or whether they are long-distance grandparents who communicate via Skype, or whether they are biological or non-biological grandparents, it is important… Keep Reading

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