A World-Class Cosmetic Surgery Hospital for Aria Medical Group’s patients

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Private, English-speaking international hospital. Highly qualified anaesthetists, doctors, and specialist nursing staff.

Aria Medical Group

The Aria Medical Group team offers a wide range of cosmetic surgery procedures for both women and men, including:

+ Breast Augmentation

+ Breast Uplift

+ Breast Reduction

+ Tummy Tuck

+ Liposuction

+ Face Lifts

+ Eyebag Removal

+ Rhinoplasty

The attention to detail that epitomises our customer-centred approach at Aria Medical Group is reflected in the quality of the medical facilities we use. 

In addition to our pre- and post- operative consultations in Gibraltar, we offer cosmetic surgery procedures at the flagship HC International private hospital in Marbella on the Costa del Sol. The property feels more like a five-star resort than an independent, international hospital. Not only does it feature the latest in medical facilities and care, but it also provides an elegant, peaceful, and very discreet environment in which to have your procedure.

You will have your Aria Medical Group cosmetic surgery in one of its world-class operating theatres, assuring you of the best possible medical care onsite. 

In addition to Dr. Marco Vricella surgical expertise, you will be treated by highly experienced anaesthetists, doctors, and highly qualified specialist nursing staff. Throughout your recuperation in the hospital, there will always a doctor on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

During your stay, you can enjoy the private-subtropical gardens with an outdoor swimming pool, as well as shaded terraces where you can indulge in light refreshments and healthy, balanced meals. 

You will have your own private, beautifully appointed room with ensuite bathroom, TV, and room service menu.

It is essential that you are well-informed before choosing to have a cosmetic surgery procedure. Aria Medical Group offers informative videos and case studies online at AriaMedicalGroup.com

Yet nothing can replace the value of meeting a specialist cosmetic surgeon, face-to-face, who can not only answer all your questions, but assess your personal suitability for surgery and inform you of what to expect.

That’s why Dr. Marco Vricella always meets every person that is considering a procedure with Aria Medical Group. 

To book a free and private consultation in Gibraltar at College Clinic, contact Aria Medical Group:

Tel: (+34) 671 639 353 



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