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I went over to the Lamborghini factory in Italy in July 2017 when the early pre- production models of the Urus had been hand assembled in an all-new purpose built, very modern building.

 I looked at the Urus, and remember saying, a big SUV from the Sports Car manufacture, Lamborghini, it will never sell. But then I remember saying the same thing about the Porsche Cayenne back in 2002. Porsche making a big SUV, how ridiculous. This does prove, that not only can you be wrong once, but in fact twice!

The Urus I tested was from Lamborghini Leeds and painted in Nero Ade (black) probably not the best colour for the Urus, as more vibrant colours are available, with some looking outrageously good.

The Urus is powered by a 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 petrol engine that produces a whopping 650bhp, and goes from 0-100kph in a staggeringly quick 3.6 seconds, especially for a large, heavy SUV.

The interior is so luxurious, and every bit a Lamborghini, the quality and fit and finish is superb. The centre console replicated a fighter jet, with similar shaped controls, and even a small red, hinged cover that goes over the start button. Lift it up, Press the starter, and up it fires, making the most fantastic sound, and a sound that just gets better and better, as you move off from stationary, and when you are cruising it sounds so good, really makes you smile. But I’m not sure ‘green’ people would be overly supportive of such a vehicle,

The Urus was launched in 2019, and headed straight into the Covid Pandemic, so production slowed to nearly nothing for quite a while, but production in Bologna’s factory is up to full capacity now, around 5,000 units per year, but you’ll still have to wait a while for delivery, time enough to save up for one.

The Italian design is crisp and so attractive, but aggressive with its sloping roof, that gives it a sports car look, but the roofline does create a problem in the fact that vision can create poor visibility, especially the rear.

At the factory, there is a visitors’ centre, where anyone can book, and go and have a look at current and classic Lamborghinis, some of them are very rare, and worth a fortune, but well worth a visit to see some absolutely tremendous pieces of extraordinary car designs.

Many people often forget that this is not Lamborghini’s first ‘off-roader’ as back in the 1980’s they had the very boxy LM002. Lamborghini also are famous for making agricultural tractors, but the tractor division of Lamborghini, is completely separate now to car production.

The starting price up in the UK is around £188,000 (circa €208,000), but once you start ticking a few boxes for some very nice options, you can soon find yourself with an invoice of over £250,000.

During the time I had the Urus on test I didn’t get chance to put it through its paces, to try its fantastic handling just a nice steady drive around West Yorkshire. Nor did I drive across any farmers fields or up any “mountains” to test its very competent off-road capabilities. I didn’t think taking the car back covered in mud was a good idea.

If you drive the Urus very carefully, which I’m sure most owners will do, then you’re u can get a range of over 400 miles (640km).

The Lamborghini has supercar performance, has room for five-adults, and their luggage, looks spectacular, sounds spectacular, can comfortably go off-road, and has those all-important Lamborghini badges on it. Just a great all-rounder, but does come with a hefty, yet justifiable price-tag.

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