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Three years after reaching the summit of Mount Snowdon, in September 2019, members of Round Table 41Club Gibraltar and of Coatbridge in Scotland scaled the 978 metres of Scafell Pike, England’s highest peak.   

This is the third peak of the Three Peaks Challenge that they set out to accomplish way back in 2018, when they ascended Ben Nevis, the highest peak in Britain at 1,345m.    All in all, over 3,400m of mountainous trekking.

This year’s hike was held in memory of their dear friend Manoj Nagrani, who was with them in spirit all the way.   

Over £3,000 has been raised in aid of the Prostate Cancer Support Group (PCSG) and the Cochlear Implant Children’s Support Group (CICS). The CICS is a voluntary group based in the UK and is run by parents whose children have cochlear implants… a cause very dear to Manoj’s heart. 

In total the RT 41Club’s Three Peaks Challenge has collected in excess of £10,000 in donations.

This year’s team:    Francis Rodriguez, Paul Victor, Derren Vincent, Claus Olesen, Stephen Reyes, Ramesh Karnani, Pepe Codali, Peter Hyde, John Tewkesbury, Paul Origo, Iain Jamieson, and Gary Millar, as well Charlie Russo and Norbert Grant who hiked up earlier in the summer.

 (Team members have paid their own costs of the trip and all fundraising proceeds have gone directly to the Support Groups mentioned above).

Round Table 41Club Gibraltar would like to express their gratitude to everyone who donated to these worthy causes.

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