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What is Creative Tutor Gibraltar?

Creative Tutor Gibraltar is born out of a pure love for languages and making people smile. Specialising in teaching both English and Spanish language as foreign languages, lessons can cover any CEFR level from A1 to more conversational C2 classes.

With a wealth of experience in this field, both GCSE and A-Level English and Spanish lessons are also available to help students of all ages and examining boards improve their grades and reach their academic goals. Extra help in humanities subjects, essay writing and study tools workshops are also available, and give students the extra push and motivation they need to succeed academically.

Also specialising in Business Language, highly bespoke lesson plans are created to accommodate employees looking to improve their language skills in the workspace.Lessons can take place online to suit any schedule, and with a computer, microphone and speakers, all lessons can be adapted to the virtual space.

Whether for leisure or professional goals, language classes are available for adults and little ones and are carefully crafted to meet the requirements of students. 

Why Creative Tutor?

With a wealth of experience teaching students of all ages and backgrounds, Creative Tutor has love, affordability and personalisation as its core values.

Resonating with the foundations of Creative Tutor, Dr Wayne Dyer stated that one should seek to help others in all that they do. With tutoring,the beautiful friendships and personal connections made with students over time are greatly valued. Watching them grow, develop, and simply understand concepts when the penny drops has always been the most fulfilling thing.

Just knowing that one can make a positive impact in someone’s life, whether it be on a personal or academic level, is the greatest reward. Therefore, the foundation of Creative Tutor Gibraltar is to make people happy, help them achieve their goals, establish meaningful connections, serve as a way for people to bond with their co-workers or make new friendships, and simply have fun whilst learning simultaneously.

Believing in students and aiming to make them realise their own academic potential when feeling unmotivated, struggling with their grades, and not receiving enough one-to-one academic support is of the utmost importance. Where there is motivation and passion, anything is possible, and making students feel supported and encouraged will always make a significant difference.

What are the benefits of language lessons?

The benefits of learning a new language are substantial, ranging from personal development and leisure, to academic or professional growth and employability.

Lessons at Creative Tutor Gibraltar are highly bespoke and carefully created to suit each and every individual’s needs. Starting with an initial Language Level Test and Needs Analysis, this enables the lessons to suit your learning style and academic goals, and can also be taught virtually.

Lessons provide a booster for those seeking extra guidance on a one-to-one or group basis, and have a much more personal approach to the content in question. Unlike attending lectures, or classes with large groups of people with a “one size fits all” approach, tutoring focuses on the individual’s personal struggles, particularly at GCSE or A-Level, and helps them through the process independently.

Using a variety of tools and a careful balance of games and materials to cover all aspects of language learning, the approach to every lesson is highly personalised, and ensures to tackle all facets of a language, including phonetics, speaking, reading and writing.

Learning a new language also allows you to establish connections with people. For professional adult classes, it can serve as a way for employees to get to know one another in large companies, create healthy relationships, and foment a positive, proactive and productive working environment.

Additionally, one can meet new likeminded people, widen their social circle, and increase their chances of being employed by having the ability to speak more than one language, particularly in this part of the world.

Why Gibraltar?

Being such a strategical location and bordering with Spain, Gibraltar is an ideal place for language lessons.

If you’ve recently moved to the area and are keen to learn Spanish in order to communicate with locals, and immerse yourself in Hispanic culture upon crossing the border, language lessons will make a dramatic impact on your lifestyle. 

Additionally, many Spanish workers have jobs in Gibraltar, and learning English would greatly benefit them in the workspace, and foment their understanding and communication skills with co-workers.

The bilingual nature of our special cosmopolitan fortress is extremely unique, and the ability to speak both languages is a wonderful thing for both personal development and to improve your chances of employability, serving as an extra skillto have on a CV.

What are your top tips for practicing a language at home?

When it comes to learning a new language, or simply widening your vocabulary if already quite fluent, immersing oneself in the language daily can become routine.

Taking up lessons with an experienced tutor who practices skilful scaffolding techniques and builds upon your knowledge is important, but in order to hone those skills one can practice the knowledge acquired in 7 simple steps:

• Read articles and books in the target language

• Watch films or series 

• Listen to podcasts or songs

• Use post-it notes around the house to remember grammar

• Change the language on your phone to the target language

• Build a vocabulary bank of words in a notebook

• Use grammar apps 

How can we get in touch with you?

You can get in touch via email at

WhatsApp: +350 54022746

Instagram: @creative.tutor.gib

Or the Creative Tutor Facebook page. 

Contact Creative Tutor Gibraltar now and let’s work together to boost those language skills!

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