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Year of the Tiger

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According to Chinese Astrology, each year corresponds to one of twelve animals  (Rat. Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig) and this cycle repeats every twelve years. The Chinese base their New Year celebration on the lunar calendar instead of the solar one that is used in the east. Therefore, people who follow the solar calendar always celebrate New Year on January 1st. But the Chinese New Year depends on the moon.  Usually it is celebrated in February, but the exact date does vary from year to year depending on the phases of the moon’s cycle. This year it happens to be on February 1st. 

The most recent Tiger Years are 1938 1950 1962 1974 1986 1998 2010 2022 and so this year, of 2022, is The Year of the Tiger.

Tigers are known to be brave, to value their independence and to have a strong sense of justice. Sometimes they can be silent but deadly.  

Tiger has very powerful energy and so in a Tiger year we can expect volatility in our relationships.  Of course, we can also expect to find our inner strength and, like Tiger, find ourselves standing our ground and even seeing off those who do not respect or play fair with us.

Tiger energy is also good for learning, for travel and for education. This could involve undertaking a new training which could link to travel with your job or even a change of job.  

This is naturally a perfect year for Tiger people to engage on a deeper journey of personal and spiritual development. This is always the case for the animal celebrating its own Chinese Year 

According to the Chinese horoscope, 2022 is the year of water Tiger, which would suggest a year of all types of extremes. Chinese zodiac animal signs are grouped in six pairs according to the balance between yin and yang. Each of these groupings is associated with one of six destiny aspects known as Houses. These Houses influence the overall characteristics of the time period in which the animal sign rules.

The second House is the House of expansion, which is associated with the Tiger and the Rabbit (sometimes known as Cat). In the year of the Tiger there is likely to be expansion through aggression and conflict in the world and in the year of the Rabbit there will be expansion through diplomacy and talks usually to repair the damage caused by the Tiger’s aggression.    

In life and love, the Tiger is the epitome of grandness. Tiger is a loyal and fierce protector of those he loves or who may be entrusted into his care. Tiger is a leader, logical and determined and successful in helping others to become the best versions of themselves they can be. 

The animal energy of the year affects everyone. In this Year of the Tiger, 2022, many people will develop strong self-confidence and overcome fear which may have been gripping them. They will find themselves easily overcoming even deeply ingrained fears and taking risks they never thought possible. 

Because 2022 is the Year of the Water Tiger, there will be abundance available and coming to those who trust. Water amplifies the vital force, health and the very essence of the Tiger spirit. However, Water Tiger is discreet and does not like to stand out.  Instead, it always trusts its instincts. 

Under the influence of Tiger energy, we can all take risks with the confidence that we won’t fail and that, in fact, both romantically and financially, success is assured. 

It is a known fact that first impressions count so grab the opportunity to engage with Tiger’s enthusiasm or miss out, for the water Tiger has webbed feet that enable him to ride the rapids and negotiate the challenges with no time to spare for looking back or to pick up straddlers.

Tiger energy means that this is a year of opportunities coming your way and you really mustn’t miss them. Tigers do not procrastinate nor do they suffer fools gladly. Remember that opportunities rarely present themselves twice.

Tiger represents the direction of Northeast and the month of February and both of these aspects support new beginnings. The northeast is where the sun begins its journey of the new day and although it is not yet showing above the horizon the adventure of the new day has begun.

The month of February marks the beginning of spring in the Chinese calendar and is also the month of the Tiger, bringing a double impact of the Tigers energy with which to launch our intentions for the coming Year.

The northeast is where the leader of the year sits thus highlighting the importance of respecting this area of your property. To block the northeast with heavy furniture or a cluttered garage, for example, will be to prevent your projects taking off. Construction and buildings extensions in the northeast also need careful consideration for to break the ground and disturb the leader is to curtail any progress the project may have made. The best policy is to keep the area light and bright, well maintained and fit for a king.

Tiger energy is awesome and I think all of us can recognise just how much the world needs it right now. So, go forth and enjoy the year and the new and exciting things it brings you, not least of all the more confident, capable and prosperous you!   

Kate Mchardy MA(Hons) PGCE MSPH Spiritual coach, teacher and healer. katemch@gmail.com / Tel: +44 7712889534. Facebook: The University of Light Group / Readings at The University of Light (@tarotangelspiritreadings). 

Horoscope February

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ARIES (Mar 21 – Apr 20)

Happiness and good fortune is coming your way this month, Aries! Prepare for this by giving thanks for everything you have already so that you allow all good things into your energy sphere.  Also, take care to communicate graciously with everyone you meet. 

TAURUS Apr 21 – May 21) 

Focus on the present moment. Taurus, as the past has gone and the future is yet to happen. No one is faultless but that is past.  As a light bearer you are carrying the special energy that the planet is in dire need of right now.  Value yourself and what you have to offer. .

GEMINI (May 22 – Jun 22) 

Patience is your key word this month, Gemini. You will be feeling rather ahead of others at this time and this will frustrate you as you can see a certain situation very clearly while others can’t! Steps at a time… they will get there 

CANCER (Jun 23 – Jul 22)

ou are being guided to follow your instinct this month, Cancer. You may feel that you are striving to maintain a sense of balance and so get a sharper perspective on an issue. This will bring you peace and allow to be your best self. 

LEO (Jul 23 – Aug 23) 

There are always several different ways to solve a problem, Leo, and this month you are being called upon to be creative in your thinking processes. Be inquisitive and you’ll come up with all sorts of ideas. Persevere and you will inevitably receive a fine reward. 

VIRGO (Aug 24 – Sep 23)

Trust can be difficult sometimes. Virgo, particularly if you have had a bad experience.  Recently, you have had a tendency to have a protective wall around you most of the time but it is time to begin to come out from behind it as, while it can protect your sensitive side, it also keeps out the positive. 

LIBRA (Sep 24 – Oct 23) 

Focus is important this month, Libra. Get clear on your heart’s desire, set your vision and ask the Universe that it comes your way with the highest and best result for all concerned. Then be prepared by being calm and patient while focusing on it intently.  

SCORPIO (Oct 24 – Nov 22) 

You are advised to regain control of a situation or area of your life, Scorpio. You can start to do this by paying attention to your breath. When you focus on breathing naturally you connect consciously to the energy of the planets which always move in perfect harmony.  

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23 – Dec 21) 

If you feel misunderstood this month, Sagittarius, don’t let it dim your light. At this time there is much disharmony on the planet and many people seek to put out the light in others. Remain true to your purpose and hold your vision like a bright flame.  

CAPRICORN (Dec 22 – Jan 20) 

You must prepare for change this month, Capricorn. A sudden change may catch you unawares but will have an unexpectedly positive outcome if you examine your intentions and make clear ones for the highest good of all.

AQUARIUS (Jan 21 – Feb 19) 

This month your stars are aligned in the way of the peaceful warrior, Aquarius.  That is the energy of a well balanced and compassionate leader. You will be called to support someone more vulnerable than yourself and you will be able to uphold justice and equality in their favour. 

PISCES (Feb 20 – Mar 20) 

Courageously seize an opportunity that presents to you, Pisces. You are a visionary and you have powerful clarity and awareness at this time. View a situation from an enlightened perspective and remain motivated so that you can take action immediately. 

Horoscope 2022

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ARIES (Mar 21 – Apr 20)

2022 is going to be a period when you can make sweeping changes, Aries.  All the things you were itching to get on with in 2021 can and will be addressed and achieved!   This energy encompasses all areas of your life from career to finances, from love to health.  Remember to maintain your sense of self-worth and self-esteem at all times and do not allow your ego to overrule your instinct. Trust your inner voice and meditate for a few minutes each day on the gifts, talent and wisdom that is held in your soul. The time has come for you to share your unique gifts with the world and trust that the Universe will guide you to the correct connections. As the energy on the planet shifts over the coming year, your new path will be much in demand for the heart-based energy which is on its way.

TAURUS Apr 21 – May 21)  

You don’t tend to suffer fools gladly, Taurus, and the early part of 2022 is likely to find you having to curb your need to speak out about things that frustrate and upset you. Take care also with your thoughts and actions, making sure that they are pure, light and loving. Listening to music will help to soothe your soul giving you much needed patience and as the year moves on into the summer months you will be feeling much more in harmony with those around you and with nature in general. 2022 is the year for you to truly identify your passion and to live it. By doing this you will know that your contribution is helping the entire universe to align in perfect divine order. Do not allow your ego to tell you that your efforts are insignificant but trust, with your heart, that they are recognised and appreciated by the higher energies and by those who really count. 

GEMINI (May 22 – Jun 22) 

2022 is your year to work on your sense of self-worth and self-esteem, Gemini.  This way you can step into your inner power and really contribute to the world in ways that you have only dreamed of. You must take the time to develop yourself on a spiritual level, and remember that you do not have to prove yourself to anyone. Meditate for a few minutes each day on the gifts, talents and wisdom held in your soul and then ask your higher self for them to be made available to you for your highest good. Many people have been experiencing much confusion over this last 12 months and you have very special gifts which can help to reassure and bring calm to difficult situations.  On another note, it would be wise for you to take some later in the year to do an assessment of your financial situation. No problem, just precaution.   

CANCER (Jun 23 – Jul 22)

You may feel like you are going through an initiation during 2022, Cancer. Indeed, you probably are and while it may feel too much at times, remember that your soul chose its mission and you will learn great patience and forbearance as you complete these tests and raise your vibrations to a much higher spiritual level. As the year progresses you will find it easier to relax and keep your heart open. Use all your experiences to strengthen yourself and everything will feel worthwhile. Family relationships may become a little strained as the Christmas season approaches but your newly developed skills and understanding will pave the way to harmony. Make sure to take time this year to do some deep self -care and to give to yourself in the same way that you so selflessly give to others.  

LEO (Jul 23 – Aug 23) 

The energy of 2022 is calling upon you to work a little more on understanding others’ needs, Leo, and also improving your listening skills and personal interaction. This will help you to plant seeds of light within your immediate family and social circle.  Your professional contacts may a little more difficult as they may not be comfortable with a new, more confident you and you will simply need to be patient. When you feel the need to centre yourself, then work with your breath. Focusing on slowly releasing the outbreath is a wonderful way to centre and ground yourself. There may well be a new addition to the family in springtime and also cause for celebration around the time of your birthday which will mean a double celebration.  An opportunity for overseas travel will present itself… Much to your delight. 

VIRGO (Aug 24 – Sep 23)

You are going to be drawn to education throughout 2022, Virgo, mainly because you have a deep desire for more excitement in your life and to engage in more meaningful ways with others. This may well disrupt your natural preference for order and organisation but, in fact, this diversion from the norm will have the great benefit of helping you to see things from a different perspective and find solutions to some the things that constantly challenge you. As the year progresses you will find yourself following through with things that you have avoided till now.  Like an online course or extra professional training.  In other words, you’ll stop playing safe and allow yourself to blossom. Those of you looking for a relationship can definitely find the perfect partner but you may have to make the first move!

LIBRA (Sep 24 – Oct 23) 

You are about to be presented with some amazing opportunities this year, Libra, and you are being guided to seize them courageously.  Make no mistake, this will take all the courage you can muster but you must believe in yourself and know that you are up to the challenge. All the lessons and learnings of recent years will come together and you’ll be able to connect different threads of your life in ways that you have been unable to up till now. By mid-summer, you will be motivated and ready for action and as summer becomes autumn you will be ready for action! You will move fearlessly and tenaciously and be ready to treat setbacks and obstacles as opportunities to raise your game. Remember to always remain calm and centred no matter what and this way you will always stand in your power.  People will be drawn to your energy and will respect and honour you for your vision. 

SCORPIO (Oct 24 – Nov 22) 

ou have experienced a lot since this time last year, Scorpio, and during 2022 you will be yearning for freedom and independence. You are more in touch with your innate wisdom than before and while that may have involved dealing with rocky patches and highs and lows you are now able to see things from a higher perspective. So, this is a good period for you to look at the challenges and issues in your life from a higher perspective and, in so doing, you will naturally gravitate to helping others to do the same.  This will bring you more satisfaction and sense of self worth than you could have imagined and, as the year progresses, you will realise that you are well on track with your life purpose. As the year draws to a close you will be in a calm and confident frame of mind, feeling positive and looking forward to the next chapter.  

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23 – Dec 21) 

It may be that you felt the need to have a strong protective shell around you and your loved over the last year, Sagittarius, and this was no bad thing. In the uncertain times we have been experiencing on our planet, it is essential to have a safe network and a place of safety.  We need this to stay balanced and keep our batteries charged. Having done this, you are now ready to relax that protective shell a little and place a protective light around yourself instead.  This way you keep negativity at bay while also allowing the good to enter your sacred space. In 2022, you are being guided to focus on abundance consciousness.  Call in love, prosperity, happiness, joy and all manner of good things.  Be sure, at the same time, to be visioning the whole planet receiving the stream of bounty also.  

CAPRICORN (Dec 22 – Jan 20) 

You will emerge for your self-imposed cocoon this year, Capricorn.  In other word you are about to go through a profound transformation. Like a butterfly though, you must not rush this.  The cocoon is where you have been kept safe and secure while learning all the very important lessons and gaining deep knowledge which is going to be so very important in the healing of the world as the transition continues. As we move into summer you will need a phase of relaxation and calm before you spread your wings. Use this period for a life review to help you decide what changes you need to make and to prepare for the process, which is inevitable. By the time summer is giving way to autumn you will be emerging as a different spiritual person. It is essential for you to have gentle exercise and a super healthy diet at this time. 

AQUARIUS (Jan 21 – Feb 19) 

Be true to yourself at all costs this year, Aquarius. It is always possible to be misunderstood even when you are acting from the best and noblest of intentions.  There are always those who want to extinguish the light in others and it can be a challenge to hold to your inner light and truth.  But we are all on a big spiritual journey at the moment and you have the learning and experience to hold that light and to keep it shining for others to follow and to find their own light in the process. This is truly powerful. Your guidance is to let no one diminish you and, when you come upon challenges, as you will around September/October, simply remain true to yourself and to your purpose. There will be some financial issues requiring your attention towards the end of the year but with the straightforward approach these will be quickly resolved. 

PISCES (Feb 20 – Mar 20) 

After a busy year of personal growth and gently working with others, you are being guided to relax this year, Pisces.  Be relaxed yet remain independent. Take time to go inside and remind yourself that everything you need to know is already inside you and by surrendering to the divine order of the Universe, you will access this innate wisdom and knowingness. As you do this and the months gently roll by you will become aware that you are raising your frequency and that of all those around you. And this is exactly what the planet needs right now. Later in the year you will be guided to go forth and gather small groups of people to share and possible even build new communities where each is recognised for the uniqueness and individuality.  Where caring and sharing is the order of the day and exclusion simply does not exist. 

Spiritual Wisdom from a Crow

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Walking in the woods with my dog. It was very quiet, very still and beautiful… misty. I became aware of a crow cawing and, at first, I didn’t think anything of it. Then I realised it was continuing and we were coming closer to it. I stood still and there it was on the very top branch of a tall, tall tree. Cawing out to the world sharing its message and its song. It lasted for at least ten minutes then it flew off. A little later I heard it again from further away. I felt it had touched something very primal and very deep. 

When I got back to the car, I looked up the spiritual significance of crow and I was transfixed. The main message is about transformation, working together and embracing change in a positive way; adaptability, skill sharing and finding solutions. Crow reminds us that “This too shall pass”.

It felt like God had spoken to me as, in fact, I believe he did, through the crow

Nature is awesome and if we take time to stop and listen to the messages from nature that we are being given every day then the quality of life improves immeasurably.  I believe that all of God’s creatures are messengers just going about their business and giving us repeated opportunities to stop and listen.   What a lot we can learn when we slow down and pay attention. 

Animal spirit energy and its meaning has long been a subject of fascination and learning and is, like many esoteric practices, becoming more widely recognised for its healing qualities in helping us navigate and understand our soul journeys.  Never has this been more relevant than in the current period of uncertainty and transformation.  

Crows build their nests high up in tall trees where they have a clear overview of what is going on all around.  They are highly intelligent creatures with great problem-solving skills and the higher they are the clearer their overall vision.    Apparently, they also call out to people who are feeling isolated or misunderstood, connecting souls on the same path and helping them work together on their soul journey. 

It is said that we all have a spirit power animal or guide and it is worth looking up what yours is then building a relationship with it on an energetic level.  As you become more attuned to the world around you and you step away from the 3D requirement to always be busy and in a rush then you will notice just how often creatures cross your path or appear out of the blue.  Remember, they always have a message for you but you need to be open to noticing and receiving. 

Today I was driving along a country road and I noticed a fat cock pheasant on the road directly in my path. He was having a snack and had no intention of moving out of the way to let a car pass by.  So, I waited a little while.  Of course, he just continued and so I reversed and drove around him.  I was chuckling.  On one level I always feel that cock pheasants are a sign that my dad is with me (he died when I was a child) and it is not at all unusual for them to appear.  But this guy today was right in my path and not budging so I felt he had something important to convey to me at this time.

Sure enough he was reminding me that my shine is not as bright as usual.  That I have been feeling dull and drab inside.  So true.   My energy has been low and I have been unwell the last few days. He wanted me to know that my usually sparkling vision is rather muted and that he was returning a rainbow of beauty into my life. Reminding me to take a breather and not to focus so much on the big missions at the expense of missing the everyday miracles. He reminded me that I have gifts for a reason and that God does not grant sparkling spiritual aptitudes on everybody …..  I don’t have to fly the flag for everyone – only the right people. 

He asked me to remind you all to stay true to yourselves, show off your feathers and take a chance.   

So, stop reading now and be still.  Go within and think of a time when you have had an unexpected encounter with an animal.  Allow your mind to bring back the experience ……  what happened and how did it make you feel?  Don’t rush. Animals don’t rush so be in their time frame.  Be patient and live in the now, like they do and when one appears, pay attention, check out the spiritual symbolism and be amazed.

If you don’t keep a journal then now is a great time to start.  The start of a New Year and the energy is fresh.  The world as we knew it is never going to be the same again and it is essential that we are aligned with the 5D energy.  Animals already are and they are at our service to guide us all the way. 

As for the crow…  I sent a photo of him on his branch to a new friend and soulmate and told her what had taken place. It turned out that just before she got my message a crow had appeared to her also.  She loves crows.   A week or so later I was visiting her house and when I popped into the loo there on the wall was the most delightful child’s drawing of a happy fat cock pheasant! Say no more.   

Kate Mchardy MA(Hons) PGCE MSPH Spiritual coach, teacher and healer. katemch@gmail.com / Tel: +44 7712889534. Facebook: The University of Light Group / Readings at The University of Light (@tarotangelspiritreadings). 

Love comes down at Christmas

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We are fast approaching that time of the year again when we are listening for the sound of sleigh-bells, the rustle and crinkle of Christmas paper and the joy of a full and well laid table with our families.

This year, I feel, probably more then any previous years, it would behove us to think deeply about the real and true meaning of Christmas. 

Last year, Christmas was effectively cancelled and the reality of a close, caring and sharing Christmas with our loved ones was denied to many.  And at cruelly short notice.  Of course, we survived, jutted our chins out and displayed a good stiff upper lip, but we missed it all very much and many of us felt isolated and very alone. This year there is an underlying shiver of fear that the same thing may happen again.

How can we reconstruct our experience of Christmas so that those heartfelt and intimate feelings can be strengthened and experienced regardless? Is it possible, to let go of the outside influence of Christmas, as we know it, and allow those needs and feelings to permeate our everyday lives, without being dependent on an increasingly materialistic celebration to tap into that which is most dear to us and express to our loved ones just how important they are?

Our emotional attachments cloud our judgement and so often prevent us from seeking the truth or, even worse, rejecting it.  This applies to many areas of life but in relation to Christmas we can clearly recognise that the rituals associated with it become deeply rooted.  Our memories filled with laughter, joy, warmth and comfort, surrounded by our loved ones. And as we are bombarded with images and messages of the perfect family Christmas, so too does our experience become entrenched in that wholesome, happy presentation so much that even it if is not our direct experience the message is so powerfully reinforced that many can come to hope that if they just take part in the rituals then it will magically become reality.  Too often reality sets in again before the tinsel has had time to fade. 

As the mind is not able to readily distinguish the cause of the joy that we associate with Christmas, the ritual can incorrectly be associated with being the source of the happiness, rather than the loving environment which was created simply by being in the presence of family and friends.

As a Christian celebration, Christmas is celebrating the birth of Christ. A time for Christians to remember and celebrate their master, Jesus Christ. Many will agree that this concept and deeper reason for the ritual has become lost in the passage of time and technology. So, for those of us who feel that the true Spirit of Christmas has long become lost in the material whirlwind of our consumer society, this year could well be the ideal time to change a few things!

For many who are attempting to demonstrate their love for the Lord Jesus by walking in his path and respecting his laws (or ten commandments) Christmas is becoming more and more of a quandary.  On the one hand they are motivated by love and the desire to walk in his footsteps thus finding happiness and peace and on the other hand the very act of doing this means casting aside all that is not ‘of him’. Much of which is falsely associated with happiness. Tricky!  

I think it would be fair to say that we all want the blessings of Heaven and The Light while enjoying the pleasures of Babylon and The Dark.  This seems to be more and more evident with each passing day as we navigate our way through these dark times and try to stay safe and sane. It is a common plight of Christianity that while ascribing to desiring the blessings of Heaven one finds oneself immersed in the ways of Babylon. And, I would suggest that there is perhaps no other time that this is more evident than during this fast-approaching season of Christmas and all that goes with it. 

What can we do to engage in the closeness and joy while unsubscribing from the trinket-based frivolities and shallowness which has become part of it all?

We could possibly start by recognising that both Christians and non-Christians have been celebrating this pagan ritual for centuries. The ancient pagan practice of worshipping the Sun God. Now, it can be argued that this no longer has any bearing on Christmas as we know it today but think on it. Worshipping the Son of God is a simple psychological switch from worshipping the Sun God and so to continue the pagan ritual dressed in a Christian costume. We have simply reassociated. Taken that which was unchristian to its very core (some would say evil) and associated it with the name and birth of Jesus Christ.  

Maybe, though, we can keep the true ethos of Christmas and all the bits we hold dear while recognising that love comes from within and that the Christmas tree and the gift giving is simply a way of expressing that love ……  unconditional love.  We don’t need lavish and unnecessary expressions of this love if we remember the real essence all year round.  Regardless of the season, the tree is evergreen just as our love is everlasting (and Christ is everliving). 

I believe that, during these difficult and uncertain times, we can each find our inner light and heed the call to participate in a time of confidently moving forward in that light. Thus, leading our beautiful world back to its true glory and us back to our true selves. 

Happy Christmas!

Kate Mchardy MA(Hons) PGCE MSPH Spiritual coach, teacher and healer. katemch@gmail.com / Tel: +44 7712889534. Facebook: The University of Light Group / Readings at The University of Light (@tarotangelspiritreadings).

Horoscope December

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ARIES (Mar 21 – Apr 20)

This is an excellent time to think of a move to a new home or new job, Aries. The choice will be yours and it will usher in positive energy for you and your loved ones. 

TAURUS Apr 21 – May 21) 

You are in the midst of making an important decision, Taurus, but conditions are not right at the moment so look into other options and ask for assistance from your angels. They love to help.  

GEMINI (May 22 – Jun 22) 

Clear your mind of negativity, Gemini, as it is blocking your progress. Focus on what you are looking to achieve. Think positively and allow yourself to deserve the best. 

CANCER (Jun 23 – Jul 22)

You are being called upon to show compassion, Cancer. You can really help to heal a situation by stepping back and seeing someone else’s point of view.  It’s not about backing down so much as about coming from a different angle. 

LEO (Jul 23 – Aug 23) 

Keep on keeping on Leo and don’t take no for an answer. Avoid distractions and expect miraculous solutions to appear. Believe in yourself and be strong and all will be well. 

VIRGO (Aug 24 – Sep 23)

This is a good time to give birth to new ideas, Virgo, and to create new situations in your life. Dig deep and you will certainly find the courage to break out of your comfort zone and make the changes you need to make. 

LIBRA (Sep 24 – Oct 23) 

If you’ve been feeling down and dejected recently, Libra, then recharge yourself with faith and hope. Something positive is just around the corner. You can’t see it yet but you will. 

SCORPIO (Oct 24 – Nov 22) 

Pay attention to your intuition and your dreams, Scorpio. There are clear messages in them and you need to follow the steps to find the answer to your prayers. It is there but you must be still and listen.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23 – Dec 21) 

Your sense of your own inner light is strong this month, Sagittarius. You’ll find yourself actually feeling lighter in every way and responding to people with a clarity and compassion that you didn’t know you had! 

CAPRICORN (Dec 22 – Jan 20) 

Animals look set to play a role in your life at this time, Capricorn. Whether your own pets or someone else’s, or even animals long gone from this life. A bond will be strengthened bringing a sense of peace. 

 AQUARIUS (Jan 21 – Feb 19) 

Are you a little worried about a child, Aquarius? Your angels are reminding you that your children are well cared for but it is always a good idea to tell them how loved they are and to send up a little prayer to keep them surrounded in angelic light.

PISCES (Feb 20 – Mar 20) 

You can relax now Pisces and allow yourself to feel safe. The worst is behind you and you can leave it there, where it belongs. Look forward knowing that you have come a long way and that you are a better and stronger person for it.

Accountability is the act of being responsible for what you do and being able to give a satisfactory reason for it.

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Accountability is when an individual or department experiences consequences for their performance or actions. Accountability is essential for an organization and for a society. Without it, it is difficult to get people to assume ownership of their own actions because they believe they will not face any consequences.

When you are personally accountable, you take ownership of situations that you’re involved in. You see them through and you take responsibility for what happens – good or bad. You don’t blame others if things go wrong, instead you do your best to make things right. 

As with all aspects of life, accountability begins with the self. We must take responsibility for ourselves and our actions and accept liability for things that go wrong. We must be able to report back authentically to our higher self and be able to answer to that higher self. 

Without this level of personal responsibility – taking nothing else in life will follow through in the best way possible, for the highest good of all concerned. As we live though an epoch when every value of society is being challenged, it is essential that we stand firm and clear within our own set of values and remain true to our highest and most authentic self. When the normal reference points of society become less and less trustworthy, it is essential for our very survival that we have a strong and secure internal framework to refer to.

Accountability to ourselves on the Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual levels is not an easy task but it is an entirely worthwhile and satisfying one.  And when we take the time to do this work on ourselves then we have no need to worry whether or not we are showing up fully in our workplaces, families or wherever … as within so without.    

When you begin taking personal responsibility for yourself using this wider approach, you will find that you have altogether healthier relationships with family, friends and colleagues.  You’ll find yourself letting go of friendships that drag you down or that just don’t align with your values. You’ll find yourself receiving new work offers and meeting new people, making new, deeper connections and longer lasting friendships. 

Personal accountability can save time and money, too. People who take responsibility for their actions speak up, and they look for solutions when there’s a problem. This not only prevents the situation from getting worse, but also stops costs and delays from escalating.

Teaching the art of personal accountability to our children has far reaching effects and indeed a 2005 study found that children who were encouraged to take personal responsibility for their actions also had more positive social interactions. 

Taking personal responsibility for our actions is very empowering. By being fully honest with ourselves, and so with our higher self, we know that we have practised honesty and authenticity and therefore are protected by Universal Law. 

We cannot lie to God and honesty is always the best policy, materially and spirituality. Always focus on your own role in a situation, and think about how you can find solutions.

Know your role …. Be honest … say sorry if appropriate and you will have created a win – win situation where everyone involved feels respected and validated.

When you are personally accountable, you take ownership of what happens as a result of your choices and actions. You don’t blame others or make excuses, and you do what you can to make amends when things go wrong.

The same applies spiritually. As I mentioned earlier, we cannot lie to God. We are spiritual beings inhabiting the body and having a material experience. Therefore, we have a higher self, a guardian, a mentor, a guide who has our very best interests at heart and whose purpose is to guide and support us to be the very best version of ourself that we can be. This higher self will not do it for us. This higher self gives us free will to make mistakes to figure out how to deal with the challenges, the heartbreaks and the joys that come along to teach us and to help us travel our path.

So, think carefully about situations where you didn’t take responsibility but should have. These mistakes and failures can be valuable teaching tools, if you have the courage to learn from them. There is no such thing as failure … simply it is another opportunity to do something better next time. 

Many people begin their day with a meditation. This is a form of connecting and communication with your higher self.  It is a form of spiritual accountability. Starting your day gently communing with your higher self, sets the tone for the day. You’ve checked in, got some guidance on a few things and got clarity on how best to deal with certain things that the day will present. You will feel centred, strong and confident and, in turn, this frees you up to enjoy the glorious world around you as your mind has handed over the details to your higher power and asked for the appropriate guidance. Smell the coffee, smell the flowers, look up and breathe in the beauty and the vastness of the sky. Smile at people, make eye contact, send love from your heart to everyone who you meet today.  Send love to those who are far away or who are suffering in any way.   

When you master the art of accountability you naturally create the space to do these things as you go about your day.  As natural as breathing. 

Kate Mchardy MA(Hons) PGCE MSPH Spiritual coach, teacher and healer. katemch@gmail.com / Tel: +44 7712889534. Facebook: The University of Light Group / Readings at The University of Light (@tarotangelspiritreadings). 


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Commitment… An agreement or pledge to do something in the future. (Dictionary definition).

Generally, we tend to think of commitment as being committed to your relationship or your career or to results you are looking to achieve in one or more areas of life. We might commit to our families, our communities. People commit to getting out of debt or getting into good health, good physical shape… and so on. But, how about committing to ourselves? I mean truly committing to becoming who you really are. Choosing to be who you really are. Engaging with life as your true, authentic self. 

The truth is that most people have no idea who they really are. They know certain things about themselves. They may know their favourite colours, their favourite food… what they want to achieve in five or ten years’ time. They may know where they live and who they are married to … the names of their children and how to be a good parent. But do you know who you are?  

We are taught, from an early age, to identify ourselves from the outside in. Society teaches us that we are the job, the house, the holiday, the car when, in fact, these things are the mere manifestation of our external experience. As the spiritual beings that we are, having a material experience, there needs to be a balance. The body and the physical world need to be looked after and cared for in order that we have the material comforts and resources necessary for the soul to fulfil its purpose during its time inhabiting the body. The soul has a mission. The purpose is already there, like a seed waiting in the depths of your heart for you to go within and honour it. 

The big question is… how? And if I mention ‘meditation’ at this point there is likely to be a universal groan and utterings of “oh no!” So maybe revisiting what we mean by meditation is appropriate at this juncture. 

The word ‘meditation’ is derived from the latin verb – meditari, as follows:

Verb · to think or reflect upon, consider, contemplate, ponder, meditate (upon); intend · plan, contrive, devise · 

Meditation is simply about taking some time to still the mind and allow the thoughts to drift. Of course, with practice, this can develop into a lifelong daily habit… and a good one too… but for the initial stages I believe in keeping things simple and manageable.  

I have found over many years of working on and teaching personal and spiritual development that the most powerful way to get to know yourself is to develop your creativity and make time to be with yourself in the passion of your creative energy. Getting lost in what you are doing and becoming one with what you are creating.  This is where great ideas and thoughts and words of wisdom come to us… this is where our hearts become excited and we forget time and space and lose any desire to return to the real world. But when we do return, we have the extra dimensions of compassion and understanding to bring back with us. 

Until one is committed there is hesitancy… the chance to draw back. The moment one definitely commits oneself then Providence moves too.  
William H Murray. 

It has been said that true commitment is when the meeting takes place between what already is and what actually wants to become real. And indeed, a commitment must be made if we are to manifest the dreams for which we have been born. So, what already is can be found through delving into our creative self and trusting the process of bringing it out to become real. An awesome process. We have all been created and, therefore, as creatures of creation it is endemic in our very beings, to create.  There are as many ways to be creative as there are people on the planet so do not berate yourself for not being a Dali or a Picasso… you are you and you must give yourself permission to play around with whatever takes your fancy until you locate the inner you and then you can make the commitment to your inner self to live your life being the best version of yourself, living and honouring your god given purpose from the inside out. 

A commitment is not made, it is forged. It is forged between what is already located deep within and what wants to become real. You will know that you have located the inner you when you find yourself immersed in your project. You cannot tear yourself away and you are super excited about getting back to it as soon as possible! 

Thus, the commitment makes itself… forged by the inner formless truth, an unchosen desire, taking shape and being defined by the outer form which it takes on.

A true commitment is one that will change your life because it is born from who you already are and it will grow into its fully developed form by who you become.

As your commitment develops and you grow with it, through it and from it, so you can become ever more specific. As Rumi says, the desire has been placed in every heart and that desire becomes a driven thing when we discover the joy of being committed to who we really are! 

Everyone has been made for some particular work and the desire for that work has been put in every heart… Rumi.

Kate Mchardy MA(Hons) PGCE MSPH Spiritual coach, teacher and healer. katemch@gmail.com / Tel: +44 7712889534. Facebook: The University of Light Group / Readings at The University of Light (@tarotangelspiritreadings). 

Productivity and Presence

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Don’t we all love to feel productive? Somehow many other things are less frustrating if we have had a productive day. It gives us a feeling of being in control… the demanding events of daily life are not in charge – at least not totally.  When life throws us a curveball and we don’t know which way to turn there are many things we can concentrate on… like ironing or scrubbing the floor or washing the car… that tells us quite clearly that we are on top of things. 

Productivity is a very important aspect of life… I’d say essential to the successful functioning of daily life. What we need to be careful of is that productivity does not become an escape from the ‘being’ aspect of life.  We are human beings and not human doings and it is crucial to remember this and to act upon it. 

Presenceis equally important but it is easier to be productive than it is to be present to ourselves. To be present with and for ourselves.  The ego loves to be stroked and to feel important and successful so being productive is joy indeed for the ego. Great feelings of achievement! Now, the ego is not all bad. A healthy ego is essential for our sense of self-worth. Without a healthy ego nothing of any value would be achieved. But the ego is a hard and greedy task master and is forever striving to be in charge and to ignore the call for us to be ‘present’ in our lives. 

Without presence and awareness of what we are dealing with and experiencing… how can we have any clue of how to be productively productive? It may sound like an oxymoron but if you just stop and appraise your daily activities … how many things felt productive at the time but didn’t really achieve much in the greater scheme of things? Kept us busy but at the expense of what? Just maybe at the expense of being present to the emotions and strengths involved in dealing with the realities of daily life. 

Being present means checking in with ourselves on the four pillars of PIES.  Rather than avoiding issues (and we are all expert at doing this) … we need to ask ourselves where we are being touched, what type of response is being called for – is it the physical, intellectual, emotional or spiritual pillar which is being affected or maybe a combination?  

Simply, take a deep breath and still your mind. Take stock of your feelings at a time when that sense of productivity was strong. Let it blossom… and enjoy those feelings. And then just allow yourself to be aware of any area of your life that you have not really been fully present to… Physically, Intellectually Emotionally or Spiritually. How many times do you catch yourself saying you’ll do it later… listen later… call later… play later… message later… I’m busy just now… And so on.

Think of an issue that niggles you or needs attending to… be present to it fully… be aware of any changes that take place in your feelings towards it or how you thought you would deal with it.

Play around with these ideas… not judging yourself but evaluating with interest how it plays out in your daily life. Remember that being present can mean suspending productivity and the ego does not like that!!  Productivity is ego led and presence is being led. The more we can become present to the moment and the energy around us the more productive we can be. The reason being that as soon as we identify which of the four pillars is being called upon then the faster and more efficiently, we can focus on and achieve resolution without being distracted by a million other insignificant things. 

A client recently as working through this process with me and was able to identify that when she had been working through a difficult divorce a few years ago she kept herself super busy in order to distract herself from the pain and sadness involved in her situation. Subsequently, she avoided being present with these emotions and so they appeared back in her life in different guises until she addressed them, acknowledged and let them go. 

Look at children… children are so in the moment… so present and this actually develops their productivity because the very act of being present means that they are paying attention to their being-ness and in turn can immediately relate it to whatever they move on to make or do. Balance. 

As spiritual beings having a material experience in the physical body, it’s always tempting for the ego to keep pulling us back into the physical realm. It seems easier to deal with the things that we can see and touch. However, just because we can’t see and touch emotions doesn’t mean that they are not just as, if not more, powerful at weighing us don and holding us back from standing in our truth and light. And loving ourselves fully. 878

Animals too are such great teachers. Dogs in particular know how to just be in the moment. If we listen to them our dogs are desperate to teach us exactly how to be present to and with ourselves. They are envoys of unconditional love and their loyalty and perception of our perfection is truly awesome.  

We are human beings not human doings. Presence is being and productivity is doing.  Strive for the balance and live your life to the full. 

Kate Mchardy MA(Hons) PGCE MSPH Spiritual coach, teacher and healer. katemch@gmail.com / Tel: +44 7712889534. Facebook: The University of Light Group / Readings at The University of Light (@tarotangelspiritreadings). 

Horoscope September

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ARIES (Mar 21 – Apr 20)

This is a good time for you to look closely at the structures of your family life and other relationships, Aries. Are you comfortable with the levels of loyalty, respect and mutual support or do you feel that things could be better balanced. 

TAURUS Apr 21 – May 21) 

If you feel inclined to spread messages of peace and love this month, Taurus, then do so. Strip away any feelings of vulnerability or concerns that others may judge you… the world needs this energy and you are connecting powerfully. 


GEMINI (May 22 – Jun 22) 

You are being called to honour yourself this month, Gemini, and to maintain your sense of self-worth and self-esteem. Remember that you are special and take some ten minutes or so each day to meditate on your special gifts. Your soul is rich. 

CANCER (Jun 23 – Jul 22)

Dare to be different this month, Cancer!  Spread your vings and prepare to fly…. we are all different and right now your guidance is to celebrate your uniqueness. Be ready to be the one to bring about change in your environment. 

LEO (Jul 23 – Aug 23) 

Frustrating though it may be, Leo, you are being called upon this month to be patient and forbearing with others.  You seem to be operating on a higher energy than those around you and this can be tricky. But your light is strong. 

VIRGO (Aug 24 – Sep 23)

Time to be clear about your heart’s desire Virgo. So, set your vision clearly and ask that it comes to you in a manner that brings a positive outcome for everyone. Then be calm and patient and know that all is well.

LIBRA (Sep 24 – Oct 23) 

You seem to be learning more about your inner power, Libra, and maybe not entirely comfortable with the feelings this generates. Trust that you have the inner wisdom to establish your power and to use it correctly and with humility and it will be done. 

SCORPIO (Oct 24 – Nov 22) 

Time to prepare for change, Scorpio.  To be honest it is not a surprise but maybe something you have been putting off. Fear no more… the time is right and you have all the resources necessary to lead the way and to deal with anything unexpected. 

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23 – Dec 21) 

It seems you have been feeling fettered and even controlled of late, Sagittarius, and this does not sit easily with you!  If you feel misunderstood then simply recognize that your inner light and power are not always recognized by others.  Be patient. 

CAPRICORN (Dec 22 – Jan 20) 

You are feeling out of sorts this month, Capricorn, and maybe downright unlovable! Please be aware that the world is going through an upheaval of energies and styles of communication are changing. Recognise your inner strength and lovableness and do not be afraid to give. It changes everything.

AQUARIUS (Jan 21 – Feb 19) 

You must relax a little this month, Aquarius, and allow yourself to have more fun and silliness.  Aquarians need this so much… do some chakra balancing and particularly breathe into your third eye thus developing a solid spiritual foundation and honouring your spiritual wisdom. 

PISCES (Feb 20 – Mar 20) 

Some of you Pisceans have been going through a very testing time recently…
to the point of feeling like it has been an initiation. Maybe it has. This has challenged you to develop patience, courage and inner stillness. It’ll ll be worth it!

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