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From Northumberland’s majestic wild and unspoilt coastline to
the breathtaking beauty of Dorset beaches, England has the most
incredible shorelines you’ll ever see.

It is also home to many seaside towns bursting with charm and brimming with traditional delights from places such as Whitby to the cool vibe of Brighton.

England’s weather can be somewhat changeable but that can be one of the joys. Spring is full of new life, with daffodils blooming. In summer we delight in eating ice cream at the beach and picnics in the countryside. Autumn seduces when the trees turn bright red and orange, and winter brings snow, sledging and roaring nights in front of a fire. Irresistible.

Let us look at two very different but enchanting locations:

Margate is England’s original seaside town. Visitors have flocked here since the 1730s for its sandy beaches, out of this world sunsets and unique tourist attractions like the shell grotto.

Seaside kitsch is uber-cool. Visit and celebrate age-old resort-town traditions – sandy beaches, fish and chips, inspiring seafood. Capture a famous Turner sunset whilst settled on the seafront steps or a seafront bar or restaurant.

In Edinburgh you will find wide, symmetrical streets, neoclassical buildings, green open spaces and beautifully preserved Georgian town houses dating back to the 18th century.

The city is a charming destination that flaunts both the old and new. The quaint medieval Old Town will enchant you with its quaint pubs, narrow, winding streets and centuries old buildings. The New Town provides an energising atmosphere and fantastic museums. It is a majestic city that offers something for everyone. Understandably, it is known as one of Europe’s most beautiful destinations.

There are several positive reasons why visiting locations in the UK is a fabulous idea:

Less travelling

Forget hours on a plane or sat in an airport; with a UK break, you rarely have to travel more than a few hours to get to your destination. This means more time enjoying your actual holiday and less stressing about catching your flight or sitting on a crowded plane. Driving? You can also stop and stretch your legs whenever you decide, or coordinate some sightseeing on the way.

Inspiring countryside

For those who enjoy country strolls, more challenging hikes and even adrenaline-rich activities, there is something for you. From the spectacular glens of Scotland to the thatched cottages of the Cotswolds, there are few places as diverse as the British countryside. Honestly, is there anything more lovely than relaxing in a pub garden, enjoying some wonderful views?

Amazing Coastlines 

For those who adore the sea, crashing waves and amazing skylines above the water, there are miles of incredible coastline to explore. As an island, the UK has a unique richness regarding coastlines. Envisage the turquoise waters of Cornwall to the unspoilt bays of Wales. Imagine the fossil-rich Jurassic Coast in Dorset and Devon. There are countless, breathtaking areas to discover and explore. Whether you love fishing or surfing, maybe relaxing with an ice cream, you will find yourself making unforgettable memories.

Culture and History

If you adore theatre, comedy or live music then the UK has some of the best entertainment in the world. Step back in time at London’s famous Globe Theatre or take in a West End show. Visit the ballet or opera for high-end. Perhaps something a little more modern – visit the famous Edinburgh Fringe or Glastonbury for the biggest live festival in England’s legendary home of enchanted and mythical.

Be Environmentally friendly 

If you choose to travel by coach, boat, car or train rather than by plane, you will reduce your ‘carbon footprint.’ This  helps the environment. Scientists’ predictions suggest that we have only a decade or so to make some serious changes to the way we live – and travel. Changing our behaviour will help manage the destruction that has already been made to our planet. Not flying is one very significant way we can all contribute. Use public transport, or simply pack up your car and drive to your chosen destination. Cyclists can even bring their bikes along for the ride.

Natural Beauty

We enjoy countless choices when it comes to the great outdoors in the UK. From the rugged coastlines and sandy beaches of Devon and Cornwall to the snow-capped mountains of Scotland, there is inspiration for all travellers. Amid the lush green spaces, forests and woodlands, Great Britain offers an abundance of breathtaking scenery. A considerable amount of it with historical significance that many have travelled extensively to view.

Boost the UK economy

Without becoming too political, wherever you decide to holiday, you are contributing to the UK economy and supporting tourism in this country. This will prove incredibly helpful for businesses now and in our economic future.

Superlative Gardens and Gardeners

As early as the 17th century, horticulturalists of the British Empire explored exotic destinations to bring back unusual plant specimens. The UK’s relatively mild climate, an early taste for landscapes as works of art and the fortuitous genius of 18th-century landscape gardener Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown have produced an abundant array of ravishing and fascinating gardens across Britain. 

When planning a UK holiday, be assured that there are destinations to suit all kinds of travellers and your experience will be memorable.

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