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ARIES (Mar 21 – Apr 20)

Your sharp intellect will be called into action in the first part of the year, Aries, when you find yourself solving problems, not just for yourself but for others around you! This will involve looking at your life in a whole new way and you are guided to look at various aspects of your life from a different perspective. So, tap into your creative genius and explore possibilities that you would not have previously considered. This should also help to resolve a financial issue which has been dogging you for some time and as we move towards springtime you will have a clear feeling of relief and liberty. Like a weight has been taken from your shoulders. As summer becomes autumn, you are encouraged to spread your wings further and fly! Have fun, be curious and enjoy the new potential that you are allowing to flow into your life. Be year end you’ll be experiencing a life force and vitality that you had thought was available only to others. 

TAURUS Apr 21 – May 21) 

You’ll be learning lessons in love this year, Taurus. Not the usual lessons but the unconditional love associated with the higher frequencies. You’ll learn to express your love confidently within the social structure of your family, in particular, without the added pressure of expecting some form of reassurance and reciprocation. As the year progresses, you will take this new found confidence and finally be able to acknowledge your own special qualities and rejoice in your uniqueness. The summer months find you ready to bring about change in the dynamics of your family or wider community and a willingness to stand up and be counted. When you know something is right for you the Universe will ensure that it is everyone’s best interests that it unfolds. Self-discipline is the basis for mastery of all things and that included you!

GEMINI (May 22 – Jun 22) 

The year, 2023 promises to put you into the role of teacher, Gemini! However, do not panic as this will manifest more as teaching by example rather than formally. The energies in the Universe are changing rapidly and many people are becoming physically sick or insecure and unhappy as their comfort zones change and even slip away. Your amazing gift of communication was virtually born for this time and you will be flitting here and there throughout the year helping people to feel safe and secure and even excited about what lies in store in the years ahead. The world needs love and people need to feel confident in the ability to share love …. And you will be out there doing just this. By the time the year end is approaching you’ll find yourself on a whole new trajectory which you’d never have imagined possible a few short months ago.  

CANCER (Jun 23 – Jul 22)

This year you’ll be called upon to honour your natural mothering and nurturing qualities, Cancer. These aspects of your nature are going to be indispensable in supporting some close friends or family who need the safe space that you can offer. Spend some time during January centering yourself and creating your own inner balance so that you feel protected enough within yourself to give without being drained. As the year progresses, you’ll be doing more self – healing work as you begin to value yourself more and come to understand that this is the only way to go forward in your chosen path and be an effective healer with other souls. As Autumn gives way to Winter you need to be appraising and re organizing your finances. Our finances always reflect our sense of self – worth so there is much to be learned. from becoming comfortable in working with them. 

LEO (Jul 23 – Aug 23) 

The energy of 2022 is calling upon you to work a little more on understanding others’ needs, Leo, and also improving your listening skills and personal interaction. This will help you to plant seeds of light within your immediate family and social circle. Your professional contacts may a little more difficult as they may not be comfortable with a new, more confident you and you will simply need to be patient. When you feel the need to centre yourself, then work with your breath. Focusing on slowly releasing the outbreath is a wonderful way to centre and ground yourself. There may well be a new addition to the family in springtime and also cause for celebration around the time of your birthday which will mean a double celebration. An opportunity for overseas travel will present itself… Much to your delight. 

VIRGO (Aug 24 – Sep 23)

2023 is a year of major change for you Virgo. Your purpose throughout the year is to nudge people towards enlightenment and to hold their light and inner power as the world energy rollercoasts towards a time of peace and harmony. Difficult though it may be to imagine at the moment, deep down we know this is what is happening and that our role in it is crucial. So, be alert for unexpected change in your social circle, particularly around mid-March and be careful to raise your consciousness to avoid drawing in a negative energy. Set pure intentions so that you attract only good things. You have skills and talents that help you to get around obstacles that others find too challenging and these skills will be called upon as the year progresses. Your creativity and intuitive understanding will lead the way for yourself and others to let go of the old and bring forth the new as you say goodbye at year end. 

LIBRA (Sep 24 – Oct 23) 

Your leadership qualities will be called upon this month, Libra, and in your gentle, practical way, you will rise to the occasion. You have courage, balance and a sense of justice in your soul and you are able to balance these qualities with the more feminine virtues of love, tenderness and wisdom. The world needs you at this time! There are many people feeling vulnerable and afraid as they navigate the huge changes happening on our planet and throughout the year, you’ll be developing a greater confidence in your innate ability to support and nurture many. As the year progresses you may be drawn to working with crystals. This is part of your path and you are guided to follow your intuition and dive into learning just the power of these beautiful tools which you will then be using for your healing work with yourself and others. 

SCORPIO (Oct 24 – Nov 22) 

You may well start the year feeling out of alignment with those around you. Scorpio, however, this will pas as things settle into Springtime. Spring is, as we know, about new life and inspiration and always a beautiful reminder of the seasons of life continually coming around. Thus, you’ll be planting new seeds born of the fruit of your experience earlier in the year and your renewed understanding of believing in yourself and how much you are needed by dear Mother earth to help heal the planet. You can help yourself feel balanced by holding out your right hand and feeling a white dove landing gently. As you listen to it cooing gently in your ear you will tap into your inner peace and share it with who or wherever comes into you mind. As you plant seeds of kindness, love and cooperation you will notice beautiful changes occurring all around you. 

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23 – Dec 21) 

The energy around you will feel lighter this year, Sagittarius. In many ways you will feel blessed though this may not be obvious initially. There will be blessings and blessings in disguise. You are being guided to practice gratitude, gratitude for those things that have already come your way and thus paving the way for more. As always, our fortunes in life are lessons for not just ourselves but for everyone else we come into contact with. When you become aware of this, there is no need to try, the Universe takes care of the rest. A niggling health issue will need attention around September so have it seen to, be patient and all will be well. A younger relative may need some reassurance or just a shoulder to lean on towards the end of the year. Just be there for them and allow them to unravel the situation in their own time.  

CAPRICORN (Dec 22 – Jan 20) 

This is the year when you learn to truly listen with your heart and soul, Capricorn. This way you will begin to understand what people are really saying. Use all your senses to note what they are truly imparting and what is going on inside them. This is the 5th dimensional way of listening and is the way to discover more than you thought possible. It is listening from soul to soul. As the year progresses you will be drawn to colour. You will be working with colour and seeing colours more brightly than ever before. You will crave more colour in your home and surroundings. Colour allows the angels to radiate their light and share their lessons. You are here on earth to learn everything you can while in a physical body and so you must take every opportunity to hone your gifts and help others on their journeys. 

AQUARIUS (Jan 21 – Feb 19) 

You may find yourself having to co-operate with others and even compromise against your inner feeling, Aquarius, but trust the Universe to guide you and know that it is all part of a plan for the higher good. Structure is important for us all to thrive and sometimes that mean giving way and letting go. Thus, we can each play our best part even if the ego objects. Spend some time during the summer months, making your home more welcoming and harmonious. Those little things that have been irking you because you know they need adjusting and realigning. You can even widen this to your local community. For example, instead of being irritated by litter you could start to pick it up and inspire others to do the same. People, in general need to reclaim respect for our beautiful planet and it begins in small ways and by example. 

PISCES (Feb 20 – Mar 20) 

During this great transition, Pisces, we are all being called upon to act from a deeper place within than we have ever even known about before. Your guidance at this time is to be free and independent within your given community, thus experiencing a sense of space and independence without losing the safety of the group. If, at any time you feel misunderstood (and you will), remember that you have an inner wisdom which will always remind you of your true essence, which may not always be recognised but is always there. Throughout the autumn months you may be called upon to carry out some fairly menial tasks and you will do so with joy as you realise that it is part of your contribution to caring for Mother earth. Continue to develop your sense of self worth and learn to value your uniqueness and many will be drawn to your energy.

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