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Green Gibraltar

As air pollution in Gibraltar fell significantly during lockdown, it has re-energised Government thinking to help clean-up the impact of human activity in the Rock. Space-efficiency and minimising pollution form the cornerstones of attempting to influence peoples' behaviour in everyday economic activity. It is proposed to do this in a number of ways, including: 1. Making it safer and more convenient for people to walk short journeys, especially to work and school 2. Making cycling a safe and viable alternative to private cars through the creation of segregated cycle lanes wherever possible 3. Improving the quality, reliability, speed and accessibility of bus travel 4. Implementing a smart and equitable system of road user charging 5. Reducing emissions from freight operations, covering not just cleaner vans and lorries but also e-cargo bikes for city centre deliveries 6. Reducing tourist vehicles coming in to the city by providing attractive and affordable alternatives 7. Providing greater incentives for the purchase of zero-carbon vehicles and introducing a scrappage scheme for old vehicles 8. Enabling people to use zero-carbon shared private transport (scooters, bicycles, cars & vans) to aid a reduction in car ownership The Minister for the Environment, Sustainability and Climate Change, the Hon Prof. John Cortes, commented “Active travel can improve our health and our quality of life. This is a chance to permanently improve the air that we breathe and we would urge everyone to work with us in making Gibraltar a better place to be.” The Minister for Business, Tourism and Transport, the Hon Vijay Daryanani, said, “We want to show people that life is not all about using your car. If people walk and cycle more, you have a more attractive and livable city. Our new road projects will showcase our vision for a Greener Gibraltar. These projects are for our future generations, when people will look back and see that this Government had the foresight to deliver these wonderful projects. “The only way to improve our quality of living is to get everyone involved, and that is what we are trying to achieve.” Keep Reading

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September already?

Is it me or did lockdown go really slowly and summer went really fast? Luckily our children here in Gibraltar have been able to enjoy a relatively normal summer. But now we’ve hit September and it’s time for schools and clubs to start. A child’s first day at school and nursery can be a worrying time for parents, especially in these uncertain times. Over the years PACS have watched the children of Gibraltar grow from tiny babies to confident pre schoolers who thrive at nursery and then school. Socialising your child during their formative years assists in developing their emotional, social and physical development. It can also of course help the parent / carer to develop lifelong friendships. We know, as parents ourselves, the importance of these. Keep Reading

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Mexx – Please adopt me

​Mexx was one of 13 dogs recently rescued by AINF from a Killing station in Northern Spain. In the killing station black ribbons are tied to the cages indicating dogs scheduled to be killed and the dogs are not fed over weekends as it is unstaffed. Mexx had been scheduled to be put down but was saved thanks to generous donations and he is now safe in private kennels awaiting a loving home to go to. Keep Reading

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Skin Allergies – and your canine friend

There are a multitude of causes of pruritus (itching) in dogs and it is impossible to cover all of these in one article. Where pruritus is the presenting symptom this condition can be broadly be divided into two categories: one is parasitic and the other is allergic dermatitis. Keep Reading

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Community Insight

The Stay & Play programme had a visit from the Minister for Sport, the Hon. Steven Linares. The Gibraltar Sport and Leisure Authority initiative has had to be significantly adapted owing to COVID-19. Keep Reading

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