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We all understand that terrific feeling that accompanies leaving a store with a fabulous shade of lipstick or after ordering a phenomenal pair of boots online. It is called retail therapy for a reason. 

More than one scientific study has backed up its effectiveness. The truth is when you are stressed out or having a rough day – if you can afford it, scouring your favourite shop for that perfect top can actually help boost your mood.

There are numerous reasons why shopping has become such an integral part of our lives. Here are just a few:

It takes your mind off things

Shopping takes time and concentration whether it is being done online or in your favorite store. You have to think about what you want or need and then find the most appropriate item to meet your requirements. You are focused on what you desire and not on the stressors in your life.

It is a Confidence booster

A beautiful dress or the perfect shade of nail polish can make you feel amazing. No one would argue that. There is nothing wrong with letting a new item give you a little boost now and again, but do be careful to not let the things you own be the only way you can feel good about yourself. Yes you look good in that outfit, but you are amazing either way!

You are in control

You are the one calling the shots when you walk into a store. The clerks are there to help you out and you are the one making all of the decisions. Everyone likes to be in charge now and again. If you have been feeling like everything is out of your control lately, a day of shopping could help with the frustration.

Spending time with loved ones 

If you are like me, you probably like to invite your best friend, mum or sister along. We all know that time with your favourite people can make you feel good and remind you what is important.

It is Satisfying 

Some of the studies about shopping and happiness suggest that simply wanting an item without ever purchasing it can make you feel good. We all know from experience that finally purchasing that item is so satisfying.

It can contribute to your self image 

The way you present yourself to the outside world is important. You are creating an outwardly projected image of yourself with every item you purchase. Effectively creating the image you want to feels good.

Our Own Must have buys

We all need food, shelter and clothing, but even outside of the basic needs that we all share you may find that there are things which are necessary for a hobby you enjoy or a trip you are going on. Having those needs met allows you to reach goals and have unique experiences, which is in turn another kind of satisfaction.

It is Uplifting 

Everyone likes having new things every now and again. Whether you want to bring a new look to a room or your wardrobe, shopping to incorporate something new into your life is always refreshing.

It makes us feel good

This is the most fundamental point, which is always worth mentioning. Studies have shown that shopping actually causes your brain to release more Serotonin, which is a chemical that makes you feel good.

Next time you are experiencing a bad day, maybe you a little shopping can boost your mood. Remember that simply looking for and wanting an item can be uplifting. If you don’t have the funds at the moment maybe a little online ‘window shopping’ would be a better solution for the moment. When you can afford it though, there is nothing wrong with treating yourself occasionally.

It is also interesting to consider what kind of shopper you are:

All of our shopping experiences vary depending on our buying rituals, kind of shopper we are and our budget. What is important is that we enjoy the process.

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