Oh No….. A Threenager!!!


One question we get asked time and time again is, is this normal behaviour? 

Playgroup can be a pretty crazy environment for toddlers as they try to negotiate their way through many different situations. Children and especially toddlers don’t always behave how we would like. It’s very common for us to encounter children hitting, biting, snatching, pulling hair and the age old shouting “mine” at the tops of their voices whilst they stamp their feet in frustration.


One of the great things about our volunteers is that we are all parents and we’ve all had to deal with this kind of behaviour with our own children. In fact, we massively rely on each other for parenting advice as it comes our own interesting situations! Someone once told me, when my particularly exuberant three-year-old was in the midst of a hitting frenzy, that it’s like breaking in a horse. You want to tame them, but you don’t want to break their spirit. And you know, I actually think that pretty much sums it up! Both of my children have always been referred to as spirited. When they were really little, it used to really worry me. I figured people must mean naughty but were trying to be polite.

But has they’ve got older, with one of them now being an actual teenage rather than a “threenager”, I’ve come to realise that being spirited isn’t so bad…although as a parent its hard work! Everyone talks about how hard the new-born stage is and that the terrible twos are just around the corner almost as if you won’t enjoy it (sometimes you won’t!).

You’ll always have parents who will tell you “Mine would never do that” and other such comments. But rest assured, every parent will experience some challenging situations with their child. When you think other people are watching you, as if they are judging you, most of the time they are probably pleased it’s not them.

A Mum recently said to me, that, after a difficult few days, where their child had decided that snatching and being generally difficult (not observed by us!) was the best way to behave at a few of our sessions, she had seriously considered not coming any more. The best piece of advice we can ever give is….keep coming! The only way they can learn is by socialising. And also, for your own sanity… a cup of tea and a chat with someone whose going through the same thing always helps!  +

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