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On To Rock Cup 2023 and Soccerise!

The Gibraltar Women`s National League has just concluded with Gibraltar Wave FC losing our last match on the 19th of January 2023 against a good Lynx side by 4-2. Had we won this match, we would have ended 3rd rather than 4th in the league standing. However, we are still very proud to have completed the second league season of our existence. Now planning for the up coming ROCK CUP 2023 due to start shortly.

As was mentioned in the previous article, despite other clubs in the league taking the players we bring on to the Gibraltar women`s football scene, we still managed to bring on new players and firmly believe that we can keep improve our standard and results.  

To build a strong foundation and help the female community in Gibraltar to get fitter and lead a more active life, we are embarking on a new scheme to encourage all female over the age of 14 to register interest and join us in our trainings. Playing and exercising with friends and colleagues also brings in the following Psychological and Social benefits.


An active life makes a happier life 


A sense of belonging and the opportunity to make new friends. Some may even become buddies for life! A great chance to make a new social circle.


And learning to do it graciously. Bad sportsmanship is an ugly thing. No one likes a sore loser. Of course, there’s no harm in being competitive and expressing frustration in a non-aggressive manner. However, losing with integrity to a better opponent is honourable. Which leads us on to the next point quite nicely…

RESPECTING AUTHORITY                                                                                      Following set rules, taking direction and accepting decisions is a large part of playing football. The regular interaction with coaches, teammates, referees and opponents makes us all learn to respect.

CONTROLLING EMOTIONS                                                                                      

Both positive and negative emotions are learnt from football with Gibraltar Wave. This helps in tackling other life challenges.


Many studies suggest that physical activities in football contributes to the development of self-esteem. A pat on the back, a high-five from a friend or teammate, or a handshake with an opponent at the end of a match, whether you win or lose, is all character building for a better person by focusing on one’s effort and enjoyment of football. The supportive relationships of coaches and teammates all positively builds self-esteem. Enjoying is the key to happiness.


We all know to improve at anything you ned to practice. As practice makes perfect, then perfect takes patience. In reality, perfect simply means improving just that little bit more than the day before. 


Similar to patience, the discipline of training and the commitment it takes to pursue a sport like football is a trait transferrable to many other aspects of life. 


Teamwork makes Dream work.

A team can’t succeed without working together. No matter how good the individual players. Communication is key and learning to be part of a team is synonymous with learning to value the effectiveness of teamwork..


The highs. The lows. The wins. And the losses. Football is an emotional roller-coaster, like life itself. Football is about bouncing back, and learning from mistakes. 

I`d like to end with a further mention a New Sport #3x3eachSoccer invented in Gibraltar which will Revolutionize Beach Football

Beach Handball has done an excellent job in promoting the sport and increasing its popularity among players of all ages. Inspired by this success, I came up with the idea to patent a new sport, #3x3eachSoccer, that uses the same small court as Beach Handball.#3x3eachSoccer is a fast-paced, action-packed game that is perfect for football players and fans alike. I believe it is ideal for a small place like Gibraltar and has the potential to become a major sport, with a world tour and TV rights available for investors.

Beach Soccer is already in the European Games, and with the upcoming Los Angeles Olympics, I see this new sport as a perfect addition to the Olympic program.

I am confident that #3x3eachSoccer has the potential to become a major sport, and I am excited to see it grow and gain popularity among players and fans worldwide. 

Do get in touch with Gibraltar Wave FC if interested in supporting the development and promotion of #3x3eachSoccer. The most spectacular and cheapest sport to play.

Get in touch if you want your brand to be associated with Gibraltar Wave FC. We have many interesting sponsorship packages that will ingrain your brand in the Gibraltar sporting circle and beyond.

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