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Nine host cities, 16 teams, 26 days, 31 matches, 95 goals

Some memorable goal celebrations, many wonderful parties all around the world, even that of Gibraltar Wave players, and one historic, transformative, spectacular event.

Football has come home and it`s the girls that brought it! What a night!! What a performance!! What a time to be involved in women`s football, to see our Lionesses put on such a show. The impact, investment and vision of The FA playing out in front of a home crowd. Bring on Wembley!

Football is all about creating dreams but even the most ambitious and imaginative young players require some initial inspiration.

Before they can begin envisaging being part of a trophy-winning team or start dreaming about scoring goals galore, budding Waves need role models to whom they can relate and the Lionesses have provided that at the Women’s Euro 2022. 

This is the push The Gibraltar Women`s National League, GWNL 2022/2023 needs and Gibraltar Wave FC is preparing to play its part in our second season of existance.

We also hope to see the legacy of WEURO 2022 extend beyond the pitch. The effects for women’s football in England will be seismic, and we hope Gibraltar Wave and Gibraltar as a whole joins in this wonderful wave to maximise the uplift for women building careers in football media, finance, admin, comms, governance, player care and representation, and all other roles on and off the pitch.

And it’s not just about the winning team!  It`s development of the whole women`s football industry that Gibraltar Wave strives for.

We are now the first club to have our own app in Gibraltar and all footy fans who download the app will have the chance of playing our MatchDay Prediction Game to test their gut instincts combined with their knowledge of The English FA Super League and thus also have livescore of the matches as well as the classification tables. Who`s going to show off the trophy this time, who gets relegated and fans will also have the chance of competing to see who tops the Leaderboard week in week out and can even brag in the fan talk, a kind of WhatsApp for all footy fans, the Wavey fan community of women`s football.

We can all predict, just join in. Don`t worry if you don`t understand a lot about women`s football or even football at all. Maybe it`s better if you don`t have a clue, you will still be excited about predictions. Just download the app and join in the fun. We are planning on giving a surprise to the Leaderboard winner at the end of the season. Suggest what sensible prize you would prefer and we will take it into account.

Be a member, a sponsor and get involved in this exciting movement taking place to change how women`s football and Beach Soccer is helping the community improve its Body and Mind Health. Recast, Blocksport.io, Gibraltar Insight and many others are already contributing in this change for a better world.

And most important, all fans can also join in watching and following not just the matches of GibraltarWave FC but our trainings as well. Belonging to the Gibraltar Wave family gives everyone a chance of belonging, for excitement and looking forward to events while socialising with the players, coaches and other wonderful fans. This sense of belonging goes a long way to eradicating mental health and loneliness issues in our community.

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