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I believe in agelessness and what could possibly be more graceful than that. 

What do I mean by this?  Well, as I mention regularly, given that we are spirit living in the body it follows that while the body chalks up the linear years, the spirit goes on forever.  The spirit does not die.  The body dies and the spirit moves on.  So, the spirit is ageless. Forever young.  

Linear years are a manufactured concept …….   Apparently, we can expect to live three score years and ten (70 linear years) and be grateful for what we are granted beyond that.  My 97-year-old aunt is testament to the fact that this idea is open to interpretation. She is fully functioning mind and body and still teaching yoga!   She doesn’t miss a trick and has a happy healthy and loving inner child who makes sure that she stays that way!

There are others who heave a sigh of relief and take this message at face value and seize upon it as a grand excuse to give up on life and age anything but gracefully! Too many people become old before their time and wear it as a badge of importance!  Of course, older people deserve respect. But not just for being alive or even half alive. That respect needs to be earned and it starts with self-love and self-respect, and the diligent caretaking of the body which has undertaken the onerous task of being a physical home for the soul. Too many of us realise this too late!  Though it is never too late to start if the heart is centred, willing to forgive and willing to love.  

I have undertaken and taught Inner Child work for many years. It has been found to be a hugely loving and healing path for healing the traumas and wounds of our childhoods.  We can learn to re parent ourselves and to understand the difference between living from our worth rather than from our wounds. More recently, I have started to work directly with the soul which may actually be the same process as working with the Inner Child. Certainly, they hang out together, loving and caring for each other and helping the body/mind to understand the true processes involved in navigating this increasingly scary world that we are living in. And to lighten up! 

In order for the current global transition to evolve from a depersonalised ego centred energy to a gentler heart centred one it is essential that we learn to follow the wisdom of our souls. This is a dimensional transition, commonly referred to as moving from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th.  Or, from ego to heart. This must happen first on an individual level in order to expand out from the heart and resonate with the hearts of others. Firstly, there is a season of aloneness ….. for preparation and for learning. And this season can take years or even decades of being apart from the crowd, being the odd one out, not fitting in and being aware of things going on around us that others are simply not picking up on. And so very often they find us comical, dippy or downright stupid.  Never before in history has this been so clearly the case. But the tide is now turning and, as more and more people become conscious of the agelessness of their soul, then life becomes lighter and fear diminishes.  Fear of the future, fear of aging and fear of what other people think. 

How often do we hear people express that they cannot believe what ‘age’ they are?  Or, that the years have flown by so quickly and yet they still feel the same inside?  I think we have all heard the saying, ‘the spirit is willing but the body is weak’?   Of course, the spirit is willing but if the body hasn’t been loved and looked after it cannot possibly be anything other than weak.

Deepak Chopra articulates the mind body spirit link beautifully. He explains that people think they are bodies that have learned how to think when, in fact, they are spirit that has created the physical machine. The mind (thoughts) produces the molecules (the body) and spirit resides in the spaces in between the thoughts. This is why meditation is such an important practice and has incredible results when it comes to physical and mental youthfulness. Those spaces are where decisions are made and futures are decided. It is not genetic or ‘in the lap of the gods’, it is in our minds and is what we choose to create. 

So, eat well and speak to yourself with loving kindness. Tell your body how wonderful and unique it is and give it the confidence and the honour of being the beautiful and perfect temple it was designed to be. 

We must take good care of ourselves Physically, Intellectually, Emotionally and Spiritually. If we do not do this then we will age way ahead of our time.  Your spirit cannot decay or die but it can be held back by an uncared-for body temple. 

You are ageless. You are spirit and you have been living in your body for a certain length of time but you are not that body. So, defy your linear age. You are a timeless, ageless being – be graceful in your agelessness. 

Kate Mchardy MA(Hons) PGCE MSPH Spiritual coach, teacher and healer. / Tel: +44 7712889534. Facebook: The University of Light Group / Readings at The University of Light (@tarotangelspiritreadings). 

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