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Staff at the Ministry of Defence were honoured to receive commendations from the Commander of British Forces Gibraltar recently, in a ceremony which saw workers from both civilian and military posts recognised for their exceptional work.

Cpl O’Mahoney has demonstrated unparalleled dedication to the delivery of health and wellbeing across the British Forces Gibraltar community. As well as his commitment to the Mental wellbeing committee he stepped forward to organise the inaugural Gibraltar element of the RAF Association Rides welfare charity event. This saw a collective of teams across the RAF cycle the equivalent of the circumference of the globe. His drive and commitment from the outset were incredible, demonstrating ambition and innovation in delivering a challenging event and is an extremely worthy recipient of this CBF commendation.

CPO David May ably assisted by PO Daniel Sweeney and their small team of divers from the Command Diving Element were invaluable during preparation of Armed Forces Day 21. Working above and beyond, they assisted in the arduous task of moving essential equipment from various locations around the MoD estate. Without their support, Armed Forces Day would not have been half the success it eventually was.

Since his arrival to the Gibraltar Command Diving Element in December 18, Able Seamen Harris-Joce has consistently made himself available to cover additional duties during exceptionally busy periods that were made remarkably more challenging by a prolonged gapping of workforce. His impeccable standards and loyalty to the service are not only commendable but an inspiration to all those that he encounters, both military and civilian.

NATS ATC and Engineering received an RAF Safety Centre Team Commendation for their outstanding work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Undeterred by significant changes to shift patterns and the loss of key personnel, both sections responded with the minimum of fuss and were a key element in ensuring that air operations continued at RAF Gibraltar for the duration of what was an extremely testing period for all.

Christina Stevenson is a stalwart and shining example in 4 Corners and beyond. She voluntarily assists the Community Support Team by attending two youth club sessions per week and being heavily involved in the summer activities and Halloween half term programmes. She is also a volunteer at the Alwani Foundation Charity shop in Gibraltar. She is an extremely worthy recipient of the CBF commendation.

WO1 Walsh’s impact in post has been nothing short of transformational. He has overturned the form book, simultaneously addressing both the Physical Development (PD) programme and the kit and equipment held to the extent that it is unrecognisable to that which preceded it. Alongside the PD programme, Walsh also took it upon himself to paint the entire gym in his spare time. For service above and beyond reasonable expectations, transforming the delivery of all physical training, and for his positive impact across the wider community, QMSI Walsh is thoroughly deserving of official recognition.

Staff at the Ministry of Defence were recognised for their loyalty and commitment to the service at a special award ceremony recently.

Commodore Steve Dainton addressed each member of staff and expressed his thanks for their loyalty over the many years with short anecdotes from their working days. As a token of  his appreciation, they also received certificates.

Sgt Louise Adkin originally joined the Army as a Combat Medical Technician in 2006, and soon realised this was not for her and transferred as a Human Resources Specialist. The service has allowed many opportunities, including serving with Prince Harry as a Private. It is for the excellent commitment to the UK Armed Forces spanning over 15 years of unblemished Service, Sgt Adkin is awarded the Long Service and Good Conduct Medal.

Maria Burdis has been working within the Royal Gibraltar Regiment as an Accommodation Booking Clerk since September 2020, where she was thrown into the deep end amidst changes to working practice due to the pandemic. Maria rose to the challenge, learning the role quickly and working with both sponsors and the support team. This award honours her career achievement of 15 years’ service where her contributions are greatly appreciated.

Ana Fernandez began her journey with the MOD in 1995 within the Janitorial Department. During her time in the MoD, she has worked in both Janitorial and the Catering & Accommodation Services. Ana is a team player and will tackle her responsibilities until done to perfection. She is a well-liked and appreciated member of staff both by her colleagues and management. Ana takes pride in what she does and will not be happy until she has her area cleaner than clean. This honour awards her career achievement of 26 years.

Nadia Edwards joined the MOD in 1996 where the majority of her career was spent within the finance department. She became a solid and reliable team member, working her way up the ladder gaining ample finance experience along the way. After almost 20 years, an opportunity for promotion to C2 saw Nadia take up the post of Senior Human Resources Manager/Wellbeing Officer in 2017 and now enjoys well established and excellent working relationships with the workforce and managers across the Command. This award honours over 25 years’ service in MOD Gibraltar.

Gilbert McCarthy began his MOD career in 1977 as an apprentice Carpenter and Joiner. He undertook various roles in Building and Civil Engineering at Department of Environment / Property Services Agency, primarily responsible for Services Families Accommodation Married Quarters. He also served in the Royal Gibraltar Regiment TA. Gilbert was promoted to C2 Families Housing Manager in 2011, a post he has remained in until his retirement. He led the Families Housing team through a challenging period which saw large portions of the MOD Estate handed over to the Government of Gibraltar. Gilbert will be missed by his friends and colleagues throughout MOD, who wish him the very best for the future.

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