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Welcome back, we start by wishing all our readers a Happy New Year. For those of you who gifted art this Christmas thank you and hope those who received some artwork have hung them up and are enjoying it.

I took my own advice and gifted art to some of my close friends and family, these were carefully selected and chosen for them and as far as I know they liked it. I’ll find out next time I visit them at their homes, if they are not hung I will be having words.  

We finished 2022 on a high with two successful contemporary exhibitions; we started The Wine Art Club and supported our artists at their own solos. Our first event of the year will be at The Wine Art Club where we will be showcasing the works of Adrian Pitts. 

Largely self-taught, Adrian is an entrepreneur, teacher, musician and artist who started painting in his native London in the 1980s. He studied fine art for two years at Richmond Upon Thames College before moving to Wales to study Philosophy. At this time he began experimenting with watercolours and acrylics and also got involved in various music projects as a guitarist and singer-songwriter. It wasn’t until 2019 that he finally took the decision to dedicate his artistic efforts full time. His first watercolour and acrylics exhibition back in March 2021 at the Sala Marambay, Cadiz entitled “Principios” was very well received, gaining local media coverage and reviewed in the national art publication, Revistart.

During the last few months Ace Art has supported Adrian and pleased to be involved in the presentation of Glitches, his new series that will be launched at The WineArt Club on Thursday 9th February. I caught up with Adrian and asked him about the collection.

JP – What can you tell us about Glitches? 

Adrian – I have an exhibition coming out later this year called ‘Transformations’ and it’s about the ageing process of physical objects and how they deteriorate over time. I also have an interest in the ageing process of the human face and seeing its transformation. The Glitches series was born from that, Glitches is a passage of time. I am sort of playing with time, taking scenes from the past that would be recognisable as during WW2 or the 1950 and throwing in modern day elements, creating a glitch.

JP – So what do you mean by a glitch?

Adrian – Adding modern day elements, so for example a picture of cyclists going over Westminister Bridge in London and one of them is carrying an uber eats delivery bag or a person in a historical scene holding a can of coke or wearing a digital watch. That would be the glitch. 

If you are as curious as I am about this series then come along to the launch and enjoy a wine tasting session at the same time. I can tell you that I have already seen a few of them and have chosen my favourite. Tickets are priced at £15 and available at

We will be back next month with more events to tell you about. 

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