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Summertime can mean outdoor fun, with walks in the countryside or on the beach, going to weddings, festivals or on picnics and enjoying barbecues with family and friends, but it can also mean allergies!

allergic rhinitis

The symptoms of allergic rhinitis such as hay fever are similar to those of a cold, and include sneezing, itching and a runny or blocked up nose. The good news is that there are many natural remedies you can implement to try and control your allergy symptoms.

Keep those sneezes at bay by making a cup of tea (especially green tea) which is great for helping stop allergies. Green tea is rich in allergy-busting quercetin, and antioxidants that may battle mucus.

Avoid spices and alcoholas these create histamines which can add to your seasonal allergies. Yeast-containing foods like alcohol and some breads also contain histamines, so avoid these when the pollen count is high. 

Omega-3 is great in helping to get rid of allergy symptoms. Try taking an Omega-3 supplement such as Holland & Barrett Pescatarian Extra Strength Omega 3 Fish Oil– a highly concentrated and purified Omega-3 Fish Oil selected from the finest deep sea, cold water fish.

Snacking on soluble fibre such as grain-like seeds, such as quinoa, millet, amaranth and buckwheat, as well as seaweed, berries and green veg can help break down histamine. 

Food allergies

Whilst not always the case, allergies can run in the family. If a parent or both have one food allergy or more, the chances of it being passed down to their children is increased. In some people, a food allergy can trigger a severe allergic reaction called anaphylaxis.

Allergy-causing foods can sometimes trigger signs and symptoms such as digestive problems which can cause all sorts of uncomfortable problems, and have a big impact on your life There are some easy ways to promote good digestion and ease the effects of tummy troubles.

Eat leafy veg regularly to keep your gut happy. One of the reasons why they are so good for you is because they contain lots of fibre and can help regulate your digestion. Alternatively try Yogawhich can help the circulation around your intestines, reduce tension and help IBS. 

Ginger can contribute to healthy digestion. It’s anti-spasmodic and can help to relax your tum and get rid of stomach cramps. Add some to your dinner or to a mug of warm water to give your gut a helping hand.Try a sachet of Pukka Ginger Joy Latte (available from Holland & Barrett), a blend of ginger with turmeric and cinnamon,to kick-start your day. 

Eat foods high in fibre, which can help with irritable bowel syndrome and constipation and keep yourself hydrated. Water helps keep your intestines flexible and moves food along through them.


It’s that time of year when we like to take advantage of the sunny weather, and applying sunscreen regularly is a crucial step to combat overexposure to the sun.SPF stands for ‘sun protection factor’ and it’s a measure of how much protection sunscreen products offer against UVB rays. If you spend a lot of time outdoors – you may work outside, for instance – you should wear SPF 30 or higher, and it should be water-resistant sunscreen too and you should reapply it on a regular basis, ideally every two hours. Holland & Barrett Sunblock SPF30 & 50 is coral reef & marine & vegan friendly.


This yellow spice more commonly known as an ingredient in curry recipes contains many plant substances, but curcumin is the most powerful and has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components that has led turmeric to be used in beauty treatments for centuries. Adding turmeric into your beauty routine can help brighten skin, improve skin complexion and rejuvenate dull-looking skin. Turmeric can also reduce dark circles and can stimulate circulation, which helps reduce puffiness and under-eye darkness caused by poor circulation. 

If you have dry skin, turmeric can deeply hydrate and revitalise your skin while alleviating symptoms of dryness. Buy a packet of The Vital Ingredient Ground Turmeric from Holland & Barrett and give your skin a boost by mixing one teaspoon of turmeric with 2 teaspoons of dairy, almond or coconut milk to form a paste and smooth it onto dry skin. Leave for 10 minutes before rinsing thoroughly with lukewarm water and follow with your usual moisturiser. Do this once or twice a week for softer, more hydrated skin.


Wrinkles usually appear when your skin has been exposed to the sun and although they are an inevitable part of ageing, there are certain things you can do to help your skin fight back.

Obviously it’s a good idea to limit your sun exposure where possible and wear sunscreen. Experts believe vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, may help fight the damage from sunlight, pollution and other free radicals that are linked to ageing. Holland & Barrett Vitamin E Softgel Capsules are premium quality and one of the only natural forms of vitamin E supplements that are available on the health market. If you want to help protect the structure of your skin, minimise the appearance of fine lines and maintain the health of your hair and nails, collagen supplements might be able to help.Nourish your skin from within using Solgar Collagen Hyaluronic Acid Complexfrom Holland & Barrett.

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