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I have recently driven not one but two Genesis models. “A Genesis”, I hear you say out loud, yes a Genesis, not the Biblical version, or something from the rock band, or from an ancient Latin word, no, Genesis as in the new car brand.

Genesis is to put it bluntly, the posh arm of the Kia/Hyundai company, it makes cars that are basically a very luxurious car, but based on the well proven Hyundai & Kia drivetrains and technology.

First I had the all-Electric G80, which is a four-door saloon, and does look good for a full five-seat car.

It is powered by Twin-Electric Motors, driven by the batteries and they produce the equivalent of 364bhp, and it goes from 0-100kph in a staggering 4.9 seconds; a good job it has nice headrests to stop you hurting your neck while accelerating. It has solar panels on the roof to help produce a bit of electricity, but in all honesty they are not really big enough to charge up the battery that much.

As I was driving the Genesis, a song came on the radio, not by Genesis, but from the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, it was Truly Scrumptious, and that’s what this car really is.

The second Genesis I drove was another all-electric, the GV60, which is a medium sized SUV, and like the G80, it too is very good. It just oozes quality, the materials used are first class and certainly up to a very high standard to easily match the best from the United Kingdom or Germany.

Kia & Hyundai have improved dramatically over the past few years, but Genesis takes them to a new level.

The G80 I drove was electric, but you can buy a petrol version, a 2.5-litre that produces 304bhp, which is ideal for those (like me) not ready for an electric vehicle … yet.

While I had the G80, over a week, I did have some difficulties charging it. To do so at home takes forever, up to three days using the 3-pin plug, so that is not an option, and you do ideally need off-street parking too, which many people (especially in Gibraltar) just don’t have.

But putting the charging issues aside, Genesis has created and built some amazing cars in a relatively short space of time. Quality is everything. They really are truly scrumptious.

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