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Gibraltar Wave – A new star in the Women’s Football sky!

Only founded in March 2021, Gibraltar Wave is developing into a new star in the women’s football sky. Already in the first year of existence the club qualified for an international competition, the Euro Winners Cup which is effectively UEFA Beach Soccer Champions League!

Unique in Gibraltar’s football history is the founding of an all-women’s football club in March 2021. John Gontier, former owner of Europapoint FC – decided at the time to promote women’s football in one of the smallest countries in Europe. To this end he formed Gibraltar Wave FC.

The situation for football clubs in Gibraltar is not easy from home. With a population of around 35,000 in an area of ​​6.5 km², the number of potential players for a women’s team is finite. Until 2021, the game was played in teams of 9 and there were only three clubs in championship operations. Since the 2021/22 season, teams of 11 have been playing and two new teams have started playing. This included Gibraltar Wave FC.

As a newcomer, you were not allowed to sign players from other clubs and were therefore dependent on players who had either not played for a long time or who dared to take their first steps in football. The training opportunities are also very limited and training times and places are assigned and rotated by the Gibraltar FA. The times and locations can change weekly, making continuous training almost impossible.

Another restriction is that at least seven local players must be in the squad and also play. There is a lower restriction for the men’s teams. Despite all the difficulties, in the first year Gibraltar Wave managed to qualify for an international competition – the Women’s Euro Winners Cup 2022 in Beach Soccer in Nazaré (Portugal). In Gibraltar the season runs from the end of September to March. The futsal season starts immediately afterwards and in the summer you play on the beach. The club was also a highlight for the FIFA Embassadors in Nazaré and the team was consequently invited by the organizers to the World Winners Cup.

The goals are very ambitious and they want to qualify for the UEFA Women’s Champions League qualifying round within the next three to five years. In order to position themselves better and create reasonable club structures, Gibraltar Wave hired a German manager, Heiko Mock, who primarily takes care of the club’s structures and is responsible for acquiring sponsors. With Blocksport, an international company was won that provides the club with its own professional engagement app. JOMA has started as an outfitter from the 2022/23 season, which shows how attractive it is for sponsors and partners.

As the holder of a UEFA coaching license, Heiko Mock helps and supports the coaches in their daily work, including with his experience as a coach of youth, men’s and women’s teams offering his knowledge to benefit Ernest Tomsett and Anthony Celecia whenever they need some any guidance.

The squad has been significantly strengthened for the new season and talks are currently underway that Miss Gibraltar 2022 will present the new team wear collection.

A guest post from our Sportbusiness Club member Gibraltar Wave FC

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