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Is your heart tired? Mine certainly feels tired much of the time these days and I am conscious of setting aside time to do a little heart healing on myself.

Our hearts carry a lot of stuff … the good and the bad … and we must be compassionate with ourselves or else we lose our sense of worth.  And when we lose our sense of self worth then we go directly to our sense of woundedness in order to function in the world around us and that gets us in big trouble.   

In this period of great transition, it is essential that we stay strong in our core.  If the core is strong, like the trunk of a tree, then most everything that comes flying at us can be withstood. We may wobble emotionally, have physical ailments or injuries, or feel that we are going slightly insane as the energy of the global stage finds ways to infiltrate our being. A strong core enables us to see these things as distractions, sent to knock us off track and destabilise us.   

Over the last five or six decades more and more people have become aware of and involved in esoteric practices of healing. Practices like Reiki, crystal healing, acupuncture, spiritual healings, and various bodywork techniques, to name but a few.  This has been a huge leap forward with many therapies now well recognised as being complementary to allopathic practices.  

However, with the current great transition taking place and the vastly heightened energy vibrations, so the healing modalities need to evolve beyond the current ‘hands on’ types of work. 

There are four main modalities to consider for the Lightworkers of the world to consciously move forward with. They are modalities of ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’. Most lightworkers and healers will, of course already incorporate these modalities into their work but intentionality increases the power of everything and so it is now essential that this work is incorporated consciously and with intention. 

1. Affection. The healing power of affection. Warmth, tenderness, the power of touch. The first wave of healers is bringing this to the world, helping others to feel valued and cared for. 

2. Compassion: The opposite of judgement…
People need to feel heard without being judged. They will heal more of their psyche when they are heard with compassion. When someone holds space for another to step into.

3. Certainty:  Being clear and certain of what you are doing for others. Reassuring people in stress that “You are going to be fine”. We are all afraid of our own power – the very thing that we are being called to step into. So, we manifest all sorts of distractions in the form of colds, injuries and so on.  All designed to gain attention rather than shine. Distractions give us a false sense of importance rather than acknowledge the real importance – our inner power.  We need to help people to feel safe.

4. Trust:   The Healing Power of Trust is something that is increasingly tricky in this period when it is impossible to know who or what to trust. So, we go within and recognise our own divinity and when we can do this then we can recognise the divinity in others. In order to experience trust, we need to work through some doubt. We need to see it, own it and work on it without allowing past issues to get in the way and block out the light. 

These four modalities are essential to work effectively in the areas in which healing is required. For example, trauma is another area which is now recognised as being much more than the commonly held concept of PTSD and therefore applicable only to war trauma. This belief has not allowed for the inclusion of abuses of all kinds and people being generally told to put it behind them and get on with life. Or to go for counselling which generally simply keeps the client stuck in the same place talking through the experience, revisiting it again and again and therefore embedding it more deeply rather than letting go. 

These gentler, ‘being’ approaches are more effective in dealing with the fears currently afflicting our communities. Fear could be described as the Achilles Heel of society. the fundamental weakness, the weakness that can kill us, as it did Achilles in Greek mythology. Fear can take many different forms, arguably as many forms as there are people. After all, our fears are created by our life experiences and so it stands to reason that they are informed by those things that have traumatised us. 

Some people have not experienced much fear in regard to the happenings of the last two years, although many have been deeply traumatised. Yet some can become paralysed with fear at the thought of opening their arms and heart to love in their intimate relationship. Many of us will resonate with the deep fear of being unlovable, flawed and therefore of being abandoned, whilst being perfectly confident in their professional sphere and in other relationships. 

So, if fear is the global Achilles Heel, then the healing modalities of Affection, Compassion, Certainty and Trust are the way through the wounds. They serve to strengthen the power of the healing arts but are much more versatile as we learn to infuse them into our everyday actions and conversations. And, of course they will strengthen the effect of other treatments. They are the bridge to heal our areas of confusion and separation, which then brings us back to our worthiness from where we can make decisions from a place of worth rather than woundedness.  From a place of love rather than fear. 

Kate Mchardy MA(Hons) PGCE MSPH Spiritual coach, teacher and healer. / Tel: +44 7712889534. Facebook: The University of Light Group / Readings at The University of Light (@tarotangelspiritreadings). 

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