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February 6-12th marks tinnitus awareness week 2023. Tinnitus is the sensation of hearing a sound when there is no external noise for that sound.

Tinnitus itself is not actually a condition but a symptom of an underlying condition. This maybe age-related, as a result of hearing loss, injury or disease. 

Tinnitus can be difficult to live with, however there are things you can do to try to help cope better. 

Do not have total silence. Listening to soft music or sounds (sound therapy) may help distract you. 

• Try to avoid things that can make tinnitus worse, such as stress or loud background noise. 

• Try to find ways to improve your sleep. Sticking to a bedtime routine or cutting down on caffeine can help improve sleep and reduce stress.

Join a support group – talking to other people with tinnitus may help you cope.

  1. Ask the GHA General Practitioner (GP) to be referred to the ENT Department. 

2. You will then have a hearing test followed by a consultation with the ENT Doctor who will examine your ears, review the hearing test, advise on management options and possibly request a scan of the ear (MRI). 

3. Patients with both tinnitus and hearing loss will be considered for hearing aids. These amplification devices can sometimes also help with the ringing. 

4. Patients with severe tinnitus will be referred to London for tinnitus rehabilitation. 

5. Send a message to GHITA on +35054066055 or contact via email, info@ghita.gi

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