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A member of the Royal Navy Gibraltar Squadron (RNGS) has been celebrating after receiving an award at a ceremony in the RNGS Headquarters.

Leading Supply Chain (LSC) Thomas Williams was presented with the “Fleet Jack Dusty” award at the special ceremony in recognition of the highest professional standards and commitment to the RN Logistics Supply Chain Branch.

In addition to his day job as the Squadron’s Supply Chain Logistician, the 32-year-old has proved himself as a highly effective operator on the water and finds himself at the helm of Pacific 24 Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats at short notice.

Father of two, LSC Williams, who is originally from Tamworth, Staffordshire and has been based in Gibraltar for the past two years, said, “I was really surprised to receive the award. With so much going on fleet wide throughout the last year I think it highlights the importance of RNGS and what we do here.”

When asked about his time here in Gibraltar, Williams continued, “Not only has it given my family and myself the unique experiences of living in Gibraltar, exploring the Iberian Peninsula and meeting many new friends, professionally it’s a once in a career opportunity to excel in my primary role and also get heavily involved with operations. Something that my role wouldn’t normally do.”

Commanding Officer Gib Squadron, Lieutenant Commander Lowe, added, “LSC Williams has demonstrated the highest levels of Naval core values and standards within an operational environment. His consistency of success in adverse conditions stands him well above his branch peers and is an example to others on how to fulfil both support and operational roles. Consequently, he is fully deserving of the Fleet Supply Chain Award.”

LSC Williams will be leaving Gibraltar shortly and is looking forward to joining Royal Naval Air Station (RNAS) Culdrose, in Cornwall, supporting the Fleet Air Arm.


Nine Licensed Search Officers (LSOs) were presented with College of Policing recognition awards by Chief of Police, Rob Allen, to mark their completion of five and ten years in the Gibraltar Defence Police Search Team.

The role of the Police Licensed Search Officers was recognised to mark 5 years and 10 years’ service in this specialism – Bronze and Silver respectively. LSOs, led by Police Search Advisers (POLSA), conduct assured searches of venues in advance of public events or visiting MoD assets. In addition, officers are trained to deliver specialised search across land and within premises to identify evidence in criminal investigations and more broadly.

Addressing the officers, Gibraltar Defence Police (GDP) Chief of Police, Rob Allen commented, “I am delighted to be able to present these certificates to you today to recognise the service you have delivered over a protracted period in this very important specialism. I know that the work is hard, conducted over long hours in variable weather and often inhospitable situations.

That said the work you do is a vital assurance for both the MoD and often for the wider Gibraltar community. I join the College of Policing, the MoD and the wider community in thanking you for your hard work.”

The recipients of the bronze awards (5 years’ service) were: PC Rowbottom, PC Ferrary, PC Earl, Sgt Cawood, PC Chrayeh, PC Green. The recipients of the silver awards (10 years’ service) were: Sgt Dickson, PC Chipolina, PC Martinez.

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