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Data Protection OfficeR Appointed

Recently announced changes in the public sector throughout Government Departments, Agencies and Authorities in relation to data protection, including the roll out of an online training program for Government Departments.

Following a restructure, Mr Michael Crome has taken on the position of Data Protection Officer from Mr Tito Garro who has undertaken these duties for over 4 years. Mr Garro has been instrumental in building the foundations for Data Protection in the public sector and will continue to deliver his legal expertise through the Gibraltar Law Offices’ advisory team.

Mr Crome, who has recently been accredited as Data Protection Officer is now embarking on phase two of Governments Data Protection strategy with the introduction of a Public Sector Policy and new mandatory training for all Public Servants. Over 100 public servants have already undertaken this training since the start of the year and a systematic programme for continued training throughout the public sector has been established and over 1000 members of staff are already subscribed to undertake phase one of the training.

Phase two will introduce a compliance program to ensure that the personal data we stored and processed is done so safely and legally.

The Hon Samantha Sacramento MP, said “GDPR has become a foundation of our digital policy on which we are building other initiatives across the Public Sector. The processing of personal data should be designed to serve society and respect individuals’ rights. Initiatives such as the Government Data Protection Policy for the Public Sector which we have just launched and the e-learning training package contribute to setting up a framework for data access and using that is more clear and fair, giving individuals more control over their data and making more data available for use, including for the public good. I welcome Mr Crome to this role and thank Mr Garro for his sterling work in setting this up four years ago.”

Port Facility Training

A number of staff from the Gibraltar Port Authority recently completed a training programme for Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO) to meet their mandatory training commitments.

The opportunity was also taken by other Authority staff to undertake the training as part of their personal and professional development programme. The three-day course was delivered by Scott Breckenridge, Associate Lecturer in Strategic Studies and Projects Officer for the Centre for Seapower and Strategy at the University of Plymouth with the course being designed for any security officer with overall responsibility for port security under the UK’s Department for Transport guidelines.

The training programme consisted of several workshops, a presentation from each participant followed by an exam and focused on the responsibilities of the PFSO in accordance with the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code, port facility security plans, coordination of search plans and security operations, development, maintenance and review of port facility access controls and the conduct of port security assessments and threat analyses.

John Ghio, CEO and Captain of the Port wished to thank Mr Breckenridge for delivering this important training programme to GPA staff.

Minister for the Port, the Hon Vijay Daryanani said, “The continuous training and personal development among GPA personnel demonstrates both the Government’s and GPA’s strong commitment to having a first class professional team in place”.

MINISTER DARYANANI – Meets with 25 Cruise Lines

The Minister for Business and Tourism, the Hon Vijay Daryanani MP, recently completed a major cruise marketing drive at Seatrade Global in Fort Lauderdale. He was accompanied by Kevin Bossino, CEO of Gibraltar Tourist Board, and John Ghio, Captain of the Port.

Seatrade Global is the largest annual cruise gathering in the world. Over 13,000 professionals came together to innovate, uncover new trends and secure partnerships.

It gave the Gibraltar team an opportunity to reconnect with this important sector, put forward our case for increased cruise calls and set out our ambitions within the industry.

Minister Daryanani commented, “This was an intense few days of marketing and networking in what is a seriously challenging industry. There seems to be new competition every day. We want to attract more calls. It is as simple as that, but we know we have to work hard all the time, non-stop, for this to happen in what is a dynamic and ongoing situation.

I am not prepared to settle for what we currently have and that is why I will continue to take every possible opportunity to put Gibraltar’s case forward. I met with twenty-five cruise companies at this conference in a gruelling schedule of meetings. That is why Gibraltar’s presence at these events is necessary and the Government’s commitment to the cruising sector is unquestionable.”

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