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The ritual of packing for a trip—out of town or across the globe—has come a long way from travel guide books to advanced gadgets. Before, it was just about checked luggage, travel backpacks, and your clothes; the techiest travel essentials you’d bring was probably a set of power adapters. Now, there’s a whole high-tech society of travel gadgets occupying your suitcases and duffel bags whenever you prepare for an outing, short or long, near or far. 

We have picked out our top 30 travel gadgets 2023 available to purchase online that we guarantee will make your adventures easier and more efficient than ever before. And will be the envy of all your friends. Practical and covetable – it’ll be tough to decide which one to add to your kit first!.

1. Sony wh-1000xm5 wireless noise canceling headphones

On the flight, the tried-and-true WH-1000XM5—an undisputed upgrade from its predecessor in both comfort and noise-cancelling—is a winner at extinguishing clamors of babies crying or air conditioners, and lets you enjoy your own library of soothing white noise. Just be careful of losing track of the flight attendant’s announcements.

2. Larq self-cleaning purevis bottle

When the worst possible lost-in-the-woods scenario comes and you must reserve to taking a scoop from a sketchy stream in the mountain, LARQ’s auto-bacterial-killing bottle will come in handy to purify 99 percent of bio-contaminants out of your water. (Or simply use it because different countries have different standards regarding tap water.)

3. Tile 4-pack mate essentials

So, you can (finally) stop losing things in hotels or restaurants and caving in to the hassle buying a new phone or AirPods in a foreign city or country. Those higher tax rates are no joke.

4. Vanelc portable uv light sanitizer wand

Just in case your voyage takes place during the cusp of yet another pandemic (do we even know if we are out of the last one?), this handy sanitizing light wand you can fit in a pocket will be able to rapidly sterilize those surfaces frequented by many before you. 

5. Twelve south airfly pro

Simply put, it’s a TikTok viral gadget that’ll connect your AirPods—or any wireless headphones and earbuds—to the airplane TV. A godsend for your inevitably long, dull flight across the country, or the globe. 

6. Jepwco g4 pro anti spy detector

You never know what kind of creepiness is lurking at your hotel room or AirBnb. Hence, a wireless hidden device detector that’ll blow the cover on those pinhole cameras, audio bugs, and trackers. And, it doesn’t look like a detective’s walkie-talkie, which is cool.

7. Basu ealarm plus 130db emergency alarm

If you love to go hiking on your own, the safe thing to do is to get an eAlarm. This little gadget doesn’t require reception and is louder than a whistle at 130 decibels. When you pull the pin, it will sound continuously for 30 minutes or until you put the pin back in. Those bears surely won’t stick around with that kind of noise.

8. Glocalme g4 pro 4g lte mobile hotspot

Anyone who’s tried out the digital nomad lifestyle knows the world isn’t as connected as you might hope. Wi-fi in hotels, Airbnbs, and cafes are usually not reliable, and it’s a hassle to get local SIMs, especially if you’re going to many different countries. This device gives you peace of mind with a connection pretty much anywhere you go (as long as there’s cellular service). Simply buy a package via the Glocal app (on Android or iPhone), and get internet access in more than 140 countries on up to 10 devices. Unlimited data globally is about $200 per month, though there are cheaper and shorter plans if you’re going to specific locations. 

9. Incharge 6-in-1 portable keychain charger cable

Power is everything when traveling, and a lot of times our chargers can take up tons of space. The inCharge is the size of a small keychain and has six different charging input and output combinations to provide power to your phone, headphones, e-reader, smartwatch, and more. For quick reference, the inCharge has these specific ports: an input USB-C, an output USB-C, a USB-A, and an output lightning plus micro USB.

10. Perilogics universal in flight airplane phone holder mount 

If you’re looking for a better phone holder for eye-level viewing, then this mount will do the trick. The universal design makes it easy to clip in all types of smartphones for a multi-angle adjustment. Place it on the plane seat in front of you for viewing or onto a nearby table for a quick Zoom call before your flight.

11. Luminaid packlite max phone charger 

A revolutionary 2 in 1 gadget from LuminAID this lantern also doubles up as a phone charger. This super cool travel gadgets is also waterproof, floatable, offers up to 50hrs of light and can be recharged via main or solar energy. Perfect for back country adventures, camping and ‘in the dead of night’ astro photography shoots! It’s one of the most unique travel gadgets on the list.

12. Scrubba washing bag

If you know you will away from a washing machine for quite a long time (ie. when you are on an overland African Safari!) having a mini washing machine in your bag can make staying relatively clean a whole lot easier. Grab a Scrubba washing Bag in 1 of 2 sizes depending on your needs, and don’t worry anymore if you shoulld wear that tee the inside out tomorrow. 

13. Gotenna mesh sms & gps device

Stay connected even when you’re off-grid with the goTenna Mesh. Allowing you to send texts without cell service, this handy gadget is also weatherproof and has up to 24hrs of battery power.

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